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Jim DiEugenio]: PART 7"
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The following gems are among the batch of James DiEugenio's featherbrained conspiracy nonsense that is on tap in Part 7 of this series:

1.) Dallas Police Captain J. Will Fritz acting strangely in the DPD
basement on 11/24/63 as Lee Oswald was being killed by Jack Ruby,
including the possibility of Fritz giving "hand signals" to initiate
Ruby's murderous actions. (Is there no theory too ridiculous for some
conspiracy theorists? Evidently not.)

2.) The cloud of blood and debris coming out of President Kennedy's
head that is seen in the Zapruder Film looks "really weird" to Jimmy

3.) Jim D. thinks Ruth and Michael Paine were "up to their neck" in
something shady when it comes to JFK's assassination. (No surprise
here, though, since almost everybody is a "suspect" in this case to
people like DiEugenio -- except Lee H. Oswald, of course.)

4.) 19-year-old TSBD stock boy Wesley Frazier is once again accused of
being a liar. Apparently the Dallas police forced Wesley to invent the
"paper bag" and "curtain rod" stories. Of course, DiEugenio also has
to accuse the DPD of coercing Linnie Mae Randle into inventing a
"paper bag" tale too. But it doesn't seem to matter how many people
Jim needs to call liars, he's willing to do it in order to take that
paper bag out of Lee Harvey Oswald's hands. Of course, Jim has
forgotten one very important thing. Check out my Part 7 video above
and see.

5.) The "horn-honking" in the DPD basement just before Oswald was
murdered is treated as being very, very suspicious by Mr. DiEugenio.
And when this item is coupled with #1 above [re: the supposedly odd
behavior of Captain Fritz], we've got the makings of another lengthy
from the desk of Jimmy D.

6.) DiEugenio boldly declares "I don't believe Oswald shot Tippit",
providing a healthy laugh for every reasonable person who was
listening to the January 14, 2010, "Black Op Radio" broadcast when
James chose to utter such an absurd comment.

7.) DiEugenio hints that Texas Governor John Connally wasn't hit in
the wrist until sometime AFTER frame #274 of the Zapruder Film. (As
you might have suspected by this time, Jim is bonkers.)

8.) Jim thinks the film that was shot by the unknown "Babushka Lady"
was "confiscated" by somebody (as part of a plot to kill the President
and/or cover up the murder). As I said, Jim D. is bonkers.

Those are some of the highlights of DiEugenio's conspiracy-flavored
silliness that can be found in Part 7 of "BATTLING A JFK CONSPIRACY
KOOK" -- available now on "The DVP Channel".

David Von Pein
January 2010