Let's examine the lengths to which many rabid JFK conspiracy theorists will go in their crazy attempts at allowing Lee Harvey Oswald to get away with the two murders he so obviously committed on 11/22/63:


1.) Eyewitness Howard Brennan sees Lee Harvey Oswald shoot at
President John F. Kennedy with a rifle. Plus: Brennan provided a
decent "Oswald-like" description in his 11/22/63 affidavit....and this
wouldn't even take into account the 12:44 PM APB description put out
by J. Herbert Sawyer of the Dallas Police just minutes after the

So you can toss out that 12:44 description if you want to think it
WASN'T provided by Howard Brennan. That STILL leaves Brennan's 11/22
affidavit, which says:

"He was a white man in his early 30s, slender, nice looking, slender
and would weigh about 165 to 175 pounds."

The Kook Response ("KR"): Brennan is totally unreliable. .... Or: His
eyesight sucks. ... He was coerced into identifying Oswald. ... He
wasn't even looking up at the sixth floor at the time of the last
shot. ... He described the wrong clothing. ... He couldn't possibly
have seen Oswald well enough to give a positive I.D. through a half-
open window (DVP interjection: even though Brennan did positively
identify two of the black men situated just one floor below the

2.) Lee Oswald's very own rifle is found on the 6th Floor of the TSBD
just 52 minutes after JFK's assassination.

KR: That rifle probably was "planted" there by dastardly, unknown,
unseen conspirators of some ilk. .... Or: It wasn't really Oswald's
rifle up on the 6th Floor at all. Instead, a Mauser rifle was found.

3.) Oswald's palmprint is found on his rifle the day of the
assassination (per J.C. Day of the DPD):

"Your No. 637 is the right palm of Oswald." -- J.C. Day; To WC

That print was lifted off the gun barrel by Day himself before the
rifle was turned over to the FBI on the night of 11/22/63.

KR: The palmprint was either "planted" there by the Feds or the DPD
after Oswald was killed (with a print taken from Oswald in the morgue,
no less). .... Or: The print was never really lifted off of the weapon
by J.C. Day as he stated to the WC, meaning that Day (along with a
cast of hundreds more), was part of a "Let's Frame LHO" plot.

4.) Bullet CE399 (fired from Oswald's Carcano rifle "to the exclusion
of all other weapons") is found inside the very same hospital where
both victims of the shooting were taken, proving beyond virtually
every shred of a doubt that Oswald's gun fired that bullet into either
Jack Kennedy's or John Connally's body on 11/22/63.

KR: CE399 was "planted" in the hospital by another of the faceless,
nameless plotters who overtook Dallas that November day. No WAY that
bullet could have been inside a victim on Nov. 22! And that "SBT"
stuff is nonsense too (in case that's next on David's laundry list)!

5.) Bullet shells from Oswald's rifle ("to the exclusion" again) are
found directly under the same window from where Oswald himself was
seen firing a gun at JFK's car.

KR: Those shells were "planted" there by the DPD. Well, at least ONE
of them was planted/faked anyway. (It's a PLANT FESTIVAL in Dallas,
circa 1963!)

6.) An empty paper sack, generally matching the type Oswald was seen
carrying to work on 11/22 by two witnesses, is found under the very
same window in the Sniper's Nest from where Lee Oswald was seen firing
a gun at JFK. The sack has two of Oswald's prints on it.

KR: That paper sack was "planted" there by the DPD. It's obvious! It
wasn't even photographed by Studebaker or Day! So it COULDN'T have
been there when the Nest was first discovered! To hell with those
prints of LHO's on the bag! They're fake too. It's obvious. The cops
planted the bag, then ran around and (somehow) got Oswald's palmprint
and fingerprint and then "planted" the prints on the fake bag. It's
kid stuff! (If you're a kook maybe.)

7.) Oswald is seen by multiple witnesses murdering policeman J.D.
Tippit approx. 45 minutes after JFK was shot from right in front of
Oswald's workplace (a location Oswald fled within three minutes of the
JFK shooting, even though he had no permission to leave work that

KR: Oswald never shot Officer Tippit! A nicely-arranged "Oswald
Double" killed Tippit. It's obvious, for God's sake! Oswald couldn't
have even been there in time to plug Tippit! (Despite various
reconstructions that show the trip was certainly a doable one by
anybody whose legs weren't in casts.)

8.) Oswald's very own .38 revolver is determined to be the weapon that
gunned down Tippit, via the four spent shells that littered the crime
scene (shells that were ejected--by hand--from Oswald's revolver BY
OSWALD HIMSELF, per multiple eyewitnesses to this post-shooting

KR: Those bullet shells were "planted" by the DPD. It's obvious, you
goof! An "automatic" weapon killed Tippit.

9.) Approximately a dozen witnesses in total identified Lee Harvey
Oswald as either Tippit's LONE killer, or as the LONE MAN who fled the
scene of the crime near 10th Street and Patton Avenue (with a gun in
hand, dumping shells along the way).

KR: Those witnesses are all wrong! TWO guys did the Tippit job!
Acquilla Clemons confirms this. Who are ya gonna believe -- Acquilla
(who didn't even see the actual shooting as it was happening)? Or are
ya gonna believe Davis, Davis, Scoggins, Markham, Tatum, Callaway,
Benavides, Patterson, etc., etc.?

10.) Oswald tells one lie after another to the police after he was
arrested in the Texas Theater (following a wild fight, in which Oswald
attempts to kill more cops).

He lies when he tells police he has "never owned a rifle"; and he lies
about the "curtain rod" tale he told Wesley Frazier; and he also lies
like a cheap rug about many, many other things which connect him to
the Tippit/Kennedy murders.

And Lee Harvey also lies when trying to establish his alibi for the
JFK shooting ("I had lunch with Junior" [Jarman] in the lunchroom at
the time JFK was shot, he told one police officer....even though
"Junior" was photographed on the 5th Floor at 12:30 exactly).

KR: We don't have any idea WHAT Oswald told the cops....because they
never recorded his statements. Which HAS to mean he's
innocent...because ALL the cops who said he was saying these lies
cannot be trusted, because I SAY THEY CAN'T
BE TRUSTED. So there!


Many additional things could easily be added to the above 10-item
list. But I think you probably get the idea. That idea being: The
conspiracy-loving kooks of the world just DO NOT WANT LEE HARVEY

Simple as that.

It's crazy as all get out (given the evidence saying they're dead wrong) -- but simple.

David Von Pein
February 2007