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He [Howard Brennan] DESCRIBED the location where he saw the gunman aiming the rifle from the window, and he did NOT describe the window on the EAST end of the sixth floor.


This is total nonsense, and anyone who reads all of Howard Brennan's testimony would know that the CTer [aka: a conspiracy kook/clown/idiot named Walt] who wrote the above B.S. doesn't have the slightest idea what he's talking about.

Brennan's testimony shows that Brennan saw a man (Lee Harvey Oswald) in only ONE single window in the Texas School Book Depository on 11/22/63 -- and that window was the southeast corner window on the sixth floor.

Any reasonable person who examines all of Brennan's Warren Commission testimony would easily come to the conclusion that Brennan only saw a man in the EAST-end window. And it's also easy to see that nobody was manipulating Brennan's words, nor was David Belin preventing any "West End" references from getting into the WC record.

But, just like almost all other conspiracy kooks who are charter members of the popular "Anybody But Oswald" club, the CTer who wrote the above remarks has no idea how to properly and objectively evaluate physical evidence or witness testimony.


Since David Belin did a good job of twisting Brennan's testimony...


Nobody is "twisting" Howard Brennan's testimony except a kook named Walt. That's for damn sure.

Let's examine it more closely after having read through ALL of Brennan's WC testimony (which I just now did).

David W. Belin was in NO WAY trying to twist or manipulate Howard Brennan's words during Brennan's WC session. That's obvious when you read the transcript.

For, if Belin HAD been on a mission to "twist" Brennan's account of the shooting (in order to keep any references to a WEST-END shooter from entering the official record), would Belin have said this to Mr. Brennan in such an OPEN-ENDED manner, which allows Brennan to say anything he wants to say with regard to any (supposed) WEST-SIDE assassin?.....

BELIN: "Mr. Brennan, could you please tell the Commission what happened from the time you sat on that retaining wall, what you saw?"

And would Belin have been willing to dangle this hot question in front of Brennan if Belin and the WC had wanted to hush up info about any west-end TSBD killer?.....

BELIN: "Did you see any other people in any other windows that you can recollect?"

And here's yet another question that no idiot would have dared ask Brennan if that person (Mr. Belin) had been wanting to choke off the witness in some way.....

BELIN: "Now, after you saw the man--well, just tell what else you saw during that afternoon."

And below we have still another example of Belin's reckless questioning tactics (if he'd been wanting to keep a bunch of stuff out of the record...because how in the heck did Belin know how Brennan would respond to this question?).....

BELIN: "Would you describe just exactly what you saw when you saw him [the TSBD gunman] this last time?"

Below we have other indications that Howard Brennan was referring to ONLY the southeast TSBD window.....

BRENNAN: "Spoke to Mr. Sorrels, and told him that those were the two colored boys that was on the fifth floor, or on the next floor underneath the man that fired the gun."


BELIN: "Was the man that you saw in the window firing the rifle the same man that you had seen earlier in the window, you said at least a couple of times, first stepping up and then going back?"

BRENNAN: "Yes, sir."

BELIN: "About how far were you away from that window at the time you saw him, Mr. Brennan?"

BRENNAN: "Well, at that time, I calculated 110 foot at an angle. But closer surveillance I believe it will run close to 122 to 126 feet at an angle."


Notice the references to "THAT WINDOW" and "THE WINDOW" --- indicating the ONLY window Brennan EVER refers to specifically throughout his entire testimony, which was the southeast window on the sixth floor.

And then there's the "red pencil" demonstration done by Brennan on CE482, which is a photo of the sniper's window, with Brennan marking the approx. angle of the rifle he saw being fired FROM THAT EXACT WINDOW (obviously)!

I guess Walt must think that Brennan marked a simulated rifle angle on CE482 with a red pencil, even though Brennan knew that he was marking the WRONG WINDOW! Right, Walt?.....

BELIN: "Now, I wonder if you would take on Exhibit 482, if you can kind of mark the way the rifle was at the time you saw it. Here is a red pencil. If you could put on Exhibit 482 the direction that you saw the rifle pointing, sir."

BRENNAN: "I would say more at this angle. Maybe not as far out as this."

BELIN: "You have put a line, and I have tried to make a little bit darker line."

BRENNAN: "That is as close as I can get it."

BELIN: "This is on Exhibit 482--as to the angle at which you saw the rifle. And you say perhaps it wasn't out of the window as far as this line goes on Exhibit 482, is that correct?"

BRENNAN: "Right."

GERALD FORD: "That is the angle that you believe the rifle was pointed?"


ALLEN DULLES: "And that is from the area in the window from which the rifle was pointing?"

BRENNAN: "Right."


Please note that Brennan doesn't correct anyone on the Commission as to CE482 being the WRONG WINDOW from where Howard had seen any gunman firing a rifle.

And Brennan certainly had every opportunity to make such a correction if one had been required. Obviously, none was required, because Commission Exhibit 482 represented the exact window from which Brennan had seen Oswald firing a weapon at President Kennedy.

And then we have these remarks made by Belin. (Is he lying his ass off here?).....

BELIN: "What is the fact as to whether or not I told you what to say or you yourself just told me what you wanted to tell me?"

BRENNAN: "You did not instruct me what to say at all. I told you in the best words I could to explain exactly my movements and what happened."

GERALD FORD: "And here today you have testified freely on your own?"

BRENNAN: "Right, I have."


And then we get Allen Dulles asking Brennan the following loaded-full-of-potential-dynamite question (if the WC had wanted to keep some stuff out of the record, that is).....

DULLES: "Anything you would like to add?"

And then we can examine Howard Brennan's 11/22/63 affidavit, where we can also find verbal indications of an EAST-end shooter (not WEST end), when Brennan says this:

BRENNAN: "In the east end of the building and the second row of windows from the top I saw a man in this window. I had seen him before the President's car arrived."

A little later in the same affidavit, we find.....

BRENNAN: "I then saw this man I have described in the window and he was taking aim with a high-powered rifle."

Does Walt want the world to believe that when Brennan said "THE WINDOW" in that last sentence above, Howard was REALLY referring to the west end of the Depository, even though just a few sentences earlier in the same affidavit he said "IN THE EAST END OF THE BUILDING"?

More useful tidbits from Brennan's Warren Commission session (with this being an excellent question being asked by Mr. Belin, btw).....

BELIN: "You said you saw the man with the rifle on the sixth floor, and then you said you saw some Negroes on the fifth floor."


BELIN: "Did you get as good a look at the Negroes as you got at the man with the rifle?"


BELIN: "Did you feel that your recollection of the Negroes at that time was as good as the one with the man with the rifle?"

BRENNAN: "Yes--at that time, it was."


And then there's this regarding the issue of the color of the gunman's clothing.....

BELIN: "Do you remember the specific color of any shirt that the man with the rifle was wearing?"

BRENNAN: "No, other than light, and a khaki color--maybe in khaki. I mean other than light color--not a real white shirt, in other words. If it was a white shirt, it was on the dingy side."


So, via the above words of Howard Brennan, the gunman could have been wearing "light"-colored clothing...or "khaki"-colored clothing. But there's the word "maybe" in there too. And that initial "no" to Belin's question in the first place.

Plus, since we KNOW that Brennan saw the assassin (Oswald) through a half-opened window on the southeast corner of the TSBD's 6th Floor...and we also know that the windows in the TSBD were fairly dirty on 11/22/63...I'm wondering if (just possibly) the "dirty" status of the TSBD windows might have influenced the "dingy" remark made by Howard Brennan above.


Belin cleverly did not provide a photo that showed the entire face of the TSBD as it appeared at 12:30 on 11/22/63. He gave Howard Brennan photos that showed only windows on the upper east side, forcing Brennan to use those photos to depict the events he witnessed.


Oh sure. And Brennan, being the box of dumb rocks you must think he was, decided to not say the following --- "Well, Mr. Belin, this photograph doesn't depict the far-west-end window where I saw the assassin shooting...but, what the heck....I'll just pretend the shooter was on the east end."

Right, Mr. Kook?


If the truth be known, the gunman was probably planting the spent shells when Brennan saw him.


Yeah...and then these boobs decided they'd shoot from the exact OPPOSITE end of the sixth floor from where the shells were "planted", instead of merely using the pre-arranged patsy-creating Sniper's Nest [SN] window.

Yeah, that makes sense .... if you're a Mega-Kook.

Plus -- There are Oswald's fresh prints on those SN boxes too...don't forget. Were those being "planted" too? Or did the plotters just get lucky with those prints?


Belin twisted the events that happened BEFORE the shooting to make it look like Brennan was talking about what he saw DURING the shooting.


And how was Belin supposed to prevent Brennan from using the words "West End" or "The other end of the building is where I saw him shoot from", etc.?

Belin just got lucky that the word "West" never escaped Brennan's lips when Howard "DESCRIBED" the location within the Book Depository where the rifleman was located, huh?


Brennan is saying that the shirt was a light-colored khaki shirt; it could have been dingy white, and perhaps you know that dingy white is a shade of WHITE.


But khaki isn't. (Kook.)


Early in his testimony, Belin asked Brennan how he was dressed that day, and Brennan said he was dressed in gray KHAKI work clothes. So KHAKI is a type of material to Howard Brennan, not necessarily a color.


That must be why Brennan TWICE during his WC testimony utters the specific word "color" immediately after uttering the word "khaki". Right? But it's best if you just ignore those TWO times Brennan says "khaki color".....

BRENNAN (3 H 145): "...More of a khaki color."

BRENNAN (3 H 161): "...And a khaki color."


Now you admit the windows were dirty. So how did Brennan see all of the details he DESCRIBED through TWO thicknesses of dirty glass?


During the shooting, Brennan no doubt saw Oswald crouching behind the rifle BELOW THE LEVEL OF THE DIRTY WINDOWS, i.e., through the open bottom half of the window, even though Brennan was of the false impression that Oswald was "standing".

But don't forget he ALSO thought the Negroes on the 5th Floor were "standing" as well, which is equally (but consistently) as incorrect.

Now, quite obviously, while watching Oswald aim and fire the last rifle shot, Brennan could have easily seen many of the details regarding Oswald's general appearance.

But evidently to a kook like Walt ALL of the pertinent data concerning Oswald's clothes and appearance HAD to be witnessed through ONLY the CLOSED (upper-half) of the Sniper's Nest window.

Go figure.


You're not really this obtuse....are you?!!


No, I'm not. But you sure are. Obtuse; kooky; nutty; Oswald-loving; evidence-skewing.

You name it. You're it.


We are in total agreement....Brennan was not lying.


Yeah. Walt must think that Howard Brennan was merely MISINTERPRETED when he gave his Warren Commission testimony, but not lying.

Brennan circled ONE SINGLE WINDOW on Commission Exhibit No. 477 where he saw a man on the sixth floor. Not TWO windows on the sixth floor. Just one. And that one window was the window in the southeast corner of the building.

Walt thinks that Brennan must have FORGOTTEN about seeing the gunman in the WEST window DURING the shooting, which is THE most important information (of course) given by Brennan during his testimony to the Warren Commission. But Brennan never bothered to say this to Mr. Belin:

"Oh, by the way Mr. Belin, that window I circled in CE477 isn't where I saw the gunman actually shooting from. No, I saw the man firing a gun from this west-end window over here. Sorry, I didn't mean to confuse you."

Brennan saw the man/assassin (later positively IDed by Brennan as Lee Harvey Oswald) in only ONE window on 11/22/63....that's obvious by his testimony and by his WINDOW-CIRCLING actions on CE477....and that window was the SN window on the southeast side of the TSBD.

Walt, being a revisionist conspiracy kook, will continue to make up his own unique brand of Assassination (Il)Logic (and made-up witness testimony evidently) in order to promote his own forever-skewed idea that a gunman was located on the WEST side of the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository at 12:30 on 11/22/63. (Even though, per Walt, Oswald was going to be FRAMED AS THE LONE PATSY at a DIFFERENT window in the building in the southeast corner. Go figure that crackpot pre-assassination logic, huh?)


Belin cleverly did NOT give him a photo of the TSBD that showed the entire south face of the TSBD as it appeared at 12:30 on 11/22/63; so Brennan was forced to depict the rifle angle on that cropped Tom Dillard photo.


And was Belin GAGGING Brennan too? Was Brennan prohibited from saying: "Mr. Belin, this is not the window with the gunman"?

It's obvious why Belin didn't need to use photos depicting any WEST-side windows. It's because there was nothing going on in those windows at all, and therefore the west-end windows were meaningless as far as Brennan's testimony was concerned. So Belin, naturally, used this large blow-up of the Dillard picture, which (of course) shows in zoomed form THE ONLY WINDOW WHERE BRENNAN SAW ANY GUNMAN ON 11/22/63....


If you were just half as smart and superior as you think you are, you would have had better sense than to post the link to CE 482.


And if you get any kookier, Nurse Ratched will come a-callin' for ya.


Anybody who looks at CE 482 can clearly see that it would have been impossible for Oswald to fire from that window.



There's that word "impossible" again. Conspiracy kooks love that word.


Howard Brennan drew an arrow depicting the angle of the rifle as the gunman fired.


Yep. And on CE482, the exact window from which Oswald was firing. Go figure.


It's a very easy task to slide that 45-degree angle line down, and try to make it fit with the Warren Commission's scenario of Oswald sitting on a box behind the window and resting his rifle on a stack of boxes in front of him, and find that it can't be done as the Warren Commission SPECULATED.


Walt evidently (per his vast knowledge here) has gone up to the Sniper's Nest, raised the window half-way, and then fired a Carcano rifle toward the Underpass. And he has verified that Oswald's feat was "impossible". (Kooks love that word.)


Thank you for making a fool of yourself once again.


And thank you for being the best butt any joke ever had.

~tips cap~


Incidently, I do sincerely want to thank you for inadvertantly posting a link to a photo that absolutely demolishes the Warren Commission's THEORY that Lee Oswald was guilty, and he fired from that window to kill President Kennedy.


~~ chuckles warmly at the idiocy of above statement ~~

And you, yourself, are incapable of posting links to pictures and sites and articles, right?


Note how Walt, in true kook fashion, labels one photo as proof that the WC scenario is demolished. Of course just HOW the Dillard photo "demolishes" the lone-gunman scenario is a mystery. But Walt KNOWS. That's what counts....a kook KNOWS that Lee is innocent! He KNOWS!

Even though multiple people saw a rifle sticking out of that window seen in CE482, and three bullet shells were found below that very window, and Oswald's prints were all over the nest (plus bag), and Oswald is seen at that window, and Oz's bullets are IN THE LIMO and IN THE HOSPITAL --- this (in a kook's world) adds up to:


It is now time (officially) to call for Nurse Ratched.


If you Google back about ten years you may get a shock.


You mean I might see some stuff posted by Walt that ISN'T full of kookshit??! (Because that's the only way you'll shock me at this stage of the game.)

BTW, once more (for effect)....the following exchange between Belin and Brennan "absolutely demolishes" Walt-Kook's Brennan theory:

BELIN -- "Did you see any other people in any other windows that you can recollect?"

BRENNAN -- "Not on that floor. There was no other person on that floor that ever came to the window that I noticed. There were people on the next floor down, which is the fifth floor, colored guys. In particular, I only remember two that I identified."


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