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Wow, if I ever had any doubts about what a mouthpiece for DVP you [Mike Williams] and Duncan [MacRae] are, they are now dispelled. He might as well be here. But you forgot to use one of his Von Peinianisms: "CT nuttiness". Mikey boy, you are taking my definition of hearsay from elsewhere and applying it to a non-analogous situation. Unlike with Humes and the FBI report, Tomlinson never denied what Marcus wrote. Even though he knew he was being interviewed for the record. Quite the contrary. (See Mr. Hogan's post above.) And the other source, about Wright somehow forgetting he turned over CE 399, is right in the WC volumes. As per DVP, I challenged him to a debate many months ago. He passed. And passed. And passed. Now, he wants to debate me with his own ground rules. Which would allow him leeway to fabricate things, which as I have shown elsewhere, he [has] a remarkable tendency to do. But you know all this Mikey, since someone named Ken Murray posted my reply to him on the board that you and Duncan so freely associate with DVP on. In the spirit of fairness, why don't you repost my reply to him here then.


I wonder if Mr. DiEugenio can supply even one post of mine which
includes my "remarkable tendency" for "fabricat[ing] things".

Jim can start with this batch of articles, numbering in the dozens.
Good luck finding one single piece of DVP "fabrication" in HERE.

If anyone has a tendency for fabrication with respect to the JFK case,
it's James DiEugenio. His imagination runs wild regarding anything and
everything to do with President Kennedy's assassination. Here are 13
excellent examples:

"Somebody else might have done it [burned the first draft of the
autopsy report and Humes' blood-stained notes]. .... Today, I think
that's what really happened. I think that that whole thing about
burning the notes...was just a cover story." -- James DiEugenio;
December 11, 2008 (Black Op Radio)

"The anterior neck wound--the measurements on that wound--are
too small for the 6.5-millimeter Mannlicher-Carcano ammunition." --
James DiEugenio; December 11, 2008 (Black Op Radio)

"Tom Purvis has proved there was at least one of those [36-inch
Carcanos] stamped with that serial number [C2766]." -- James
DiEugenio; 2008; http://CTKA.net/2008/von_pein.html

"As I reported, Dr. [John] Lattimer had one [Carcano rifle] of
the 40 inch variety with the C 2766 serial number." -- James
DiEugenio; 2008; http://CTKA.net/2008/von_pein.html

"Specter and Humes understood that the probe was gonna be a big
problem. They thought the photographs would never be declassified. So
Specter made up this B.S. story about the strap muscles, never knowing
that that story was going to be exposed." -- James DiEugenio; July 16,
(Black Op Radio)

"The story of this (these) paper bag(s), Wesley Frazier, his
sister, and the curtain rods can be challenged every single step of
the way. .... By the early evening of [November] 22nd [1963], the DPD
had very little besides the notorious Howard Brennan. Shaky eye
witness Howard Brennan couldn't be relied upon to put Oswald on the
sixth floor. As Police Chief Jesse Curry later admited [sic], they had
no one who put Oswald in the building with a gun in his hand.
Therefore, they needed Frazier and his "Oswald carrying a package"
story." -- James DiEugenio; http://CTKA.net/2008/bugliosi_6_review.html

"I have minimized the testimony of Linnie Mae [Randle]. I do so
because in my view it is highly questionable." -- James DiEugenio;

"Kennedy is murdered at 12:30 PM. Oswald is almost undoubtedly
on the first floor at the time." -- James DiEugenio;

"At Bethesda, the military severely curtails the autopsy so that
no one will ever know the true circumstances of how Kennedy was
killed. Also, the FBI switches the bullet found at Parkland Hospital
to fit the second rifle found at the TSBD, a Mannlicher Carcano." --
James DiEugenio; http://CTKA.net/2008/bugliosi_5b_review.html

"I don't believe Oswald shot Tippit." -- James DiEugenio;
January 14, 2010 (Black Op Radio)

"I'm not even sure they [the real killers of JFK, not Lee Harvey
Oswald, naturally] were on the sixth floor [of the Book Depository]. I
mean, they might have been. But what's the definitive evidence that
the hit team was on the sixth floor? .... If they WERE on the sixth
floor, they could have been at the other [west] end. .... And I've
always suspected there was a sniper in the Dal-Tex Building." -- James
DiEugenio; February 11, 2010 (Black Op Radio)

"I don't think [Howard] Brennan was at any lineup. I think that
was all manufactured after the fact. I think Brennan is a completely
created witness." -- James DiEugenio; May 27, 2010 (Black Op Radio)

"I just proved that CE 399 was not found at Parkland." -- James
DiEugenio; June 4, 2010


Now, what was that Jim D. was saying about someone's "remarkable
tendency...to fabricate things"?

Can it get any better on a "Pot and Kettle" scale than this, folks? If
it can, please inform CNN right away, because they'll surely want to
know about it.

David Von Pein
June 2010