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Virtually all witnesses in Dealey Plaza that day, even those who heard only 3 and thought they came from the TSBD, said that the last 2 shots were ALMOST SIMULTANEOUS, one right after the other.


With respect to the witnesses in Dealey Plaza who said they heard THREE shots exactly (and that number of witnesses is extremely large, as the chart below illustrates), the factor that most conspiracy theorists will ignore (or they'll just pretend this evidence was fake or planted) is that there were THREE bullet shell casings found under the window where we know the assassin of President Kennedy was located. THREE shells exactly....which aligns itself perfectly with that huge number of "Three Shots" witnesses. That's pretty good corroboration.

When combined together, those two things (THREE shells in the Sniper's Nest + THREE shots being heard by the vast majority of all witnesses in Dealey Plaza) form the basis of a fairly decent conclusion of: ALL the shots that were fired at JFK on 11/22/63 came from the southeast corner of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building.

Therefore, given the above two powerful "Only Three Shots Were Fired" factors, the following very good argument could also be made by any lawyer who might have been prosecuting Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of John Kennedy (had Oswald lived long enough to hear this argument being made in a U.S. courtroom):

[Courtroom Simulation On:]

And so, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, as we can see from the witness statistics I have just shown you....which are statistics that perfectly and seamlessly blend and mesh with the number of empty cartridge cases that were found by the police in that sixth-floor sniper's perch very shortly after the assassination of the President...it doesn't really matter if some of the witnesses testified that they thought the last two gunshots were spaced very closely together--bang, bang!

And the reason that such testimony cannot be accurate and reliable is because many of those very same witnesses ALSO said they heard exactly THREE 'bangs'. Not four. Not five. But THREE. And that's the number of bullet shells that just happened to have been discovered by the police under the assassin's window on the Depository's sixth floor.

Now, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is that just a miraculous COINCIDENCE? And were there really four or more shots fired at President Kennedy, even though, as we have seen in this courtroom, the vast majority of witnesses heard precisely THREE shots fired---and we have THREE shells found in the precise place where we KNOW President Kennedy's murderer was located when the shots were fired in Dealey Plaza?

I submit to you, members of this jury, that any reasonable person evaluating the evidence in this case has no choice but to conclude that exactly THREE shots--and three shots only!--were fired at the President's car on November 22, 1963....and those THREE shots all came from the sixth floor of the Book Depository. And this is so despite the witnesses who claimed to hear the last two shots being fired in BANG, BANG fashion--one right on top of the other.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, given these facts, it's quite obvious that someone DID fire three shots at JFK's car that day from the Depository. That fact can pretty well be determined by the fact that we have those three shells up there on the sixth floor. And all three of those bullet shell casings came from the SAME GUN--Lee Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle #C2766--we know that from the firearms experts.

Therefore, the person who fired those three bullets from that Carcano rifle--whether it be Lee Oswald or ANYONE else you'd care to name--positively WAS able to fire those three bullets at the President's car during the period of time when shots were being fired at the car in Dealey Plaza.

So somebody DID fire three shots in WHATEVER amount of time you'd care to estimate they were fired in. We KNOW that happened. And those three shells in the Sniper's Nest prove that happened. And this is so regardless of any "three shots" witness who might have taken that witness stand to tell this jury that they thought that the last two of those THREE shots were fired almost simultaneously.

The facts on this are pretty clear, ladies and gentlemen -- Lee Harvey Oswald's gun positively fired THREE rifle shots at President Kennedy in Dallas on November the 22nd. And the overwhelmingly huge majority of witnesses said they heard THREE shots fired that day. And that would include several witnesses who were in a position to immediately report what they heard to the world -- such as Merriman Smith, Jack Bell, Pierce Allman, Mal Couch, Jay Watson, Jerry Haynes, and some others too.

A reasonable person is compelled to conclude, therefore, that three shots--and only three shots--were fired at President John F. Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

[/Courtroom Simulation Off.]

David Von Pein
October 1, 2014