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DVP was promoting that Dale Myers goofiness [in this July 2006 forum thread].

BTW, [John] McAdams' forum is so bereft of any ideas or new info that what they do is not just reattach posts from here, they also post articles from CTKA, almost as soon as they go up.

For example, [Dave] Reitzes just posted the Wikipedia article there. In the following discussion, McAdams (who DVP said hardly ever posts there--what a liar) tried to concentrate on the Tague hit. Saying that somehow it really was not a bullet. LOL.



It's time to straighten out some more of Jim DiEugenio's bullshit (yet again).

DiEugenio is the liar when it come to John McAdams' posting frequency. I never once said that Professor McAdams "hardly ever posts" at the alt.assassination.jfk newsgroup, which is the forum moderated (in large part) by Mr. McAdams.

I have fully explained to DiEugenio in past posts (which I know he's seen, he just doesn't seem to comprehend the fact that ACJ and AAJ are two separate forums entirely) that McAdams hardly ever posts at the ACJ newsgroup.

And my guess is that the only reason any of John's posts ever show up at the now-nearly-deserted asylum known as alt.conspiracy.jfk is due to the fact that John just simply doesn't want to take the time to delete the group "alt.conspiracy.jfk" from the box marked "Newsgroups" when he's sending a post that just happens to be cross-posted to both forums. Therefore, that post will show up at both aaj and acj. But John probably couldn't care less if it shows up at the acj asylum or not.

Below is an excerpt of what I said to DiEugenio in April of this year concerning Mr. McAdams' posting habits at the newsgroups (and, btw, contrary to what my quote says below, I later learned that DiEugenio does seem to know that acj is unmoderated, but he still seems to believe it is totally "controlled" by John McAdams, which always makes me smile broadly when I hear Jimbo say such garbage):

"In addition to believing in some very curious things regarding President
Kennedy's assassination, Mr. DiEugenio is also of the false impression that
the alt.conspiracy.jfk newsgroup is a MODERATED group that is completely
controlled by Professor John McAdams. Jim, of course, has his Usenet
newsgroups mixed up, because alt.conspiracy.jfk is not a moderated group
at all; and, in fact, Mr. McAdams very rarely ever even makes a post on that forum. It's at the alt.assassination.jfk newsgroup where McAdams serves as moderator. I find it quite funny that Jim DiEugenio seems to think that I
have to have all of my Internet posts screened (and hence, approved) by
Mr. McAdams. Hilarious."
-- DVP; April 13, 2010



These guys, like I said elsewhere in speaking of Duncan M[acRae], like to rearrange scenarios so often that you really don't know what their case is.

The WC, [Gerald] Posner, and VB [Vincent Bugliosi] have all said this Tague hit was generated by a bullet. And those are the leading lights of the SBF [Jim's shorthand for "Single Bullet Fantasy"] club.

So what does McAdams do? (And he does this every so often) He goes over to the WC critics' side and borrows [Josiah] Thompson's idea about the Tague hit maybe being made by a fragment from the head shot.

This was always, I thought, one of the worst parts of SSD ["Six Seconds In Dallas"]. The idea that a fragment would go that far, and have the kinetic energy to displace a chunk of curbstone and then in turn, the curbstone would have the torque to jump up in the air and hit Tague in the face? Uh uh.



I could be wrong about this, but my guess is that John McAdams has likely believed in the possibility of a head-shot fragment causing the slight injury to James Tague's cheek for quite some time now. And it's also very likely that Jim DiEugenio doesn't know what the hell he's babbling about (yet again).

In any event, such a theory about Tague's injury resulting in a fragment from the head shot is certainly NOT going over to "the WC critics' side" at all. In fact, right there on Page 117 of the Warren Report itself, the Warren Commission acknowledges the possibility of the Main St. curb damage (and, hence, Tague's injury too) being a result of a stray bullet fragment that exited JFK's head.

I wonder if DiEugenio has ever read Page 117 of the WCR? It's a great page, because it's a page that destroys multiple conspiracy myths, including the myth that still persists among many conspiracy theorists about how the Warren Commission was hogtied to a 5.6-second timeframe for the assassination, which is just simply not true at all, as Page 117, shown below, amply illustrates:



But its actually worse than that. Because if you go with the Clark Panel, just where did the chunk of bullet come from? The head and tail were supposed to be in the car. The middle of the bullet was supposed to be in JFK's skull.

Where did one get the chunk to deflect that far, from what is already, as I described elsewhere, this second magic bullet. (BTW, this is why more sensible WC advocates, like John Canal, reject the Clark Panel. They know it's untenable.)

But McAdams wants this second magic bullet to be even more magical than it is already and pull [off] another miracle. Just incredible. And this kind of crackpot reasoning passes without notice at what I call the Pigpen.



DiEugenio, as usual, is nuts. And he's not following through on this matter with any common sense at all -- unless Jimbo really wants to believe that the unknown artifact that we see in one of JFK's autopsy X-rays is really a metal fragment that weighs upwards of 100 grains!

We know that the two largest bullet fragments recovered from the front seat of the Presidential limousine (CE567 and CE569) weighed a total of only 65.6 grains (CE567 weighed 44.6 grains, and CE569 weighed 21.0 grains). [See Warren Commission testimony of Robert A. Frazier at 3 H 432 and 3 H 435.]

And the other smaller fragments that are associated with also coming from the head shot (CE840 and CE843) weighed very little altogether.

So, that leaves approximately 90 to 95 grains of the head-shot bullet unaccounted for. And even if we are to believe that the "6.5-millimeter object" on JFK's X-ray is really a bullet fragment (which I have serious doubts about; I doubt it's a bullet fragment at all), unless that fragment on the X-ray weighs nearly 100 grains itself, then there would still be plenty of unaccounted-for bullet fragments from the head-shot bullet to have caused the damage to the curb on Main Street and Tague's cheek injury.

I personally don't think a head-shot fragment caused the curb damage or Tague's nick on the cheek. I think it was probably Oswald's first bullet fired (which missed the limousine entirely) that was the bullet that did the damage to both Tague and the curb on Main Street.

But, to stress again, the idea of a head-shot fragment causing the Main St./Tague damage is certainly not an idea that comes from only "WC critics", as DiEugenio suggested above. And Page 117 of the Warren Report proves my point quite well. Maybe Jim D. ought to read that page more closely sometime. Perhaps it would dispel another myth or two if he did.

David Von Pein
July 2010