I would think anything really pointing to the truth was destroyed...kind of like Hosty's note.


So, you think Lee Oswald waltzed into the Dallas FBI office and handed
somebody a note that said something along these lines:

My co-conspirators and I are going to murder the President on
Nov. 22. I'm writing this note just to give you FBI guys a heads-up on
the planned assassination. After all, fair is fair. Best regards to J.
Edgar. Signed, Lee Harvey Oswald (aka: A.J. Hidell)
[The actual note
from November 1963 was unsigned, however.]

In other words---

Since every reasonable person knows beyond any doubt that Lee Oswald
HIMSELF was responsible for putting two bullets into President Kennedy's
body on 11/22/63, what could have POSSIBLY been in that note (that Oswald
HIMSELF wrote) that would have had anything whatsoever to do with
the assassination of JFK?

Conspiracy theorists who think the "Hosty note" had anything whatever
to do with the actual assassination just aren't using their heads (or
common sense).

According to Hosty, the note consisted of a rant by Oswald against the
FBI (and James Hosty in particular). Oswald was angry at Hosty for
"harassing" his wife, Marina. Here's what Hosty claimed the note, in
effect, said:

"If you want to talk to me, you should talk to me to my face. Stop harassing my wife, and stop trying to ask her about me. You have no right to harass her."

The above quote comes directly from James P. Hosty Jr., via his book
"Assignment: Oswald", pages 20 and 21. Also see THIS WEBPAGE.

Following the assassination, Gordon Shanklin ordered Hosty to destroy
the note simply as a CYA measure. Shanklin didn't want J. Edgar Hoover
to find out that Oswald had written such a hostile note to the FBI.
The Dallas FBI boys were worried about a backlash from Hoover. Nothing
more. (IMO.)

And James Hosty painted that exact scenario in July 1986 when he
testified during the television docu-trial "On Trial: Lee Harvey
Oswald" [see video below].

Also consider this -- The fact that Oswald, approximately ten days
before he shot and killed the President of the United States, marched
into the FBI office in Dallas to raise a fuss about Hosty "harassing"
his wife is very strong circumstantial evidence that there was NO PLOT
brewing at that point in time in mid-November of 1963 to assassinate
JFK (by Oswald alone or by Oswald as part of any kind of conspiracy
with other people).


Because it's logical to think that if Oswald had already formulated
his plan to murder the President as of approximately November 12th,
one of the VERY LAST places in the world he would have wanted to go at
that time would be into the offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

And Oswald certainly would not want to draw any potential additional
attention to himself in the days leading up to the assassination by
demanding to speak to an agent of the FBI and by leaving hostile notes
at the Dallas FBI office. That's just nuts if Oswald had already
planned to commit the murder as of mid-November '63.

So, the "Hosty note" incident really leads far AWAY from the notion of
a pre-planned-well-in-advance "conspiracy" to assassinate President
Kennedy from all points-of-view. (Unless some conspiracy theorists
want to embrace the ultra-silly ramblings of Judyth Vary Baker, who
likes to pretend that Lee Oswald was desperately attempting to "save
the President" from his ultimate fate in the days leading up to
November 22nd. But no sensible mind would want to travel down
Judyth's fairy-tale path.)

David Von Pein
July 31, 2009