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I often listen to the programs at the Black Op Radio website, just to see what the crazy conspiracy kooks are talking about there at that Internet radio station. On September 18, 2008, conspiracy theorist, author, and HSCA photographic analyst Robert J. Groden made an appearance on Len Osanic's Black Op show, which can be heard below:

Not surprisingly, the above interview indicates that Mr. Groden is still living in his dream world of fanciful theories with respect to the way JFK died in '63 (although he specifically stated that he, himself, never deals with "theories" about the case at all; he says he only deals with the facts based, to a large extent, on the photographic evidence).

And there is one particular incredibly-wrong statement that Groden makes during that radio interview that I wanted to comment on....and that's when Groden makes the outrageous claim (while generally attempting to trash Vincent Bugliosi's fabulous JFK book at the same time) that ALL of the Parkland Hospital doctors (not just some of them, but "all" of them, per Mr. Groden) agreed that President Kennedy had a bullet entry hole visible in the right temple at the front of his head.

Quoting Groden from his September 2008 BlackOpRadio appearance -- "They [the Parkland doctors] saw an entrance wound in the right temporal area and an exit wound in the back of his head; and they're unanimous about it; well, Bugliosi ignores all of that."

Now, I'd like for Mr. Groden to dig up the testimony (or any other post-1964 comments) of the Parkland doctors, and then point out within those doctors' quotes where they say (in "unanimous" fashion, no less!) that they specifically saw a bullet hole in the "right temporal area" of President Kennedy's head on November 22, 1963.

That "unanimous" comment about all of the Dallas doctors seeing an entry hole in the right temple of JFK's head is just an outright lie....and surely Mr. Groden must know that it is.

Bob Groden should be embarrassed at having to resort to spreading utterly-false information to the public via an Internet radio program in order to continue the 45-year-long charade of a "JFK Conspiracy".

Groden, in the BlackOp interview, goes on to claim that Vince Bugliosi "ignores" the HSCA's acoustics evidence. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Bugliosi spends page after page after page in the endnotes of his book ("Reclaiming History") talking about the acoustics/Dictabelt evidence.

And, of course, Bugliosi also tells his reading audience the truth about that supposed evidence for "conspiracy" -- i.e., it's bogus evidence. Plain and simple. It's junk. It's just about as worthless as you can get.

And yet, still, in 2008, we have people like Robert J. Groden going on Internet radio shows and singing the praises of the acoustics/Dictabelt evidence that was propped up 30 years ago by the HSCA as representing a "95 percent or greater" chance that there was a second gunman firing at JFK in Dealey Plaza.

But what Mr. Groden "ignores" is far worse for his "case for conspiracy", and that is the fact that the acoustics evidence has been deemed invalid and not credible by a variety of different experts. One of those being Dale K. Myers:



In another portion of Mr. Groden's BlackOp appearance, another incredible "head in the sand" moment occurs with respect to another chunk of evidence in the JFK case -- Groden is still trying to promote the blatantly false idea that Governor Connally was sitting "directly in front" of JFK in the Presidential limousine on 11/22/63, instead of Connally sitting a few inches to the left of Kennedy.

But just one glance at some of the pre-assassination motorcade pictures showing the two men in the limousine will tell anyone that Groden is just--well--full of feces when he claims that Connally was situated "directly in front" of John Kennedy:

Plus: the body draft (schematic) of JFK's limo from Hess & Eisenhardt is further proof that Connally was sitting somewhat "inboard" (to the left) of Kennedy's position in the limousine. And whether you want to argue that the jump seat was 6 inches inboard of the back seat or 2.5 inches inboard, the H&E schematic certainly shows the jump seat to positively be inboard of the back seat.

And since we can see (via various motorcade photographs taken on November 22) that JFK was jammed pretty much all the way to the far-right of his back seat during the Dallas motorcade, this makes it even more certain that Mr. Groden doesn't know what he's talking about with respect to the two victims' seated positions in relation to each other.

But as long as Bob Groden has a conspiracy-slanted book to sell from his newsstand on the steps near the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza, he'll continue to stay inside his cocoon of never-ending and never-proven conspiracies regarding the death of the 35th U.S. President.

And he's got a new book coming out soon, called "JFK: Absolute Proof", wherein--get this--Mr. Groden is going to tell the world where JFK's brain is located at this very moment. He's got proof of it! And photographs! (Yeah, right.)

It's a shame really (and quite sad), because Mr. Groden is a good speaker. He can make a good speech, and I actually enjoy listening to him talk. His theories about the assassination are totally crazy and idiotic, of course, such as his notion (per his 1993 book "The Killing Of A President") that it was highly likely that ZERO of a proposed number of up to TEN gunshots had come from Oswald's sniper's window in the Texas School Book Depository on November 22nd. [LOL.]*

* = OCTOBER 2011 EDIT: Bob Groden has now decided that even more than ten shots were probably fired in Dealey Plaza. He has increased his fanciful number of gunshots to 15, as of April 2011. More details HERE.

But I still kind of like listening to him talk, despite his nutty views on the way the assassination occurred.

It's just too bad that a little more common sense hasn't been able to seep into the many talks he's given to the crowds who have gathered to listen to him on the Grassy Knoll.

Because if more conspiracy promoters would cling to just a little more "CS&L" (Common Sense & Logic) when evaluating the JFK murder, they'd probably soon thereafter find themselves promoting Vincent Bugliosi's book, instead of calling it "bullshit" (which is the term Mr. Groden thinks best applies to Mr. Bugliosi's magnificent tome).

David Von Pein
September 2008
December 2010








JFKFiles.blogspot.com/The Tippit Murder

The above-linked article by Dale K. Myers is absolutely phenomenal. Truly magnificent. It should probably be published as an addendum to Myers' exquisite book, "With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald And The Murder Of Officer J.D. Tippit" (which has been one of my favorite books connected with the JFK case since I first had the pleasure of reading it in 2004).

Mr. Myers, in step-by-step (and, as always, thoroughly DOCUMENTED) fashion, takes Don Thomas apart, limb from limb, when it comes to Thomas' shameful and outrageous disinformation regarding J.D. Tippit's murder. (Highlights from the article are presented below.)

I once again salute Mr. Myers and his meticulous work, as he continues the good fight against conspiracy-happy charlatans like Donald B. Thomas.

I will be linking this tremendous article by Dale K. Myers in various places around the Internet in the near future, including providing links to it at some of my own blogs that deal with the Kennedy and Tippit murders.

Mr. Myers, yet again, has demonstrated (via the raw FACTS) just exactly how bankrupt (and pathetic) conspiracy theorists like Thomas are when it comes to the subjects of the murders of both John F. Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

Thank you, Dale. As always.

David Von Pein
December 5, 2010



"It seems that some authors are so eager to expunge [Lee Harvey] Oswald’s obvious culpability for [Officer J.D.] Tippit’s death that passing off a pack of lies as truth isn’t beneath them.

"The most recent publication to offer enlightenment on the subject of the Tippit shooting is Hear No Evil: Social Constructivism and the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination (Mary Ferrell Foundation Press, 2010) by Donald Byron Thomas.


"My first and immediate reaction after reading through Thomas’ dissertation was: What a colossal waste of time. To say that Mr. Thomas, an entomologist by profession, is way out of his league pontificating on the Tippit case would be an understatement devoid of description.

"But I can say this: Thomas’ take on the Tippit murder is the most outrageous, error-riddled, load of crap I’ve read in a long time. It’s hard to believe that anyone with an ounce of sense would believe such nonsense, but hey, if you don’t know what really happened I guess anything – even the kind of bull droppings that Thomas is hawking – can sound plausible.


"The part-time sleuth [Don Thomas] claims that Tippit and [Harry] Olsen confronted Oswald at Tenth and Patton, and in a bizarre twist, both Oswald and Olsen shot Tippit dead – both killers then fleeing the scene on foot.

"Stop, stop, STOP. How in the hell does Harry Olsen flee the Tippit shooting scene on foot?

"Apparently, Mr. Thomas is ignorant of the fact that Olsen had fallen and broken his kneecap just before the assassination. On November 22nd, Olsen’s leg was in a cast and he was using crutches. In fact, Olsen was assigned light duty (doing office work) during that period and had the day off. That’s how he happened to be moonlighting on the day of the assassination; acting as a guard at the property of an elderly woman located on Eighth Street, two blocks from the Stemmons Freeway in Oak Cliff.

"Does Mr. Thomas tell his readers any of this? Of course not. According to Thomas, Olsen is not a lame officer on crutches; oh no, in Thomas’ conspiracy fantasy Olsen is making a fast getaway on foot after gunning down a fellow police officer.

"The entire episode is so laughable and so completely at odds with the easily discernable facts in this case that one has to wonder what in the world Mr. Thomas hopes to achieve by authoring such drivel? It certainly cannot be credibility.


"While some uninformed readers may find Thomas’ arguments compelling, I find them to be a despicable example of the lengths conspiracy advocates are willing to go to sell their ideology in the face of an avalanche of contradictory facts.


"It’s a matter of rote among Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists that the Dallas police framed Oswald for the Tippit murder.

"Mr. Thomas stays the course in this regard, claiming that “…there are three separate, specific reasons for which the inculpation of Lee Harvey Oswald was in the best interests of the Dallas Police.”

"The first reason, according to Thomas, was a matter of self-preservation. Police needed to impress on the public mind that no one gets away with murdering a policeman. “If the real killer can’t be caught,” Thomas writes, “then a suitable patsy will do.”

"Yea, sure. The Dallas police simply snatch someone off the street, railroad them through the legal system, and chuck them in the electric chair without a peep from anyone. Can you imagine anything so absurd? Where do people get these notions, from comic books?


"There are some awful books that have been written about the Kennedy assassination and then there are the truly god awful books.

"Donald Byron Thomas’ spin on the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit easily falls into the latter category. And that’s being kind.


"When all is said and done, and the true facts are laid bare, there is really no doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered J.D. Tippit.


"It is a shame...to see trash published in the name of scientific research and critical thinking. .... It’s hard enough for newcomers to this subject to wade through the voluminous materials available on the Internet or in special collections in an effort to determine the truth for themselves without having to deal with knuckleheads like Thomas who are so wed to their ideology that they can’t separate truth from their own self-aggrandizing opinions."

-- Dale K. Myers; December 3, 2010; "The Tippit Murder: Why Conspiracy Theorists Can’t Tell The Truth About The Rosetta Stone Of The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald"




[Charles] Brehm originally said a shot came from across the road where conspiracy people have been claiming for decades. .... [Mark] Lane's presumption that a piece of skull was blown to the rear was quite reasonable.


First of all, Charles Brehm never was able to positively identify the object that he saw fall into the curb near his position on Elm Street as a piece of JFK's skull/head. And he made that fact quite plain in his 1966 filmed interview with Mark Lane (see video below).

Secondly, even if the object Brehm saw was a chunk of President Kennedy's head (which it probably was), the fact that it was thrown to the rear of JFK doesn't mean that the bullet which caused the head damage came from the front. And I cannot see why more people refuse to recognize this fact.


Since we all know that Kennedy's head was tossed violently to the rear (after being driven forward initially by the force of Lee Oswald's bullet coming from the Book Depository), then I don't see anything unusual or miraculous about a piece of loose brain tissue or skull bone being thrown to the rear of his head.

The violent movement of JFK's head backward might very well have resulted in some skull and/or brain being tossed toward the rear and trunk of the car, which can also easily explain the actions that most conspiracists think Jackie Kennedy undertook right after the head shot (with most CTers believing Jackie went to the trunk to retrieve a piece of her husband's skull).

Thirdly, Charles Brehm has always been quite clear as to the origin of the gunshots that he heard. In an interview with FBI agents Joseph J. Hanley and William O. Johnson on November 24, 1963, Brehm told the agents that he thoughts the shots had been fired from the area of the Elm/Houston intersection.

Quoting directly from the FBI report:

"Brehm...also stated that it seemed quite apparent to him that the shots came from one of two buildings back at the corner of Elm and Houston Streets." -- Via the Hanley/Johnson FBI report of 11/24/63, which was dictated on 11/25/63 [see Commission Document #5, pp.28-29; also see CE1425]

In 1986 at the TV Docu-Trial ("On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald"), Brehm also repeated the exact same thing about hearing the shots coming from either the TSBD or the Dal-Tex Building.

Brehm never said a word about hearing any shots at all coming from the direction of the Grassy Knoll in either his 11/24/63 FBI interview or in his testimony at the televised mock trial in London in 1986. Nor did he say a single word about hearing any shots coming from the front (Grassy Knoll) during his filmed interview with Mark Lane in 1966.

The only conflicting remarks coming from Charles Brehm that I have been able to find would be in the form of an interview Brehm had with a Dallas Times Herald reporter on the day of the assassination itself (11/22/63), wherein Brehm allegedly told the Times Herald reporter that "the shots came from in front of or beside of the President" [Source: this Internet post by Pat Speer, who was citing from David Wrone's 2003 book "The Zapruder Film"].

But two days later, on 11/24/63 in his FBI interview, Brehm told Special Agents Hanley and Johnson that it was "quite apparent" that the shots had come from the corner of Elm Street and Houston Street.

David Von Pein
December 3, 2010