(PART 29)


>>> "It isn't a requirement that CTer theories make sense. Besides the conspiracy's magical ability to make anyone at any time say or do anything it requires, it is also incredibly lucky, in that it has Oswald visit the two lunchrooms at lunchtime and get no alibi witness. And of course this omnipotent conspiracy always opts to do things the hard way: they elaborately kill Kennedy instead of torpedoing his presidency with scandal. They let Oswald run loose after the murder, and allow him to talk afterwards instead of killing him at the scene of the crime." <<<


And, of course, those are some of the main reasons we can know that
there was no conspiracy surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald's actions and
movements on 11/22/63.

Because in order for any kind of "Oswald Was Framed In Advance"
conspiracy to be true, the types of things Bud was talking about above
would have to actually be considered PRE-PLANNED EVENTS on the part of
the plotters who were supposedly framing Oswald (and for TWO murders
too, seeing as how most of the kooks in this acj place seem to want to
believe that LHO didn't point a gun at Officer Tippit either).

IOW -- The conspirators actually WANTED Oswald to leave the building
(which would mean he could have gone ANYWHERE he wanted to go after
the assassination, to a certain extent anyway, within the parameters
of LHO not having a car of his own, of course).

And if we're to believe people like Oliver Stone, Jim Garrison, and
(more recently) Jim DiEugenio, the conspirators who were setting up
Oswald apparently had no qualms whatsoever about allowing their patsy
to roam around free on the lower floors of the Book Depository right
around the time of the assassination, when the plotters SHOULD, of
course, have had a tight leash around their patsy's neck and should
have made sure he was UPSTAIRS on the sixth floor both at 12:30 and a
few minutes before 12:30.

But if we're to believe conspiracy theorists like Stone, Garrison, and
DiEugenio (among many others in the "Anybody But Oswald" fraternity),
Lee Harvey Oswald was being SET UP WELL IN ADVANCE OF KENNEDY'S
ASSASSINATION, and yet those conspiracy theorists still think that
Oswald was allowed to wander around on the first and second floors of
the TSBD at the time of the shooting. DiEugenio, for example, said
this recently (in Part 5b of his Bugliosi book review):

"Kennedy is murdered at 12:30 PM. Oswald is almost undoubtedly on the first floor at the time." -- J. DiEugenio

But even though DiEugenio believes that Oswald was five floors away
from the place where his patsy-framers were attempting to frame him at
the time of the assassination, it's readily apparent from reading
other portions of his theory that DiEugenio ALSO thinks Oswald was
being framed way, way in advance of November 22, 1963, such as the
following examples laid out by DiEugenio in his Bugliosi book review:

"There were two other pieces of physical evidence used to frame Oswald in the [General Edwin] Walker shooting. One consisted of five photographs of Walker's house. The second was an undated handwritten note allegedly left for Marina by Lee in Russian, which ominously concludes he may be in jail and how to find him there. One problem with the note is that it did not have Oswald's latent fingerprints on it. ....

"Question: How can you possibly write a note that fills up almost one side of a sheet of paper and not get your fingerprints on it? The problem with the pictures and the note is that they both surfaced after the assassination via Ruth Paine. The photos were found in her garage and the latter was found in a book turned over by her to the Irving Police on November 30th. .... The latter is quite interesting of course since several Dallas Police searched the Paine residence for two days for evidence immediately after the assassination. Somehow they failed to find the note."

[DVP INTERJECTION -- DiEugenio apparently wants to completely ignore
the fact that the note with instructions to Marina was written in Lee
Oswald's very own handwriting (see Warren Report, Page 184). The "no
fingerprints on the note" dodge is just another feeble attempt by a
conspiracy theorist to avoid the obvious--in this instance the
"obvious" being: Oswald took a shot at Major General Edwin A. Walker
on 4/10/63 and wrote a note to Marina telling her what to do if he was
captured or killed while attempting to murder Walker.]

[Back to DiEugenio now:]

"[Lee] Oswald returns from Russia to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Local CIA station chief J. Walton Moore asks George DeMohrenschildt to befriend him. The Baron and his wife begin to file derogatory reports on Oswald with military intelligence. .... DeMohrenschildt introduces the Marxist Oswald to the conservative White Russian community. But more importantly he introduces the Oswalds to Ruth and Michael Paine. ....

"Oswald is next seen in the Clinton-Jackson area about ninety minutes north of New Orleans. Told to continue his Marxist smear tactics against CORE, he is also advised by [David] Ferrie and Clay Shaw to put in an application at the Jackson State hospital. This part of the plot goes awry since no one anticipated the size of the voter registration drive. ....

"On November 23rd, not realizing his small role in the plot, Shaw/Bertrand calls Dean Andrews to go to Dallas to defend Oswald. Also on that day, the CIA sends information to LBJ that Oswald was meeting in Mexico City with the head of KGB assassination plots in the Western Hemisphere. This information freezes any real investigation of Oswald since it may lead to World War III. That night, Oswald tries to make a phone call to Raleigh, North Carolina to a man named John Hurt, a former military intelligence officer. The call is deliberately not put through by the Secret Service. The next day, Jack Ruby murders Oswald. ....

"Frightened by Johnson's warning to Earl Warren about World War III, the Commission does not do any real investigation. Ruth and Michael Paine, along with an intimidated Marina Oswald, become the chief witnesses against Oswald. It is Ruth who eventually produces the Imperial Reflex camera allegedly used to take photos of the Walker house and the backyard photos of Oswald by Marina. This camera was not found by the Dallas Police in either of their two searches of the Paine residence. And none of the cameras they did find that day could have taken the photos. Further, the Imperial is a camera that Marina did not know how to operate.

"Ruth and Michael also helped make Oswald's Minox spy camera disappear, by claiming it was theirs. It was Ruth Paine who first found a book with a note by Oswald (without his fingerprints on it) describing what Marina should do if he gets in trouble with the law. Ruth surfaced this on November 30th, one day after the first report that Oswald may have been involved in the Walker shooting.

"This plot outline is pretty much demonstrable today. And it is not that difficult to comprehend. Which is why Bugliosi does everything he can to obfuscate it. Jim Garrison was responsible for unearthing much of this evidence. And if he did not unearth it, he sure did point us in the right direction e.g. Ruth Paine, George DeMohrenschildt. For that he was, as Charles S. Pierce wrote, hunted by a pack of wolves. And then Harry Connick tried to destroy his evidence left behind. But Garrison's contributions were so large that they can never be diminished. And the harder he tries to do so, the worse Bugliosi looks. Until by the end, he strongly resembles a guy he says he doesn't want to resemble: Gerald Posner." -- Jim DiEugenio



But, incredibly, per DiEugenio, all of this PRE-PLANNING to have
Oswald take the fall for JFK's murder evidently isn't inconsistent in
the slightest degree with Jim's additional belief that has Oswald
eating lunch on the first floor of the TSBD at 12:30 PM on November
22, instead of the plotters arranging for Oswald to be present on (or
at least NEAR) the Floor Of Death at the time when the patsy-framers
desperately needed him on that sixth floor in order to set him up for
the crime.

Most conspiracy theorists, DiEugenio included, are loaded with theories
about how Oswald was merely an innocent patsy. But upon close scrutiny
(or even semi-close examination) virtually every one of those theories
gets lost in a maze of contradictions and, more importantly, a complete
LACK OF LOGIC from nearly every viewpoint.

A classic example of such illogic being:

Why on Earth would anyone wanting to frame ONLY OSWALD want to shoot
President Kennedy from a location in Dealey Plaza that would ensure the
complete failure of any such one-patsy plot?

To date, I've yet to hear a reasonable answer to the above question
from any conspiracy theorist.

And then there's the illogic (or maybe the conspiracy theorists like
Mr. DiEugenio simply chalk this one up to INCREDIBLY GOOD LUCK) that
exists within another critical part of the half-baked theories that
CTers enjoy talking about all the time -- the illogic or monumental
LUCK of the U.S. Government having the desire after the assassination
to FRAME THE VERY SAME GUY that a bunch of other people were trying to
also frame BEFORE the assassination!

Even James DiEugenio surely must admit that a scenario like that is a
tad bit unusual and unlikely. Per the late Jim Garrison and his
supporters, Oswald was being "sheep-dipped" well in advance of
November 22; and then, AFTER the assassination, a whole bunch of
different people within the U.S. Government ALSO wanted to make it
look like only Oswald was responsible for JFK's death.

Can't any conspiracy promoter see how crazy such "Plotter/Government"
like-mindedness really is?

And if we were to actually believe conspiracy nuts like Garrison, et
al, this like-mindedness in wanting to pin the whole thing on an
INNOCENT Oswald has pretty much been universal at virtually all levels
of Government and law enforcement and officialdom, beginning with
JFK's autopsy on the night of the assassination.

And then there's the FBI and the Dallas Police, which are two
organizations that many CTers think were framing LHO. And then along
comes the Warren Commission's so-called "whitewash job" in 1964.

And then the lies evidently continued with the Clark Panel in 1968,
and then the "cover-up" is passed on to the Rockefeller Commission
boys in 1975, and then it's handed down to the HSCA in the late 1970s
(at least as far as the HSCA's conclusion of Oswald being the ONLY
shooter who hit any of the limousine victims with any bullets).

Here's another DiEugenio gem:

"At Bethesda, the military severely curtails the autopsy so that no one will ever know the true circumstances of how Kennedy was killed. Also, the FBI switches the bullet found at Parkland Hospital to fit the second rifle found at the TSBD, a Mannlicher Carcano." -- J.D.

So, according to many CTers, we have Ruth Paine, Michael Paine, George
DeMohrenschildt, the DPD, the FBI, the "military" at the autopsy, the WC,
the HSCA, and many others not named here involved in either framing Lee
Oswald in advance or covering up the true facts of JFK's murder afterward.

And just think -- conspiracy theorists actually think it's REASONABLE
to believe junk like that.

As Bud said --- "It isn't a requirement that CTer theories make sense."

Thank heavens I wasn't born with a "conspiracy" gene.

David Von Pein
January 2010