(PART 3)

Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Oswald--alone--murdered the President in 1963. Period. And no amount of conspiracy-promoting cries from the conspiracy theorists [CTers] will change the irreversible facts which indicate that Lee Harvey Oswald, beyond all reasonable doubt, was guilty of two murders on November 22, 1963 (he killed both JFK and Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit).

Even though the evidence is massive in scope that Oswald committed both of these murders in Dallas, Texas, there are many people who would like nothing better than to see Lee Oswald's name completely cleared when it comes to these first-degree murder charges.

That kind of mindset is particularly alien to me when it comes to the J.D. Tippit crime -- a cold-blooded killing on Tenth Street in Dallas that occurred a mere 45 minutes after President Kennedy was gunned down on Elm Street (with JFK being killed right in front of Oswald's place of employment while a man who looked exactly like Lee Harvey was seen aiming a rifle at the President's car during the shooting).

The evidence of Oswald's guilt in Tippit's murder is absolutely undeniable. And it's totally unconscionable to me why so many conspiracy theorists want to give Oswald a "free murder" card for the Tippit slaying as well. Utterly ridiculous.

I also believe that many of the conspiracy theorists often underestimate the degree of difficulty regarding the "planting" issue in the JFK case (with this degree of difficulty ratcheted up by several more notches with respect to the Tippit murder specifically).

Sure, I guess it's POSSIBLE that someone COULD have planted the rifle where it was found, and the three bullet shells beneath the sniper's window. But you've got to have more than just your own BELIEF that things were planted to prove that they were.

Plus: When you start adding up all of the various things that needed to be "planted", then I'd definitely say it would have been a difficult chore to pull off -- especially when we factor in the non-Texas School Book Depository "planted" items as well -- i.e. Bullet CE399 at Parkland Hospital .... plus the two bullet fragments from Oswald's rifle found in the limousine .... plus (per some CTers) the "Backyard Photos" that were found in the Paine garage -- with multiple hunks of shiftiness going on regarding those pictures too -- including: sneaking into Oswald's Neely St. backyard to fake the pics, using a person who perfectly fits Oswald's description, physically-speaking, and then stealing Oswald's Carcano rifle to pose with -- and then the returning of the stolen rifle back to the place from whence it was swiped -- and then the sneaking into the Paine garage at just the right moment prior to the assassination to plant the fake photos. Whew! What a project to accomplish something that PROVES NOTHING with regard to who shot JFK, and was totally unnecessary even from the POV of the patsy-framing conspirators.

And then (we're not nearly done with the "planting" project yet, so hold on to your hats).....

There's the "planting" of the paper bag in the Sniper's Nest on the 6th Floor of the Book Depository, with Lee Oswald's prints in just the right places, matching exactly how he would have carried the "curtain rod" package according to Wesley Frazier's testimony.

How did they manage that perfect fingerprint placement on that bag anyway? Boy, these plotters must have been good -- but not good enough, evidently, to avoid FIVE MISSES out of TEN SHOTS FIRED, per the theory of author and noted JFK assassination expert Robert J. Groden.

And then.....

There's the "planting" of Oswald's palmprint on the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. (Per many conspiracy kooks, this was done in the morgue after Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby.)

And, of course, the "planting" of the three bullet shells, as I said, in the TSBD window.

And, of course, we'll need a perfect Oswald look-alike to pose in the window, either just pretending to shoot a rifle (per the beliefs of some CTers), or actually a good enough Oswald look-alike marksman to get the job done and really take a shot or two at the President below -- although Groden thinks it's likely that NO SHOTS came from that "Oswald" window at all. Can you beat THAT for nonsense?

And then.....

We've got the Tippit mess over on Tenth Street. Now we've got to "plant" some more stuff and get either the same Oswald look-alike to kill Dallas Patrolman J.D. Tippit or get another LHO double from our assassin's file of hired killers, who must be Oswald's identical twin, to pull off yet another frame-up job against this poor defenseless schnook named Lee Harvey Oswald.

We've got to "plant" the four bullet shells at the Tippit crime scene (that we somehow were able to take from Oswald's own gun sometime prior to November 22nd; maybe we'll get these shells at the same time we break into his house on Neely Street when we have to steal the rifle too). It's either that or, miraculously, we have to get Oswald, THE SAME MAN WE'RE FRAMING FOR TWO MURDERS, to be nice enough to hand over his own gun to one of our assassins so that our Oswald imposter can use it to kill Tippit.

And then.....

We've got to get Oswald to agree, without a peep or a whine out of him, to TAKE BACK his gun and IMPLICATE HIMSELF WITH IT in the Texas Theater just after he DOESN'T shoot Officer Tippit with it.

A tough road to hoe, but these plotters are up to anything it would appear.

Then we've got to get Oswald to be near the Tippit murder scene...and then shed a piece of clothing in false flight along Jefferson Boulevard (a jacket, let's say).

And then we've got to get Oswald to go along with the plan some more (hopefully he won't mind TOO much) --- We've got to get him to ACT LIKE A SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER and act like he's avoiding the police twenty or so minutes after he DOESN'T have ANY reason to do so, because he never did ANYTHING wrong at all. But he's a nice guy. He'll humor us, don't you think?


We should ask Oswald to make a strange statement within the theater (a theater that he goes into because we asked him to, and without buying a ticket, making it look even better for us) -- something along the lines of "This is it!" or maybe "It's all over now!" -- something like that. To make it sound kind of like "the jig's up", you know.

And then.....

We should get Oswald to attempt to kill a cop within the movie theater. I don't think he'll mind that, do you? Might as well go whole hog.

Oh, yes, to backtrack a minute --- Before leaving the Depository after NOT killing JFK, we should make sure Oswald high-tails it away from work right away, making him look more suspicious in the eyes of the law. And we should get him to make up some silly excuse about why he left work early, making an even better case for us crackerjack patsy-plotters.

Okay, then we'll need to bribe some witnesses. We'll get Howard Brennan for the Kennedy job....and then we'll get about 13 witnesses to say they saw Oswald, alone, kill Officer Tippit or saw Oswald flee the murder scene on foot immediately after Tippit was felled by the bullets which were fired by someone else. That oughta be enough.

You don't think those 13 ordinary Dallas citizens (who have no real reason to tell a deliberate lie and frame a person for murder that they've never seen before in their lives) will mind being used in this deceptive fashion, do you? Nah. They'll gladly play along with our scheme. No sweat.

And, one last item.....

After he's arrested and charged with two murders he knows he didn't commit, we should get Oswald to LIE REPEATEDLY ABOUT MAJOR, SUBSTANTIVE ISSUES -- e.g., we'll get him (somehow) to tell the cops that he never owned a rifle in his life. And we'll also get our patsy to say that he didn't carry any package into the TSBD on November 22. And we'll also get him to tell the whopper about never having heard the name A.J. Hidell before. And some more lies we'll think up later.

Think Lee will mind?

David Von Pein
October 2006