"Hopefully, some day, the JFK Library in Boston (which I believe houses
all of Kennedy's press conferences on audio and video) will remaster all
64 of those conferences and release them. .... Having all of JFK's news conferences digitally archived would be ideal for the preservation and historical record of John F. Kennedy's presidency."

-- David Von Pein; January 2, 2008


Well, my wish has now come true, because the JFK Library has, indeed, made available every single one of President John F. Kennedy's uncut press conferences, via streaming audio at the JFK Library website.

A few of the conferences are also available in video (film) format, including Kennedy's very first conference as President on January 25th, 1961, which was five days after he was inaugurated.

My JFK Press Conferences blog below includes links to all 64 of JFK's news conferences during his 34 months in office as the 35th President of the United States, plus Mr. Kennedy's first news briefing as President-Elect on November 10, 1960, too.

Here's the link: