In my opinion, the [Sylvia] Odio incident has nothing to do with the plot to kill JFK. [Gaeton] Fonzi and others who say it is proof of the plot are, to put it simply, wrong.


Simply wrong that three men show up at Odio's door in Dallas, two latins seeking support for an anti-Castro Cuban group and one who appears to be Oswald on a day after leaving New Orleans for Mexico, who is said to be an ex-Marine who [will?] shoot the President? The same ex-Marine accused of killing the President two months later? .... And those who see a connection are simply wrong? While that's not my strongest proof of the plot, I think Fonzi and Russell and others who have followed this line of inquiry are onto something.


But if there WAS a "connection" (with respect to the assassination of JFK) between Lee Harvey Oswald and the two Cubans who visited Sylvia Odio on September 25, 1963, then the next logical question that should be asked is:

Where the hell were these two Cubans WHEN OSWALD NEEDED THEM MOST (on November 21 and 22)?!

Via the theory that has Oswald "conspiring" with Cubans "Angelo" and "Leopoldo" in late September of '63 in a plot to kill the President, we would surely have to assume that one or both of those Cubans who were evidently "involved" in some way in this assassination plot would have been AIDING and HELPING their triggerman (Oswald) during the critical days leading up to the November 22nd murder attempt....not to mention helping their gunman named Oswald escape the scene of the crime on the day of the assassination itself.

Instead, what do we find? -- Oswald is totally alone, and left to fend for himself after firing the shots that killed the President in Dealey Plaza. He has to walk here and there....he resorts to using public transportation (a city bus) for a short time just minutes after the murder....and he then switches to a taxicab when the bus fails to move in the traffic jam on Elm Street caused by the assassination that Oswald has just committed.

Then, after getting out of William Whaley's cab, Oswald walks some more (to his rented room)....and then he is forced to walk still more mileage after quickly picking up his revolver at his roominghouse (another risky move, which would have been completely unnecessary if Oswald had had an accomplice--ANY accomplice!--to help him escape and to supply him with any guns he might require after the dirty deed was accomplished in Dealey Plaza).

Plus -- The day before the assassination (Thursday, November 21st), Oswald is forced to make up a lie to tell his co-worker--Buell Wesley Frazier--who would be needed to transport LHO to Irving, Texas, to retrieve Oswald's one and only rifle.

But if Oswald had been working in concert with "Angelo" or "Leopoldo" (or ANYBODY else who had a vehicle at their disposal), it's highly doubtful that Oswald would have even needed to return to Irving for his unusual Thursday-night visit in order to get his rifle out of Ruth Paine's garage -- and that's because (logically) if Oswald was working with other people (dating all the way back to September, no less!) in a plot to murder John Kennedy, he almost certainly WOULD NOT HAVE NEEDED TO USE HIS OWN TRACEABLE RIFLE TO KILL THE PRESIDENT.

Why didn't this group of plotters buy another (non-traceable) rifle with which to kill the President, instead of making Oswald use his own gun that has a paper trail leading straight back to him? They certainly had plenty of time to get Oswald another rifle....and Lee would have had ample time to practice with it as well (if the plot was hatched as early as September '63).

These THREE guys (or however many people the conspiracy theorists want to think were possibly "in" on the plot to kill JFK) couldn't even pool their financial resources over the course of a two-month time period and scrape together enough cash to purchase another gun, so that Oswald would be able to avoid using his own weapon in a Presidential assassination attempt, and also avoid the trip to Irving on Thursday, November 21st to get his Mannlicher-Carcano rifle out of Mrs. Paine's garage?

And, per some CTers evidently, Oswald supposedly just went right along with this plan, eh? He didn't INSIST that his co-plotters help him out by purchasing (or stealing) some other gun to be used in this Presidential murder?

Oswald was just satisfied to use his own gun, even though (per this make-believe theory I'm discussing here) he has multiple other associates and accomplices he could rely on to help him out in this "Get Me Another Gun" regard?


Did Lee Oswald's co-plotters decide to stop aiding him at some point, leaving Oswald to take the full blame, by himself, after the assassination? Oswald was just being used as the "patsy" or the "fall guy", right? That's what many conspiracy theorists seem to believe.

Well, if so, he must have been one of the most cooperative patsies the world has ever known.

If Lee Harvey Oswald had been planning to kill President Kennedy as far back as late September of 1963....and if he was doing this "planning" WITH OTHER PEOPLE (the two Cubans who visited Odio, or anyone else a CTer cares to name, or not name)....does anyone believe for a single minute that things would have unfolded the way things did unfold both before and after 12:30 PM on November 22nd....

....With Oswald using his own gun to murder JFK and then with LHO being forced to rely on his own devices (his own two feet and a bus and cab) to take him from Point A to Point B immediately after performing an assassination that he had actually planned WITH TWO OTHER MEN months earlier?

That's just....nuts.

Every single thing Lee Harvey Oswald did on November 21st and November 22nd, 1963, indicates that he was WORKING ALONE, sans any accomplices or co-conspirators at all.

In summary---

Oswald's very own actions on those two critical days (November 21-22) speak much, much louder than any conspiracy theorist when confronted with the all-important question of: WAS LEE HARVEY OSWALD PERFORMING A SOLO MURDER ACT IN DEALEY PLAZA?

Just follow all of Oswald's movements and actions on both of those days, and you'll get the most reasonable answer to that question.

David Von Pein
May 2008



"No one examining the evidence in the Odio matter can feel too sanguine about the conclusion he reaches, yet I feel that the slight preponderance of evidence is that Oswald was, in fact, the American among the three men who visited Odio.


"While admittedly the [Odio] incident does raise suspicions that go in that direction [toward conspiracy], the suspicions seem to be spontaneous and visceral in nature. A more sober analysis of what actually transpired and what was said would seem to substantially diminish the virility of the conspiracy conclusion.


"There is no evidence that the anti-Castro leadership, or even rogue members of any anti-Castro exile group, ever participated, in any way, in the assassination [of JFK], and three separate investigations [WC, HSCA, and Church Committee] have so concluded." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 1309, 1314-1315, and 1335 of "Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (c.2007)