If there is a suspicious fire, the kooks would investigate the firemen who respond, and ignore the guy with the wicked grin that smells of gasoline.


Well said, Bud. I love it. (And so very true, too.)

I thought of another pretty fair analogy to use on the conspiracy kooks (like Don "ARCE DID IT" Willis).....

At some point in every crime and at every crime scene, the dust will settle and the truth can almost always be rooted out, with the inconsistencies, irregularities, and initial confusion surrounding the crime scene ironed out relatively quickly into a cohesive and accurate scenario based on the actual, real evidence.

But in the hands of JFK conspiracy-loving kooks, the dust never ever "settles" in Dealey Plaza. The forever-lingering dust in the air above the whole case continues to cloud and obscure the crime scene and all witnesses, participants, and officials....for all time.

If you're a kook like Mr. Willis, who loves to invent new conspiracy-flavored scenarios [like this one] involving a decent-sized number of obviously innocent people (like Danny Arce, Harold Norman, and Bonnie Ray Williams), the murder case of John F. Kennedy is more akin to the board game "Clue".

Just move a few pieces around the part of the board marked "Texas School Book Depository"; and place the murder weapon in a different "room"/(floor); and change the names of the real killers....and
Voila!'ve got a brand-new version of how President Kennedy met his tragic fate on Elm Street.

Kooks like Donald love doing this. Most conspiracy-happy theorists, however, don't go quite as far as Mr. Willis, in that the majority of the CT-Kook population keeps their "Clue" boards and tokens much closer to their vest, which is actually fairly smart on their part, in that they don't have to reveal their unspoken theories to the masses.

Because if they did reveal their detailed "conspiratorial" analysis, a large dose of laughter is surely to follow, for their theories (like Mr. Willis') inevitably are based on their make-believe "Clue" boards, instead of residing within the realm of the actual evidence recovered from the actual crime scenes in Dallas, Texas, in November 1963.

Smoke, mirrors, dust that never settles, and invisible bullets. These are the tricks of the conspiracy kook's trade. And have been for exactly 44 years come 12:30 PM CST this very day.

David Von Pein
November 22, 2007