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DVP, one of the mistakes of 'Inside the Target Car', as noted by myself and [James] DiEugenio, is that they test the grassy knoll shot using the wrong ammunition. Virtually everyone who believes the shot came from this direction believes some sort of specialized ammunition was used, so why conduct the test using standard M/C [Mannlicher-Carcano] ammo--which no one really even suspects?


Excuses, excuses.

You CTers are amazing.

Maybe you'd better watch the "Target Car" program again, Pat. Because apparently you missed the part where they shot a test dummy with a DIFFERENT (NON-CARCANO) TYPE OF AMMUNITION. [See video below.]

You surely know that the Discovery Channel people didn't utilize JUST a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle during their TWO tests that simulated a shot from the "Grassy Knoll" position. They also shot a test dummy with a soft-point bullet fired from a Winchester rifle....with that shot completely removing the test dummy's head.

And (obviously) since the "frontal shot from the Knoll" never occurred in the first place, the Discovery Channel people had to TAKE A WILD GUESS about any make-believe ammunition (and gun) that conspiracy theorists think was utilized from the Knoll.

Bottom line (again) -- ANY gunshot from the front would have resulted in damage to President Kennedy's head that was substantially different from the head damage that JFK actually sustained in 1963.

Plus: There's also the autopsy report and the autopsy photos and the autopsy X-rays, which ALL also confirm (beyond any and all doubt) that President Kennedy was not shot from the front.

It's time for conspiracy theorists to stamp this one MARK VII.

In other words -- It's a done deal. John F. Kennedy was NOT shot in the head from the front.

David Von Pein
June 23, 2009