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On December 17, 2009, conspiracy advocate Dr. David Mantik made an appearance on Len Osanic's "Black Op Radio".

During that radio appearance, Dr. Mantik tells the audience that there's something fishy about the fact that President Kennedy's lead autopsy surgeon, Dr. James Humes, had told Dr. Pierre Finck that a set of X-rays had already been taken of JFK prior to Humes' phone call to Finck on 11/22/63, with Mantik saying this:

"This means only one thing--and it's inescapable. The body must have been there BEFORE 8:00, or these X-rays could not have been taken so that Humes could make his call [to Dr. Finck] a few minutes after eight [o'clock]."

Now, apparently Dr. Mantik has never bothered to read Dr. James Humes' Warren Commission testimony (or maybe Mantik has merely chosen to ignore it), which has Humes saying this to Arlen Specter and the Commission:

DR. HUMES -- "The President's body was received at 25 minutes before 8, and the autopsy began at approximately 8 p.m. on that evening. You must include the fact that certain X-rays and other examinations were made before the actual beginning of the routine type autopsy examination."

ARLEN SPECTER -- "Precisely what X-rays or photographs were taken before the dissection started?"

DR. HUMES -- "Some of these X-rays were taken before and some during the examination which, also maintains for the photographs, which were made as the need became apparent to make such."

These words (repeated below) spoken by Dr. Humes during his Warren Commission session on 3/16/64 (less than four months after the President's autopsy) totally destroy David Mantik's theory about something suspicious going on with regard to JFK's body at Bethesda Naval Hospital on the night of Kennedy's autopsy:

"The President's body was received at 25 minutes before 8." -- James J. Humes; March 16, 1964 [at 2 H 349]

Does Dr. Mantik think that Dr. Humes was lying through his teeth when he told the Warren Commission that JFK's body arrived at 7:35 PM (vs. the 8:00 figure that Mantik seems to want to believe)?

Once again, it appears that the simplest of tasks (i.e., looking up Dr. Humes' testimony) is able to thoroughly debunk a conspiracy theorist's imaginative speculation surrounding certain elements of the JFK assassination.

BTW, Dr. Humes said exactly the same thing to the HSCA in 1978 when it comes to the topic of "When did JFK's body arrive at Bethesda?"

Here's what Humes said in '78 to the HSCA (which perfectly aligns with his Warren Commission testimony from fourteen years earlier):

DR. HUMES -- "The President's body, as I recall, arrived about 7:30 or 7:35."

David Von Pein
December 19, 2009