(PART 3)


>>> "[It] boggles the mind to think of the possibilities of differing circumstances that might have changed the outcome of 11/22/63. What if the entire 5th-floor lunch crew had met on the 6th floor, as [Bonnie Ray] Williams initially had thought they had planned? What would that confrontation have been like?" <<<


In such a case, John F. Kennedy lives to see 11/23/63. No doubt about it
(IMO anyway). Because there's no way Oswald takes a shot out that
sixth-floor window if he knows that other people are occupying that same
floor with him (or even just ONE other person).

So many different "happenstance" things could have occurred leading up
to November 22 that would have almost assuredly kept the assassination
from taking place. For example:

1.) If Roy Truly doesn't hire Oswald (or if Truly would have assigned
Oswald to the other TSBD building down Houston St.), then the shooting
never takes place....certainly not from where it did take place at any
rate (and probably not at all; because it was that amazing "fate" that
enabled Oswald to do what he did, i.e., blend in as an employee of the
building while all the time planning a Presidential murder; a creepy
thought to this day).

2.) If Linnie Mae Randle doesn't suggest to Ruth Paine and Marina in
October that an opening might be available at the TSBD....then Oswald
would never have even gone down to the TSBD for his interview with
Roy Truly on October 15th. (It's certainly not likely Lee would have
found that Depository job without the aid of Randle and Paine, that's
for sure.)

3.) If Buell Wesley Frazier never had been hired at the TSBD shortly
before Lee was hired there....then (again) there's very little chance
that Oswald would ever have been hired there in October either,
because if Frazier hadn't worked there prior to Lee, the whole subject
of the Texas School Book Depository would certainly never have even
surfaced at Dorothy Roberts' house in October.

4.) If Randle and Frazier had only lived just a few blocks from where
they did live in Irving....then it's very likely that Linnie Mae Randle
would have never even known who Ruth Paine was....and, thusly, the
coffee-break get-together at neighbor Dorothy Roberts' house would
certainly have never taken place at all, and the possible job opening
at the Depository would never have been brought to the attention of
Ruth Paine (or Lee Harvey Oswald) in October.

5.) If the Texas Employment Commission would have called Lee Oswald
and informed him of the job opening at an airline cargo company just a
day or two earlier....then Oswald would have quite possibly been hired
by the airline company and would not have applied for work at the TSBD
in October. (This item here has a little bit more "doubt" attached to
it, since we can never know for sure whether Lee would have made a
favorable impression when interviewed by the airline company and been
hired there; or even if Oswald would have gone there to seek the work.
Stands to reason, though, that he probably would have, since he was
looking for work and needed a job badly as of early to mid-October

6.) If Oswald had been caught while trying to kill General Edwin
Walker on 4/10/63 in Dallas....then, quite clearly, Lee would never
have had an opportunity (7 months later) to take that same rifle he
used to try and kill Walker and use it on President Kennedy in Dealey
Plaza. He'd have been in prison for the Walker attempt instead.

So many things to look at from this "happenstance" and "coincidence"
point-of-view. Such as the following:

Fate, coincidence, a good deal of luck, a rifle that was handy, a job
in a 7-story building that just happened to command a perfect view of
the slow-moving President's car, LHO's rifle training in the Marines, a
motorcade route that took JFK right beneath the windows of the TSBD,
Oswald having easy and legitimate access to all seven floors of his
workplace, Mother Nature's cooperation with the Dallas weather on
11/22/63 (resulting in clear skies at noontime for JFK's motorcade,
meaning that the bubbletop roof to the limo would not be required), a
bleak-looking future for Lee Oswald, an unresolved spat with his wife
the night before, the President driving by at noontime (i.e., the normal
lunchtime for the TSBD employees, meaning that the 6th Floor would
have a better chance of being totally clear of workers, since most of
them ate their lunches on the lower floors), and Lee Harvey Oswald's
hatred of authority and his hatred of American society in general .... all
played a part in what occurred at 12:30 PM in Dealey Plaza on November
22, 1963.

If any one of the above-mentioned factors had been different, then
perhaps the President would have been able to make that speech at
the Trade Mart that Friday in Dallas.

David Von Pein
September 9, 2007