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>>> "Question for DVP: How can [the HSCA] look for conspiracy from any angle if [the HSCA] advocate[s] the SBT?" <<<


Silly question here. DiEugenio is suggesting that there would be no avenue for "conspiracy" AT ALL if the HSCA believes in the Single-Bullet Theory. Utterly foolish. There are many avenues of potential conspiracy to pursue that aren't related in any way to the SBT. There are no PROVABLE angles of conspiracy, true. But that doesn't mean that the HSCA saying the SBT is true = No Conspiracy Whatsoever. (Is Jimbo serious?)

>>> "Question for DVP: If you [the HSCA] bring back people who the Warren Commission originally used to create the Single Bullet Fantasy, how can you [the HSCA] be seeking ANY conspiracy?" <<<

See above response, because this question is every bit as stupid as Jim's first one.

Again, Jimbo seems to be saying that an advocate of the SBT cannot think that ANY conspiracy could exist in THE WHOLE CASE -- including Ruby, Ferrie, the Mob, the CIA, or any of the other bogus theories peddled by various conspiracy mongers since 1963. (Has Jimbo lost it?)

>>> "Question for DVP: How can you investigate a conspiracy if you bring in people who admit they know nothing about the scene they are investigating?" <<<

You're undoubtedly talking about a very small percentage of people here. Naturally, you probably want to expand this number of "know nothing" investigators to triple digits.

The examples you provided are from the Garrison case in New Orleans, which, as we all know (and the HSCA knew this from Day 1 too), was a totally bogus fraud of a case to begin with. Clay Shaw had as much to do with President Kennedy's death as Elvis Presley or Mary Tyler Moore.

>>> "Question for DVP: How can you investigate a presidential assassination for the public, if you allow the CIA and FBI to have the last word over what the public is going to read?" <<<

Simple. The CIA and FBI (for the most part) told the truth about the assassination and their investigations and neither organization had anything to hide with regard to the major question of: Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone in assassinating President Kennedy? Period.

That, naturally, is a fact that the DiEugenios of the world will never swallow. But the constant whining of conspiracy fanatics like Jimbo could hardly matter less. The history books of the world will always finger Jim's favorite patsy as JFK's murderer. And that's because the EVIDENCE proves that to be a fact. Like it or not.

>>> "Question for DVP: How can you be looking for a conspiracy if you bring in a quack expert who 1.) Doesn't have the right info to base his analysis on and 2.) Then falsifies exhibits to make the SBT work?" <<<

That's Jimbo's conspiracy spin on Thomas Canning's analysis. And, as usual, it's all bullshit. Canning's trajectories work just fine. Naturally, you think he deliberately skewed things. But, as usual, you're wrong.

>>> "Question for DVP: How could Blakey be looking for ANY conspiracy, if he was saying that a guy who could not hit a falling zeppelin, could suddenly just point his rifle at a moving target--WITHOUT AIMING--and get 2 of 3 hits in the head and shoulder area." <<<

Whether or not Oswald utilized the telescopic sight on his Carcano rifle has always been a question open for debate. We can never know, of course. But the FACT remains that Oswald was TRAINED IN THE UNITED STATES MARINES to fire a rifle. And the fact remains that Oswald was a sharpshooter in the early days of his Marine hitch.

Now, a question for Jimbo The Great -- Is a MARINE SHARPSHOOTER normally considered to be a guy who "could not hit a falling zeppelin"?

If the Marine Corps issues "Sharpshooter" rankings to people who are piss-poor gunmen, then God help the United States Marine Corps.

>>> "Von Pein is making stuff up here. He is angry because the HSCA actually said there was a shot from the Grassy Knoll that missed." <<<

And Jimbo The Great is even angrier that the HSCA came to the same identical conclusions about Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt that the Warren Commission came to -- i.e., Lee Harvey Oswald, and only Oswald, hit any victims with any bullets on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

That declaration by the HSCA no doubt burns both sides of DiEugenio's toast.

>>> "He [Von Pein] should count his blessings: if Sprague and Tanenbaum were allowed to stay, the entire conspriracy would have been exposed. And DVP would be in the Betty Ford Center." <<<

James DiEugenio, therefore, somehow thinks that the great Sprague and Tanenbaum would have created a make-believe conspiracy out of whole cloth. Because that's the only kind of "conspiracy" that exists in the JFK murder case (one built from whole cloth), with or without the Gods known as Mr. Sprague and Mr. Tanenbaum.

David Von Pein
June 20, 2011





Photo Credit: Anthony Marsh and Robin Unger.