I saw a post at The Education Forum on July 12, 2010, and wanted to share a portion of its inane craziness and pot/kettle-ism with other readers. Quoting Lee Farley:

"You see, what a “Lone Assassin” mind does is it fixates on the individual details. Each one must be looked at in isolation to all others. If one sticks to this formula then one cannot form patterns within the evidence or become concerned with the connections that would be formed if the formula was dispensed with.


"You see, the “whole” doesn’t matter to a “Lone Nut.” They are only interested in the “bits.” The “whole” frightens them. It creates a world where the illusion of “democracy” becomes threatened, where our institutions cannot be trusted, and demonstrates that we live in a world that “is”, and it is kept “as is” for the benefit of a small minority of people. John Kennedy was looking for what the world “could be” rather than “what was”, however one must not spend too long looking at the politics of the man whose death we all debate."

-- Lee Farley; July 2010

[End Kook Quote.]


Lee Farley must surely be kidding (or maybe he was sniffing something funny when he wrote the above message).

But, alas, I fear he did not have his tongue rooted in his cheek when he said: "You see, the “whole” doesn’t matter to a “Lone Nut.”"

Incredible, isn't it?

The truth is, of course, that the people who believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy are nearly ALWAYS looking at the "whole" as far as the evidence in the JFK case is concerned. I sure do anyway.

The truth that the conspiracy fantasists refuse to face is still the raw and unvarnished truth nonetheless....and that truth is: Based on the totality of the evidence in the JFK and Tippit murder cases (i.e., based on that "whole" that Lee Farley thinks LNers have ignored), it would be virtually impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to be innocent.

It's the conspiracy theorists who choose to "isolate" the "bits" and forever keep those pieces of isolated evidence AWAY from the "whole".

CTers perform this "isolation" trick all the time, and particularly the "Anybody But Oswald" kooks who want to pretend that LHO never fired a shot at ANYBODY on November 22, 1963.

I can provide many examples of CTers doing that very thing. Take all of the various pieces of ballistics evidence connected with JFK's assassination, for instance:

1.) There's the rifle (which was OSWALD'S, of course).

2.) There are the three bullet shells beneath the Sniper's-Nest window (which were fired in OSWALD'S rifle, of course).

3.) There is CE399 (which was fired in OSWALD'S rifle, too). And, whether any conspiracy theorists like it or not, that exact bullet--Commission Exhibit 399--was deemed by both the Warren Commission and the HSCA to be THE bullet that passed through both JFK and Governor Connally in Dealey Plaza.

4.) There are the two front-seat bullet fragments (which also came out of OSWALD'S rifle).

The above batch of physical evidence (which ALL points straight to OSWALD'S Mannlicher-Carcano rifle) was found in THREE separate locations too! Three different places -- The Book Depository, Parkland Hospital, and the President's limousine!

But what do conspiracy theorists do with this very incriminating evidence against OSWALD? They choose to "isolate" the "bits" (to use Lee Farley's words), and they take each isolated part away from the "whole" and attempt to discredit each "bit" individually.

And in the case of my #2 item listed above--the bullet shells in the TSBD--the conspiracy kooks go one step further in their "isolation" of that ballistics evidence -- they focus on only ONE of the three bullet shell casings and attempt to discredit it alone, via the oddball argument that it couldn't possibly have really been fired in Oswald's rifle on the day of the assassination, due to that "dented lip" on the cartridge case (which is just a flat-out lie, of course; tests have been done with Carcano rifles that prove that a cartridge can, indeed, get dented upon ejection from the rifle's chamber after a live round has been fired).

But the other two shells--also fired from OSWALD'S rifle--don't have a dented lip, so the CTers can't utilize that same poor argument about the other two shells being "fakes".

So, the CTers in the "Anybody But Oswald" club will just throw their "It's All Planted" blanket over ALL THREE shells, and they'll pretend that the Dallas Police Department was up to no good on the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building (even though the cops allowed a TV cameraman to FILM THEIR ACTIVITY while they were supposedly fiddling around with the evidence). Brilliant plan there.

And CTers do the very same thing with the ballistics evidence in the Tippit case too. They love to harp on the two "Poe" bullet shells, all the while totally ignoring the fact that TWO OTHER SHELLS FROM OSWALD'S REVOLVER were also found at the SAME MURDER SCENE on Tenth Street in Oak Cliff.

And those other two shells that positively came out of Oswald's gun (the same gun LHO had on him when he was arrested 35 minutes after shooting J.D. Tippit) were picked up by TWO additional civilian witnesses--Barbara Davis and Virginia Davis.

And I've yet to hear any conspiracy promoter argue that the two Davis shells were "planted" or are otherwise tainted evidence in the case against Oswald.

But since the conspiracy kooks can argue about Officer Poe's initials not being on the two bullet shells that were found by Domingo Benavides (who is yet another civilian witness who saw Tippit's killer dumping empty shell casings from his gun), those same kooks think they have somehow proven that the OTHER two "Davis" shells from Oswald's gun are fake or planted shells too.

But since all reasonable people know that there was only ONE gunman dumping shells out of ONE gun on Tenth Street just after Officer Tippit was shot, this fact MUST mean that ANY AND ALL bullet shells that littered the corner of 10th & Patton on 11/22/63 had to have been left there by someone who was carrying Lee Harvey Oswald's Smith & Wesson revolver.

And who was the person who had that very gun in his possession just 35 minutes after Tippit was killed?

Answer -- Every kook's favorite patsy: Lee H. Oswald.

The above is an example of how a reasonable person puts the "whole" together in this case. But conspiracy theorists who are bent on ignoring the "whole" proceed to do the things I described above--they nitpick the Poe shells and refuse to admit that the only person on Planet Earth who could possibly have murdered Officer J.D. Tippit, based on that "whole", is Lee Harvey Oswald.

And CTers never present a "whole" that makes any sense at all from their conspiracy point-of-view. In fact, that's one of the biggest problems with JFK conspiracy theorists. And I've said that very thing in several of my Internet messages on the subject over the years, like the ones highlighted below:

"Every single discrepancy in the case, and every gaffe made by the Dallas Police or the FBI (and there were some mistakes, as can be expected in any criminal case), have been blown up by CTers to Herculean importance and isolated from the "whole" of the JFK case in an attempt to prove that somebody else besides Oswald committed the two murders that LHO was charged with on November 22nd. (Although, implacably, the identity of this "somebody else" is never, ever revealed by conspiracists. We're just supposed to take it on "faith", I guess, that there was "somebody else", despite a complete lack of physical evidence to bolster such "somebody else" allegations.)

And by isolating those individual items that CTers claim don't add up to LHO's guilt, the theorists have succeeded in some circles in turning a relatively-simple murder case (two cases including Tippit's, which is and was a no-brainer in favor of Oswald's guilt from Day 1) into a convoluted, complicated case of massive conspiratorial proportions, with Oswald not only being innocent of BOTH murders -- but with many CTers also wishing to absolve Lee Oswald of ALL connection with even the massive "plot" they advocate. Totally and outrageously ridiculous.

A few examples of what I'm talking about -- re: the "isolation" of certain evidence that makes CTers scream "frame up" and "conspiracy", etc.----

The Tippit murder weapon being identified initially as an "automatic" weapon, instead of what it turned out to be -- Oswald's non-automatic revolver.

The rifle in the TSBD being innocently mis-labelled a "Mauser" initially by police, instead of what we later know it really was -- Oswald's "Carcano".

The ONE single witness at the Tippit scene who said she saw two men involved in the shooting of Officer Tippit -- instead of what we later KNOW occurred: Oswald, ALONE, was at the scene of the murder, per the multiple witnesses who do not back up Acquilla Clemmons' claim of two killers.

JFK's head moving violently backward after the fatal head shot -- which is probably the single biggest example of "isolating" a particular item in the case which has CT promoters telling us that it "proves conspiracy", instead of examining ALL the possibilities of why JFK's head did what it did on November 22 -- with a PROVEN possibility being: a head can go backward, toward the source of the gunfire, when shot from behind. That fact has been proven by people WAY more qualified than I (or the CTers) to make such an assessment. But staunch theorists in the popular "It Couldn't Have Been Oswald" club stand firm by their "I just don't believe it" stance.

Oswald's not being out of breath or excited when confronted by Officer Baker in the lunch room after the shooting. This, to many CTers, is somehow virtual PROOF that Oswald was innocent. IMO, the CTers who espouse that belief just aren't looking at the situation in the proper context and light. For, if Oswald had just shot the President on the 6th Floor, he would have no doubt somewhat EXPECTED the building to be crawling with cops a very short time after the shots rang out. ....

See what I mean about isolating certain things and removing them from the bigger picture? The CTers are experts at doing this and then attaching the word "conspiracy" around each item as if that single item itself proves the whole "CT case". Well, it does not." -- DVP; February 2006


"The Rabid Kooks will continue to isolate the evidence and then hold up each "isolated" piece and shout "Look! Here's proof of conspiracy!", without placing that piece back into the TOTALITY of the overall evidence in the case (in order to figure out if this isolated hunk of data really DOES, in fact, point away from Oswald's lone guilt).

Several recent "isolation" examples have been demonstrated by crazy CT-Kooks. Such as (but certainly not limited to the following):

The "Irving Sports Shop" controversy. Did LHO have some repair work done on his rifle (C2766)? Or was it part of the grand "plot" to set him up as the "Patsy"? .... Bud provided various reasonable examples of why the CT-Kooks have totally misinterpreted the Sports Shop incident. But the kooks fail to re-assess that incident. They, instead, will INSIST it was an act of "conspiracy". ....

Howard Brennan's testimony, which has been dissected to totally-ludicrous levels of craziness by some CT-Kooks. The kooks will "isolate" things within Brennan's testimony, and will single these things out as being that ever-desired "proof of conspiracy" in JFK's murder. And such isolation regarding Brennan's remarks is just plain screwy -- esp. when it comes to the kooks who wish to tear down Brennan's physical description of the sixth-floor assassin, which was a description that comes remarkably close, indeed, to matching Lee Oswald---"A [white] man in his early thirties, fair complexion, slender but neat, neat slender, possibly 5-foot-10, 160 to 170 pounds." -- Howard L. Brennan

That description, when taken as a "general" witness observation, certainly does NOT exclude Lee Harvey Oswald. In fact, it "fits" Lee Harvey Oswald pretty darn nicely in most crucial respects -- e.g., Oswald was "slender"; Oswald was a "white man"; Oswald did have a "fair complexion"; Oswald was 5'9" (Brennan was a mere one inch off there); Oswald weighed an "estimated 150 pounds" (per his autopsy report). So Brennan was only ten pounds off on his weight estimate of the assassin. .....

But the kooks will isolate the "early 30s" reference, or the "170 pounds" remark, and attempt to make it appear that Mr. Brennan could not POSSIBLY have been looking at Lee Oswald for those few fleeting moments on 11/22/63." -- DVP; August 2006


"JFK's head could have performed a Linda Blair imitation and spun around thirteen times after the bullet hit him, and it still wouldn't have altered the verifiable entry and exit wounds on his head that were discovered at the President's autopsy.

But CTers love to isolate the "Back And To The Left" motion of JFK's head, instead of looking at the autopsy photos and autopsy report which verify that JUST ONE BULLET hit Kennedy in the head. And that one bullet positively came from behind." -- DVP; December 2006


"The plain truth of the matter is that ANY kook can easily pick apart the Warren Report (they've had ample time, and desire, to do this of course) and then isolate some things that (on the surface) appear to lead down Conspiracy Avenue.

But what these CTers fail to EVER do is place those isolated items back into a COHESIVE WHOLE that adds up to a logical and reasonable...conspiracy plot to kill JFK.

Have we EVER seen such a COHESIVE WHOLE from the CTers? Ever? I sure haven't. Their theories are scattershot and piecemeal (at best); and utterly laughable (at worst)." -- DVP; February 2007


In summary:

For Lee Farley to actually suggest that it's the "lone nutters" who "isolate" the "bits" and never look at the "whole" is just mind-bogglingly farcical on his part. But, as usual, it's yet another instance where a conspiracy theorist has been caught changing day into night and the truth into silliness.

But, that's just par for the course for a JFK conspiracy nut, I guess.

David Von Pein
July 12, 2010