(PART 549)


As John Canal keeps telling you, the BOH Photos were taken after the brain is removed.


Sure, that's quite possible. I've always admitted that. But the lateral X-ray that we've been arguing about in many posts (which is an X-ray that shows no hole in the back of President Kennedy's head) was certainly not taken after the brain was removed. It was taken prior to brain removal.

But even if some of the photographs were taken after JFK's brain was taken out of his head -- so what?

John Canal thinks that the huge hole described in the right-rear SCALP of JFK's head was completely invisible in this picture:

If the Parkland witnesses were correct about the condition of the back of JFK's head, how can the above picture (which Canal and the HSCA know has not been altered by plotters) possibly not show a HINT of that major BOH/Occipital damage?

In short -- The BEST EVIDENCE concerning the "BOH Wound" issue is not the Parkland Hospital witnesses. The best evidence in that regard are the photos and X-rays. And those things are screaming: "No Big BOH Hole!"

David Von Pein
May 20, 2009