The video presented above features Paul K. O'Connor being questioned while on the witness stand during the 1986 television docu-trial, "On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald".

The late Mr. O'Connor was a technician at Bethesda Naval Hospital who assisted at President Kennedy's autopsy on the night of November 22, 1963.

In the above video, O'Connor is first questioned by defense lawyer Gerry Spence (who was representing his "client", Lee Harvey Oswald), and then "U.S. Government" prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi gets a chance to cross-examine O'Connor, with Vince exposing the inaccuracies being told by the witness with respect to his outrageous allegation of: "There was no brain [in JFK's head] to be removed [at the autopsy]".

There are many conspiracy theorists who put their complete faith in O'Connor's wild tales, even though (to my knowledge) he is the only witness on the planet who ever said he saw all four of these crazy and impossible things on 11/22/63:

1.) There was no brain at all in President Kennedy's head.

2.) There was a huge wound in the back (occipital) portion of JFK's head.

3.) President Kennedy was inside a body bag when he was removed from the casket at Bethesda (instead of being wrapped merely in sheets, as all the autopsy doctors have said).

4.) JFK arrived at Bethesda in a cheap "shipping" type casket.

That #1 item alone makes O'Connor out to be an enormous fraud/kook/nutcase (take your pick). Because there was a whole lot of brain left inside Kennedy's head when he arrived at Bethesda. In fact, the majority of his brain was still inside his cranium when he arrived at the Bethesda morgue. [See Warren Commission Final Report, Page 544.]

Therefore, O'Connor's ridiculous assertion that the entire brain (save a few small "bits and pieces") was gone is reason enough right there, in my opinion, to pretty much dismiss everything else he had to say about President John F. Kennedy's autopsy.

David Von Pein