(PART 554)

Subject: A Good Laugh
Date: 5/23/2009 12:28:43 AM EDT
From: David Von Pein
To: Rosemary Newton


Hi again Rosemary,

I just now finished writing a short Internet post to a very strange member of the alt.conspiracy.jfk newsgroup (a Mr. David G. Healy).

This same Mr. Healy, incredibly, evidently has some of his writings regarding "Zapruder Film fakery" printed up in one of James Fetzer's three JFK-related books of fantasy.

Anyway, Healy is of the opinion that you, Rosemary, don't exist at all. You, evidently, were "created" by me. You're nothing but a "ghost".

How about that? I'll bet it comes as a bit of a shock to you to find out that you were never even born, huh Rosemary? (LOL.)

So, I thought I'd jot you this quick e-mail so that you can read some of the stupid things that are being said by some very strange people on the Internet "airwaves" (one very strange person named Healy, in particular). Healy's username on the newsgroup is "aeffects".

Anyhow, I hope you get as big a laugh out of this nonsense as I invariably do every time I lock horns with "aeffects" (Mr. Healy). Here's the link:


If you'd like to print out the above post for Mr. Bugliosi to see, I think he would get a kick out of it. It will certainly provide him with his "Laugh Of The Day", that's for sure. :)

Best regards always,
David Von Pein


Subject: Re: A Good Laugh
Date: 5/23/2009 1:49:09 PM EDT
From: Rosemary Newton
To: David Von Pein


Hi Dave,

Mr. Healey [sic] is insinuating I wasn't born? For his information, I WAS born! (in God's country, Brooklyn, New York). And as the well-known philosopher (maybe he's not into philosophy) Decartes wrote: "I think, therefore I am." So as far as I know, having lived a few decades (not stating) I can say, without hesitation, I am thinking and thus, alive.

Now that we have that settled, down to serious business (although I really can't stop laughing). I have been working for Vincent Bugliosi since 1997, having transcribed (in addition to other work) "No Island of Sanity," "Betrayal of America," "Reclaiming History," and "The Prosecution of George W Bush For Murder."

You may want to refer him to Dale Myers' "Lifton's Ghost" on the internet. But then, again, maybe Dale Myers doesn't exist.

I'm still pinching myself to see if I'm alive,


Subject: Re: A Good Laugh
Date: 5/24/2009 12:05:22 AM EDT
From: David Von Pein
To: Rosemary Newton


Hi again Mrs. Ghost (er, I mean Rosemary), :)

Oh, Mr. Healy thinks Dale Myers exists alright, but Healy thinks (as almost all conspiracy-loving kooks do) that Mr. Myers is nothing but a liar and a fraud. And many conspiracy theorists also believe that people like Dale Myers and Vincent Bugliosi are Government-sponsored "shills", being paid millions of dollars to spread the "lies" that were started by the Warren Commission.

Those are the kind of conspiracy kooks I see daily all over the Internet.

And since you brought up Dale Myers' excellent Internet article ("Lifton's Ghost"), I'll be sure to link that article in another one of my online messages very soon (along with your very good personal reply to Mr. Lifton from 2007).

I think it's a good idea to resurrect those articles every now and then [they are linked here]. And Mr. Myers' closing remarks in his 2007 "Lifton's Ghost" article sum things up very nicely indeed:

"Lifton's problem is not Bugliosi's book or the secret gaggle of authors who supposedly wrote the master's work for him. David Lifton's problem is himself. As long as he continues to haunt the fringes of rational thought we can expect to be entertained with more ridiculous and unfounded accusations." -- Dale K. Myers; July 5, 2007

Thanks again for your e-mails, Rosemary. I always enjoy hearing from you (even if you are only a "ghost"). ~grin~

Best regards,
David Von Pein
May 24, 2009