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JFK WAS trying to cough up a bullet.

The bullet that entered his throat was lodged in it. Zapruder frames 225-237 show Kennedy pulling his tie away with his left hand and cupping his right hand over his mouth. He then moves his head FORWARD, a normal reaction when one is trying to dislodge something caught in the throat from a seated position.

He only does this once, then starts to slump forward and to his left.

At first I thought that in addition to this he was trying to push the bullet in with the thumb of the left hand while trying to cough it up. But upon closer observation, it appears that his left hand was pulling his tie towards Jackie, perhaps to get her attention.

At no time did I ever remotely suggest that he was "trying to dig it out with his thumb", as asserted by the LN idiots. I challenge them to site my posting that said such nonsense.

It is obvious, however, that his right hand is cupped over his mouth, again a normal gesture for someone trying to dislodge something from his/her throat.

The significance of this observation is that if there was a bullet lodged in the throat, it would once and for all destroy the Single Bullsh*t Theory, for if a bullet was lodged in the throat, it could not have hit Governor Connally.

If it were lodged in the throat, then the only bullet wound in the throat HAD to have been an entry wound, unless of course, the President tried to swallow a bullet sometime during the 9/10ths of a second he was behind the Stemmons Freeway sign.

And if a bullet had been lodged in the throat, it would explain why there was no exit wound, why the throat wound was enlarged after the body left Dallas (to remove a bullet that had not exited), and would verify ALL of the Parkland witnesses' descriptions of the throat wound as a wound of entry.



If JFK was trying to "cough up" a bullet, why then doesn't he CONTINUE to try to cough the damn thing up in the later Z-Film frames?

He supposedly only cared about "coughing up" the bullet in those few selected Z-Frames? But in the later frames, there's no "lunging" or "gagging" or "coughing" motions. Why?

Do you think Kennedy DID cough up the actual missile (and the bullet never was found somehow)?

If JFK still had that bullet lodged in his throat at Parkland....why do we see the very short "cough then stop" action of JFK (per your interpretation)?

In short....the "coughing" theory is pure crap...without a scrap of hard evidence to support it. No bullet. No damage inside Kennedy's throat that would account for a rifle bullet just stopping in his throat and not continuing its flight path.


No gunman located in any location where such a frontal throat shot could have come from. How could "Badge Man" have caused this wound? Or was TUM [The Umbrella Man] responsible with his rain-shielding device?

BTW....the "coughing" theory is nothing new. Bill Miller at Lancer (and probably others before him) were postulating this theory several years ago [in 2004] (as Gil must know as well).

Addendum to "The Cough"......

Plus, I always thought most CTers (including the likes of Oliver Stone and Jim Garrison in the movie "JFK") thought that JFK's "lunge" forward was due to a separate bullet hitting Kennedy in the BACK...thus, it wasn't associated with the "cough" or the frontal shot in the throat.

So many theories...so little fact in any of them.

One "cough"...and then nothing. Yeah, let's go with that theory (until the next one shows up).


If you have an explanation of what he's [JFK] doing, let's hear it. Do you have anything, or are you just another hit and run bullshit artist?

I put my opinion out there. I know it makes me a target. Do you have the balls to be a target? Let's hear yours.


Oh, goodie. We're going to play the fun game called I FORGOT WHAT YOUR SCENARIO IS--TELL ME FOR THE 405TH TIME PLEASE.


Gil knows damn well what the LN scenario is regarding JFK's movements in the car (post-Z224). ....

Kennedy hit in the back by Bullet CE399 at Z224. Bullet exits the throat.

Kennedy begins to react to being hit by Bullet CE399 at Z225 (open mouth).

Kennedy begins to move hands/arms up toward the place where Bullet CE399 exited (throat) at Z226.


What's he doing in the car?


Reacting to Bullet CE399, which has just gone clean through his back and neck at Z224. What else?


To whomever goes the credit [for the "cough" theory], the credit is deserved.


It's isolated subjectivism, Cliff. Nothing more.

Gil and [Bill] Miller don't go BEYOND "The Cough" to explore any alternate possible scenarios/conclusions. And those who posit such crap about the throat wound being caused by a separate bullet fail to ever answer the logical questions of "How?" and "From where did this shot come?" and "Why didn't this bullet exit the other side?"

That last question, of course, DOUBLES itself when a proposed SEPARATE back shot is contemplated and proposed as FACT. It's double the "No transit" absurdity.

Plus: Did it ever occur to Gil that even if JFK was coughing, a thru-&-thru transiting bullet just MIGHT have caused the same type of reaction. A bullet has positively passed through that trachea--whether it was GOING IN or COMING OUT.

Why couldn't a "cough" sensation be achieved via an EXITING bullet passing THROUGH Kennedy's neck? Should that possibility be totally discounted?

But as long as "The Cough" (via a FRONTAL shot) convinces the CT isolationists, everything is copacetic I guess.


I find it interesting that you scoff at a scenario the autopsists themselves posited the night of the autopsy.


I didn't realize H,F,&B [Humes, Finck, & Boswell] thought that JFK was attempting to "cough up" a bullet. Where are you getting that info?

Or are you merely saying the docs posited a scenario where the back bullet dropped out of Kennedy?

Sure, they considered that...for a short time; until 11/23, when they came across the "best evidence" for a transiting bullet -- confirmation from Perry, which, granted, SHOULD have definitely been confirmed on the night of 11/22 when JFK was still on the slab; but hindsight is almost always 20/20, isn't it?

David Von Pein
March 6, 2007
March 19, 2007