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Would you be willing to address autopsy photograph F-8...?


The F-8 photo is, in my opinion, essentially worthless and useless. At least from the standpoint of trying to PROVE anything definitive regarding the location of the wounds in JFK's head. Others disagree, of course. But, in my view, F-8 is just a big mess. I can't make head nor tail out of it. Maybe other people can, but I can't.


The F-8 autopsy photograph does need to be figured out.


The F-8 photo has created perpetual debate and disagreement over what it depicts---and WHERE on Kennedy's head the wounds are. Some people say THIS; while another group says THAT. (Big surprise, huh? A disagreement over some JFK evidence. Never thought that would happen.) :)

In a way, that F-8 photo is TOO GOOD. It evidently is a picture taken DEEP inside Kennedy's cranium, which doesn't leave very much stuff visible OUTSIDE the cranium for proper orientation. And therein lies the big problem with it, IMO. What's UP and what's DOWN? It's hard to tell.


Thank you again David! You are making a lot of balanced sense, like usual!

Keep up all of your wonderful work, my fantastic super talented brilliant dear friend!

With Much Gratitude and Admiration,


Thank you, Michael.

But even though I don't rely on the F-8 autopsy photo to arrive at any of my conclusions about JFK's head wounds, that doesn't mean I am forced to toss my hands in the air and say "It can't be solved". Because there are plenty of other things we can look at to reach a reasonable conclusion as to where President Kennedy's head wounds were located. There are the other autopsy photos (not counting F-8) and the X-rays. Plus the autopsy report itself, which almost all conspiracy theorists seem to want to just completely ignore (or mangle the verbiage within that report).

The autopsy report couldn't be much clearer on two key aspects of the President's wounds---

1.) JFK was shot TWICE and only TWICE.

2.) And JFK was shot only from BEHIND. (With no evidence of any shots from the FRONT striking the President's body anywhere.)

"It is our opinion that the deceased died as a result of two perforating gunshot wounds. .... The projectiles were fired from a point behind and somewhat above the level of the deceased." -- From Page 6 of JFK's Autopsy Report [CE387; WR Page 543]

The above words were endorsed by ALL THREE of the autopsy surgeons. I mean, how much more PROOF do CTers need? That paragraph above when combined with the autopsy pictures and X-rays are just about as ironclad and rock-solid as you can get.

The only way those things wouldn't be "ironclad" would be if all three autopsy doctors were total boobs and/or liars....AND the autopsy photos and X-rays are fakes too. And the HSCA put that notion to rest in 1978 (see 7 HSCA 41 for the verification regarding the photos that almost all CTers also completely ignore or deem invalid for some reason).

Another really nice way to show that the autopsy pictures that we currently have to study on the Internet (the "Fox set") have not been altered or faked in some manner is to compare the photos in stereo pairs (as the HSCA Photographic Panel did).

And John Mytton has created at least two amazing motion GIF clips of JFK's autopsy photos which help to prove that those pictures are not fraudulent. And that's because the different pictures perfectly match each other in STEREO fashion, such as John Mytton's GIF below (and he's got another one which shows two views of the top of JFK's head too, merging together in GIF form perfectly).....

Maybe it's time for conspiracy theorists to stop the "Everything's Been Faked" talk and accept the truth that GIF images like the one shown above amply prove --- President Kennedy was shot once in the head--from behind.


Stop being silly. Everyone has been poisoned by Lifton's theory. It's very easy to see the orientation of Fox 8 once you realize that they had to pull the scalp down over the eyes to remove the brain. I have marked major landmarks for you [in the captions of Tony's "fantasy" version of the F8 photo, seen HERE]. You can also read Dr. Lawrence Angel's report.


Some of Tony Marsh's captions all over the F-8 picture are ludicrous, especially Anthony's utter fantasy of pretending a portion of the picture positively shows an "entrance wound" in the "forehead" of JFK.

That's one of Tony's favorite fantasies, of course, as he puts make-believe "entry" holes in the President's head that NONE of the autopsy doctors saw or mentioned in the autopsy report.

But, as we can easily see, that F-8 close-up picture is one great-big mess. Not good for anything, IMO.


Neither the “autopsy doctors” nor their report mentioned the 7 mm by 10 mm back wound discussed by the medical panels.



As you well know, the "7x10" wound is the exact same bullet hole that the autopsy physicians said was 7x4 millimeters in size. The different panels merely measured it a little differently. The Clark Panel said (with my emphasis):

"The wound with its marginal abrasion measures approximately 7 mm. in width by 10 mm. in length."

But we KNOW that the Clark Panel is talking about the exact same wound that is said to be 7x4 millimeters in the autopsy report, because both the Clark Panel report and the autopsists said that wound was "14 cm. below the mastoid".

So where can you go with the "7 x 10 mm." argument, Herbert? Are you suggesting there was a SECOND bullet hole in Kennedy's back, which also just happened to be located 14 cm. below the mastoid where the 7x4 mm. wound was situated?


The back wound illustrated by Dox with its longer axis nearly perpendicular to the spinal column is not the wound twice described by Humes with its longer axis almost parallel to the same spinal column.

Fox-5 confirms the existence of two objects in separate places on the back with relative dimensions and orientations that match these conflicting descriptions of the back wound.


Total BS, Herb.

JFK had one bullet hole in his upper back and all sensible people know it.

Care to join us in the "sensible" section of the stands?

And I just love Herbert's "Two Back Wounds" theory from another POV, too....because such a theory probably means that Herb now has THREE vanishing, disappearing bullets to account for that hit JFK's upper body but none of them ever exited. Is that right, Herbert?

Or is it your contention that one of the two back wounds was a thru-&-thru wound that exited the throat?


Like it or not, the medical evidence documents and independently discusses two wounds of the back.


I suggest that you grow up and confront this fact.


You've got to be joking, Herbert.

Where is the SECOND bullet hole in Kennedy's shirt?

And where is the SECOND bullet hole in Kennedy's jacket?


Prove that the medical and the clothing evidence are a true pair. Then and only then could you evoke one category of evidence to argue a point pertaining to the other category. This is logic 101.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you address the conflicts in the presented medical evidence. Perhaps you should start with Fox-5 that shows objects matching the differing descriptions of the back wounds.



You're merely playing the silly parlor game that many conspiracy theorists/hobbyists love to play. You seem to think a SECOND bullet hole in John F. Kennedy's back has actually been "documented" and "discussed" in the available assassination literature.

That's an incredible claim, and it's a claim that you surely must KNOW is one that only exists in your own fertile imagination. Because the fact is this (and always has been):

ONE bullet struck JFK in the upper back, striking the President 14 centimeters below the right mastoid process and 14 cm. from the right shoulder joint. That is the ONE and only entry wound in President Kennedy's back documented by ANYONE who was officially connected with ANY investigation into JFK's murder.

You, Herb, are doing exactly what Anthony Marsh is doing--only you're doing it with a make-believe bullet hole in the back of JFK, while Marsh has invented a bullet hole that was never there in the head of the late President.

People like Herbert Blenner and Anthony Marsh and David Lifton are conspiracy theorists of the worst kind. They treat the documented and authenticated evidence as if it were something to be molded and crafted like a lump of clay on a potter's wheel.

Such unsupportable reshaping of the evidence by conspiracists, in conjunction with their complete disregard for the true and verified facts and evidence in the JFK case (such as the authenticated autopsy photographs and X-rays, which verify for all eternity that President Kennedy was struck from behind by exactly two bullets), is deplorable activity that should be denounced and condemned by all reasonable and rational people everywhere.

To toss Herbert's own words back at him -- I suggest that you, Herbert, grow up and confront this fact.

David Von Pein
September 8-9, 2014