(PART 1)

27-year-old car salesman James Thomas Tague was standing on the
Main Street curb at the mouth of the Triple Underpass in Dallas' Dealey
Plaza on November 22, 1963, when he was peppered on the cheek by
something during JFK's assassination [arrow points to Tague in the
photo above, which was taken right after the shooting].

It's likely that Tague was struck by either a bullet fragment or by small
pieces of concrete that flew up off the curb on Main Street after a bullet
or bullet fragment hit the curb [the photo below shows the slight damage
to the Main St. curb].

Many conspiracy theorists seem to want to prop up Tague as proof of a
second gunman in Dealey Plaza. But Tague's wounding proves no such
thing. In fact, Mr. Tague is a pretty good overall "lone assassin" witness.
[See Tague's Warren Commission testimony HERE.]

Tague heard exactly three shots, and his very presence on the curb near
the Triple Underpass on Main Street, in almost a straight line of fire from
the Depository's "Sniper's Nest" window, makes it MUCH more likely that
Tague was wounded by a REAR (Book Depository) shot than by some
crazily-askew shot that might have come from "Badge Man's" vicinity on
the Grassy Knoll.

Mr. Tague was standing between the two Underpass tunnels visible in the
Warren Commission exhibit pictured HERE.

And notice the oak tree still visible at the bottom of that picture.
Now, the trajectory line to Tague isn't perfectly straight for either
theory (the "head-shot fragment hit him" theory or the "oak tree"

In fact, the tree theory makes the trajectory much less than
"straight" to Tague. But, of course, the bullet would have been
deflected off of the tree and changed course before getting to Tague,
but such a bullet would still have been moving in the same general

But either "LN" theory is much more logical and believable than having
a Knoll shooter hitting Tague, or an invisible second TSBD gunman. If
an assassin firing from the Grassy Knoll hit Tague, what was that guy
aiming at, for Pete sake? Kennedy (the gunman's target) was in the
street, to the proposed gunman's LEFT. But Tague was situated
considerably to the RIGHT of any such make-believe Knoll gunman.
Crazy, huh?

So, in my own opinion, even the conspiracy theorists really don't have
much of a leg to stand on with respect to James Tague's
wounding....because, given the trajectory to the TSBD when the
shooting took place, Tague was probably wounded by a bullet coming
from BEHIND President Kennedy's vehicle, and not from in front of it.

And the only verified source of gunfire FROM BEHIND the President's
car was the southeast corner window on the sixth floor of the Texas
School Book Depository Building (where three bullet shells from Lee
Harvey Oswald's gun were found shortly after the assassination).

But the bottom-line truth of the matter is --- James T. Tague's
wounding is an UNSOLVABLE portion of the John F. Kennedy murder case;
and it always will be....because that bullet was never recovered, and
Tague's memory of the exact timing of the event is murky (at best). So
all anyone can do is GUESS about the timing of Tague's slight facial


The Warren Commission, which arrived at a single-assassin conclusion
in 1964, wasn't BOXED IN to accepting the "Single-Bullet Theory" merely
because of the Tague wounding (as many conspiracists seem to want to

Page #117 of the Warren Commission Report [below] proves that fact,
loudly and clearly:

David Von Pein
March 2007
July 2010