(PART 1)



Here's something I found rather interesting and quite telling, in a
"non-conspiracy" kind of fashion:

I occasionally go back to my favorite orange-colored paperback edition
of the 888-page Warren Commission Report in order to search for a
quote or to merely refresh my knowledge about certain things regarding
JFK's assassination (things I had possibly forgotten about over the

And when re-examining Page 31 of the WCR, I found this interesting
sentence (which I had read multiple times previously, but had actually
completely forgotten about):

"Kenneth O'Donnell made the final decision to hold the luncheon at
the Trade Mart."
-- WCR; Page 31

Now, at first blush, I suppose the above statement that refers to
trusted and loyal Presidential aide Kenny O'Donnell might not mean too
much to someone who is reading the Warren Report for the first time.

But the more I think about that one simple sentence, it becomes clear
that there could have been no "conspiracy plot" with respect to
President Kennedy's ULTIMATE DESTINATION ON NOVEMBER 22, 1963,
which was the Dallas Trade Mart.

Or do some conspiracy buffs actually want to point an accusing finger
of conspiratorial guilt at Kenny O'Donnell, who was one of the top
aides on JFK's staff and a very good friend of John F. Kennedy's?

Now, I've read about a lot of different kinds of conspiracy theories --
e.g., "The Mob did it", "Castro did it", "The CIA did it", "The Secret
Service was involved", "The FBI and Dallas Police were involved", "LBJ
had JFK killed", etc.

But I don't think I've ever heard a theory that has members deep
within John F. Kennedy's "inner circle" (so to speak) being involved
in a plot to kill their boss and very good friend, which would include
JFK top aides like O'Donnell, Dave Powers, Larry O'Brien, Ted Sorensen,
and McGeorge Bundy, among other aides and cabinet members.

And since the Dallas motorcade route (which ultimately took JFK right
past Lee Harvey Oswald and the Texas School Book Depository on Elm
Street) was contingent, naturally, on WHERE the luncheon was going to
be held on November 22, 1963....this means, in effect, that Ken O'Donnell
was the FINAL WORD with respect to what would end up being a
motorcade route that had to take the President to the Trade Mart, a
location that O'Donnell put the final stamp of approval on (and, obviously,
a location he could also have nixed, if he so desired; there were two other
potential luncheon locations being considered prior to O'Donnell approving
the Trade Mart on November 13 or 14).

Almost every time I read portions of the excellent Warren Report, I
find something in there that forces me to say to myself -- "Gee, I
wonder how in the world THAT could be possible if JFK had really been
killed as a result of a vast conspiracy of some sort?"

There are many small examples just like that O'Donnell one I pointed
out above -- i.e., innocent things that all led to the President being
where he was at 12:30 PM on 11/22/63, and additional pieces of pure
coincidence and happenstance that allowed Lee Harvey Oswald to be in
the position he was in at 12:30 PM on that same November day, which
allowed Oswald to pull off this crime in total solitude on the sixth
floor of his workplace with his own cheap Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.

The assassination was an act of madness....to be sure. But it was also
the act of pure garden-variety happenstance in just about every single
aspect that I can think of.

To believe otherwise is to believe in a sordid Oliver Stone-like morass
of conspiracy complications and constructs that would have certainly
involved not just a FEW select people (given the logistics, the guns,
the shells, the bullets, the body of JFK, the witnesses, and a massive
cover-up that would have HAD to involve literally HUNDREDS of people).

In short -- it was a RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME situation for Lee
Harvey Oswald that enabled him to kill the President.

And it was just the opposite for the unfortunate victim -- as JFK most
certainly just happened to be in the WRONG place at the WRONG time on
Elm Street -- and under sunny skies after a rainy morning too, which
is yet another totally random and completely uncontrollable factor
that also falls under the headings of pure happenstance and luck for
assassin Lee Oswald, in that the bubbletop roof was not in place on the
President's limousine at the critical time of 12:30 PM on November 22.

HAPPENSTANCE, not CONSPIRACY, led to the death of President John F.

And happenstance cannot be controlled. Even if Oliver Stone, Jim Garrison,
and Mark Lane think it can be.

David Von Pein
April 2007