(PART 600)


>>> "You deal in obfuscation, David; that's your stock in trade." <<<


I deal in the verified, documented evidence in the case....and EVALUATE IT USING COMMON SENSE.

Try it sometime. Starting here is a good idea.

Conspiracists do not (and evidently cannot) evaluate the evidence and witness testimony properly. Your recent analysis of the Tippit crime being a prime example.

Again, wheat vs. chaff.
LN = Wheat.
CT = Chaff.

>>> "I say the statements made by Officers Craig and Weitzman (7.65 Mauser) are evidence." <<<

Sure. But is it the BEST evidence? What evidence came to light AFTER those initial, kneejerk observations made by Seymour Weitzman and Eugene Boone and Roger Craig?

IOW: Where's the Mauser? What Commission Exhibit number was the phantom "Mauser" given? Where is it?

>>> "You say the pictures show a Mannlicher-Carcano was found." <<<

Yes. [More HERE.]

>>> "I say dozens of people looked and ran to the grassy knoll." <<<

Switching gears fast now, huh?

OK, I don't deny this fact. Dozens of people DID run toward the Grassy Knoll.

But consider this, Ric:

If you just heard gunshots from a certain location, would you want to immediately RUN TOWARD A PLACE WHERE A KILLER MIGHT BE LOCATED?

If you answer yes, please tell me why??

And please note many of the pictures of the Knoll-Stormers....there are women and children and some old ladies with umbrellas (sans any flechettes in them I would surmise) running up the grassy slope:

Do you REALLY think all of those people (old ladies and 10-year-old kids included) had a desire to PLAY HERO and catch the assassin(s)?

Or -- were they merely confused, excited, playing follow-the-leader, and RUBBERNECKING?

And this "Two Directions" pie slice (which, in terms of exact numbers, amounts to only 5 out of 104 witnesses) virtually destroys the idea that any shots whatsoever came from the Grassy Knoll area on 11/22/63:

>>> "You say one guy saw Oswald in the window." <<<

Yes. And others [Fischer and Edwards] saw someone who looked generally like Mr. Oswald, too.

>>> "I say several witnesses to the Tippit murder saw two men." <<<

You're jumping from place to place, willy-nilly, it seems. Is this supposed to link to the previous remark about Oswald in the Sniper's Nest? If so, how?

Anyway, you're wrong about "several witnesses" seeing two men (i.e., co-conspirators) at the scene of the Tippit murder. AFAIK, Acquilla Clemons was THE only witness on record who stated that more than one person was involved. But Clemons did NOT see the actual shooting. She saw only the aftermath.

Clemons probably saw Ted Callaway with Tippit's gun, and thought Callaway (with gun in hand) had shot the officer. Callaway, who was a real hero on 11/22 in my book, rolled Tippit's dead body over and took his gun and went hunting for Tippit's LONE killer.

Please cite Mr. Wright too. I asked you to do that before. Got nothing but static in return. Care to do it now?

>>> "You throw out all evidence that doesn't support your pre-conceived notion that Oswald is the shooter." <<<

It's not a "pre-conceived" notion, you nitwit. It's a mountainous pattern of evidence of all types that leads inexorably to one man -- the man you seem to want to free from blame so much (for some reason) -- Lee Harvey Oswald.

Or, to put it another way....

"Based on the evidence in this case, Lee Harvey Oswald is as guilty as sin, and there's NOTHING [you] can do about it. ... Because there's not one tiny grain of evidence, not one microscopic speck of evidence, that ANYONE, other than Lee Harvey Oswald, was responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy." -- VINCENT BUGLIOSI; 1986

>>> "Worse still, you become belligerent when you're told what you do is obfuscation." <<<

Well, I never said I didn't have a fault or two. I grind my teeth occasionally too. You?

Of course, in this instance (i.e., being told by a conspiracy kook that I'm indulging in "obfuscation", it's hard not to become annoyed and testy, considering the fact that such an allegation is hilariously absurd...in a Pot-Kettle sort of way.)

>>> "You think your job is to discredit all information that doesn't support your pre-conceived notion." <<<

No, my job is to knock the wind out of a kook's sails. And I'm underpaid too. I've asked VB for a raise. But Bud just got a raise from the "WC Disinfo Agency, Inc."; so I might have to wait a few more months. Their budget isn't limitless, after all. (Damn you, Bud, for being so good at this; you stole my raise!)

>>> "You're not an assassination buff nor a "researcher." You're an institutional ideologue, a political hack, a party functionary." <<<

Leave anything out? Check your thesaurus again....surely you can add two or three more impressive, highbrow-sounding things there.

Oh, I'm a big Gregory Peck fan too...don't leave that out of the mix.

>>> "Know much about Earl Warren?" <<<

He's my grandpa.

>>> "Know what a despicable human being he was?" <<<

~gasp~ Which must make his grandson equally as despicable...knowing his evil genes. Shit!

>>> "Born and raised in Bakersfield, California..." <<<

Yeah, most people from Bakersfield are detestable indeed. (Or bakers.)

BTW, you didn't get this exactly right either. Warren was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Bakersfield. (It's funny, though, that IMDB doesn't include "despicable human being" on his webpage there. I guess they should have checked with Ric before writing up this Warren profile.)

David Von Pein
March 21, 2007