CONSPIRACY THEORIST/KOOK [CTer] --- [Vincent] Bugliosi is a shyster who always tries to make a buck by writing a book whenever a controversial subject like the OJ Simpson case or the 2000 election comes around. Now he is just looking to make a buck on the Kennedy assassination at the expense of desperate lone nutters like you, who are desperately looking for some kind of alternative to Oliver Stone's classic movie. Good luck!

DAVID VON PEIN [DVP] --- Can I ask you a serious question? Do you truly think that the pre-planned, multi-gun, one-patsy plot proposed in Oliver Stone's "classic" (your word) movie was a very good assassination plan?

Or do you think that (just perhaps) Mr. Stone took some dramatic liberties concerning that type of "plot" during the course of this "classic" film?


CTer --- I believe this account of what happened in the JFK assassination [within Oliver Stone's movie, "JFK"] to be the most accurate account of what happened to date. The criticism this movie receives from people like you is a testament to its authenticity.

DVP --- That's all I needed to know. Thanks. So you actually believe, per the above statement you made, that a band of conspirators (well in advance of 11/22/63) got together to frame a lone patsy named Lee Harvey Oswald and then decided to use 3 gunmen and 6 shots to kill the President (all of which cannot possibly be linked to only Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle)....all the while their "patsy" is roaming around on the lower floors of the TSBD, possibly gaining for himself an ironclad alibi. Correct?

And just exactly what makes the above theory that has been proposed by Oliver Stone and Jim Garrison anything more than outright fantasy (not to mention utter lunacy from the PRE-assassination perspective)?

Please enlighten the masses with your JFK brilliance.


CTer --- I'll believe Stone and Garrison long before I would believe a lying piece of crap like you, Buddy. I know all about you and your cowardly lone-nut friends who stalk people who come here [to this "JFK" forum at] in peace to discuss this movie just to have dirtbags like you horn in, hurling lies and insults at them. You lone-nutters are the dregs of society. Thankfully you only represent a very small portion of the human race.

DVP --- Lovely diatribe. Thanks. Does this mean I can forget about that birthday card (and expensive gift) that I've been expecting from you this year?


DVP --- If you were put in charge of framing your lone patsy on 11/22/63, would you have placed three gunmen all throughout Dealey Plaza? Or would you have fired from ONLY the Sniper's Nest in the TSBD using only your patsy's gun?

And would you allow your patsy to wander around in the lunchroom at 12:30, where he's quite likely to be seen by people AT LUNCHTIME?

Just wondering?

CTer --- It didn't matter how many gunmen there were, you know that. Oswald was going to be charged no matter what.

DVP --- What if Oswald had called in sick on November 22nd? What then? Would the plotters have re-routed the motorcade to have it pass by Ruth Paine's home in Irving?


CTer --- Look at all the ridiculous excuses that have already been manufactured to support the lone-gunman theory: the single bullet theory, the jet effect theory....none of this is true; you know it as well as I do.

DVP --- You seem to be a perfect, quintessential example of how Oliver Stone has almost single-handedly manipulated the minds of many evidence-ignorant people with respect to the facts surrounding the events of November 22, 1963.

A pity. It really is.

I strongly encourage you to pick this up when available (it'll be heavy, yes...but just bend your knees before picking it up).


CTer --- No one was in the lunch room at 12:30 but Oswald.

DVP --- Which one? He claimed to have been in BOTH the first-floor and second-floor lunchrooms ("Domino Room" on the 1st Floor, as it was called) at the time of the shooting.

He sure got lucky as hell, huh? Not a single person in either LUNCHroom except LUNCHtime.

You don't find "Patsy Framing" luck like that very often.


CTer --- If Oswald had decided to walk out on to the street to view the motorcade, the patsy plan obviously would have fallen apart and he could not have been charged with the crime. But he didn't, probably because he was an anarchist and had no interest in seeing the President.

DVP --- And, of course, those plotters who were guiding him through every movement he made on November 22 somehow KNEW that he would have no interest in sticking his head out the door at 12:30....right?


CTer --- But, then again, he had no idea of what was about to happen, just like everyone else. He played right into the plotters hands perfectly.

DVP --- Yeah, right. He framed himself it seems. And what about the Tippit murder? Was LHO guilty of that murder? Or was he a patsy there too?

And what about the mountain of LIES that Oswald told the cops after his arrest?

Does an innocent "patsy" (who had "no idea of what was about to happen" to JFK on 11/22/63) really need to lie this much? Really? Think about it.

David Von Pein
April 2007