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Another point this excellent documentary ["Unsolved History -- JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet"] established beyond any and all doubt is the fact that the bullet that struck Connally's back HAD to have struck something prior to hitting Connally to deflect it in such a manner as to create an elongated (keyhole) entrance wound.


Absolutely. Great point. (A point always ignored, or skewed, by conspiracy theorists, of course.)

And Dr. John K. Lattimer did tests in the 1970s for his book "Kennedy And Lincoln" that even go beyond the 2004 SBT test done by the Discovery Channel for "JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet".

Dr. Lattimer's test proved (via several tests that he performed using a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle) that the Western/Carcano bullet is a very, very stable bullet that will rarely wobble or yaw in flight, UNLESS IT STRIKES AN INTERVENING OBJECT.

Excerpt from John Lattimer's book:

"An oval hole in our simulated back of Connally was caused by our test bullet that had first passed through a simulation of Kennedy's neck, causing that bullet to wobble and start to tumble end over end. Connally's wound of entry was elongated, like the one in the center of [the test] target. The punctate round hole, with black margins, of the type that always occurred when our test bullets struck the Connally target without hitting something else first, can be seen to the right of Connally's outline in the photograph [on Page 265 of "Kennedy And Lincoln"]. These bullets never wobbled or tumbled spontaneously; they were stable in their flight to the target UNLESS THEY HIT SOMETHING ELSE FIRST [DVP's emphasis], such as Kennedy's neck, whereupon they turned almost completely sideways." -- Dr. John K. Lattimer; Page 265 of "Kennedy And Lincoln: Medical And Ballistic Comparisons Of Their Assassinations" [c.1980] (Via a November 1974 article by Dr. Lattimer that appeared in the "Medical Times")

I'd highly recommend both "Beyond The Magic Bullet" and "Kennedy And Lincoln". They both go a long way toward debunking a whole lot of unfounded conspiracy theories relating to the murder of John Kennedy.

David Von Pein
December 14, 2009