(PART 799)


>>> "All of the (so called) "evidence" is circumstantial and much [of it is] fake as well." <<<


Every single thing ejaculated by "VideoJohn" ["VJ"] is 100% bogus (and just plain stupid, to boot).

But, naturally, a conspiracy clown like "VJ" doesn't mind looking like a clown (and an illiterate one at that). He appears to relish and savor the role.

>>> "1) SBT invented by altering autopsy wound locations." <<<

#1 on "VJ's" list is disproven by taking just one look at CE903 (which is a Commission Exhibit that all conspiracy believers always totally ignore, probably due to the fact that that one exhibit ALONE disproves the popular myth that the Warren Commission needed to "raise" JFK's back wound up into the neck in order for the SBT to be plausible.

>>> "2) Purchase/ownership of the Carcano was never proven that of LHO." <<<

#2 -- Disproven in many ways, via the documents in OSWALD'S HANDWRITING that positively prove he ordered the JFK murder weapon in March 1963. Conspiracy clowns like "VJ", quite naturally, ignore the handwriting evidence in favor of their unsupportable pro-conspiracy assertions.

>>> "3) Third shell casing added, only two (2) rounds were fired from TSBD." <<<

#3 -- Disproven by CE510 (DPD picture showing three shells in the Nest). And disproven in various other ways too, including the testimony of multiple DPD and Sheriff's officers who testified to THREE shells being found in the Sniper's Nest.

But a kook wants to cite only the one report that says the DPD turned over two shells to the FBI on Nov. 22, which is true. But there were three shells removed from the TSBD, with shell #3 being retained in Dallas by Captain Fritz.

All of this is easily proven, but conspiracy theorists like their "Two Shells Found" option much better, despite its foundation of mush.

>>> "4) The 'backyard photo' is a fake." <<<

#4 -- Proven inaccurate by the HSCA and the Warren Commission. One of the backyard photos was positively linked to Oswald's very own camera (via the negative that exists for that photograph, proving it was taken with that Imperial-Reflex camera).

And if ONE of the backyard pictures was taken with Lee Oswald's own camera, then ALL OF THEM WERE (regardless of how many there were).

How can we know this?

Simple common sense. Because each photo shows the EXACT SAME THING (except for LHO's precise pose).

Conspiracists like the "faked photos" option much better than the truth, however. So, by God, to them those backyard pics are frauds, regardless of the fact that the negative to one of the photos could have come from only one single camera on Planet Earth -- Lee Harvey Oswald's Imperial-Reflex camera.

>>> "5) [Of] The two (2) rifles found, one is gone (knowone [LOL] knows nuttin) and the other is never tested for discharge, in the field or in a Lab." <<<

#5 -- Only one rifle was found in the TSBD, and all reasonable people know it. The mix-up in the brand name of the weapon is easily understandable, since a Mannlicher-Carcano is, essentially, an ITALIAN MAUSER. "Mauser" being the generic type term for "bolt-action rifle", which Oswald's Carcano was.

Kooks like Bob Groden (et al), however, enjoy pretending that a SECOND rifle was actually found on the sixth floor of the Book Depository.

But within the context of a "Let's Frame Oswald" plot, how much sense does the "Two Rifles" theory make anyway? Was Oswald The Patsy supposed to be able to fire TWO rifles at the President at the same time or something?

Those plotters were brainless idiots, weren't they?

>>> "6) After proof of LHO being on the lower floors, the WC then claims he could have "ran down the stairs"." <<<

#6 -- Oswald could definitely have run (or walked) down 4 floors in time to see Officer Baker in the lunchroom. That fact was proven on several occasions, with the WC doing time tests to prove it. And it was done at a "normal walking pace" by Joe Howlett of the Secret Service in just 78 seconds.

But the conspiracy lovers like to pretend that it was humanly impossible for anybody (Oswald or otherwise) to travel down four flights of stairs in approximately 90 seconds.

Such is the way with conspiracy fools -- they'll ignore the facts till a cow shows up on the front porch.

>>> "7) The only evidence of the Carcano being the murder weapon, CE-399, is highly suspect. Bullets don't "fall out" and land in front of government agents." <<<

#7 -- A double dose of factoids and myths here. The kook named "VJ" thinks that the ONLY thing that ties Oswald's rifle to the murder of JFK is CE399. How stupid is that assertion? Pretty stupid, considering he's also got CE567, CE569, and the three bullet shells in the Sniper's Nest staring him in his face too.

But let's just ignore the fact that bullet fragments FROM OSWALD'S GUN were found in the front seat of the car that JFK was murdered in, right VJ? Those were probably planted there too, right?

CTers like that word "planted". Without it, they've got nothing to hang their withered hat on.

#7b -- Since when did CE399 "fall out and land in front of [a] Government agent"? Was Darrell Tomlinson supposedly working as a "Government agent"?

Mr. "VJ" is plain nuts. (But, then too, that was obvious after #1 above.)

>>> "8) The Warren Commission never proofread their own report and issued it in such "disarray" (without Index) so the public couldn't read it." <<<

#8 -- Is just plain stupid. Even without a complete index, the material IS STILL THERE--IN PRINT for everybody to see if they so desire. This is just another convenient excuse for CTer VJ to ignore what's IN the Warren Report. (And he will ignore it, all day long. It's what conspiracy theorists do best--ignore the evidence.)

>>> "9) Afterward (assembled with Index) the conclusions were beyond belief." <<<

#9 -- Another really stupid item here. VJ evidently thinks that by adding a more detailed index to the Warren Report, a conspiracy can firmly be established. (Oh, my weak bladder!)

>>> "10) Political 'Commissions' can't determine the guilt or innocence of anyone, or any group and [that is] why they [are] 'appointed'. "Do nothings" to do nothing." <<<

#10 -- VJ closes out with another gut-busting piece of silliness. So, the Warren Commission can't reach a conclusion on who killed the President, eh?

Gee, I wonder why the Commission was even formed in the first place then? Just to waste some of the taxpayers' money, ya think?

Oh, that's right! It was formed to nail Oswald to the wall from the get-go--regardless of the evidence. Right, VJ?

It's just too bad that you can't come within a hundred miles of proving #10. (Or numbers 1 through 9 either.)

But I'm sure that you're accustomed to batting a solid .000 whenever you debate an LNer on the JFK assassination. I doubt you could even foul a pitch off.

David Von Pein
December 14, 2009