(PART 560)


>>> "We can clearly see that [Governor John] Connally still is holding his hat, even though he is reacting strongly. I don't think that anyone could do that if one's wrist was just smashed." <<<


There are differing schools of thought on the "holding the hat" issue....but it really doesn't matter. Why? Because we KNOW that Governor Connally held
onto his hat all the way to Parkland Hospital. And Nellie Connally confirms this fact, here.

>>> "We must also remember that Connally denied to his death that he was hit with the same bullet [as] Kennedy." <<<

This has been severely overstated by the SBT critics. Connally's not believing in the Single-Bullet Theory means little. Why? Because he readily admitted to the Warren Commission and HSCA that he NEVER SAW PRESIDENT KENNEDY after the shooting began.

And Governor Connally's 11/27/63 interview with Martin Agronsky has been taken out of context too, in my opinion. Connally never said "I saw JFK slump". He was, IMO, relaying info in that interview that he got solely from his wife, Nellie.

Governor Connally was very clear in his Warren Commission and HSCA testimony (and also in every post-1963 interview he ever gave) about the fact that he did not remember seeing JFK during the whole shooting timeline.

Therefore, if Connally didn't actually SEE Kennedy during the key timeframe in question, then Connally could not possibly have known for certain whether or not he was struck by a different bullet from the one that hit the President.

Actually, as far as EYEwitnesses go, John Connally was about the WORST one in Dealey Plaza (as far as knowing when JFK was first hit by a bullet), because Connally had his back to JFK.

Plus, I can also direct you to the 1967 CBS-TV special, "A CBS News Inquiry: The Warren Report", in which John Connally tells the world that the Single-Bullet Theory is, indeed, "possible".

David Von Pein
May 29, 2009