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Gary Mack of the Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza interviewed Buell Wesley Frazier for two hours on June 21, 2002:

A few notes....

The most interesting parts of the above 2002 interview with Wesley Frazier are when he totally contradicts some of the things he said in 1963 and 1964.

For example:

In the 2002 interview, Frazier actually tells Gary Mack that he saw Lee Harvey Oswald "5 to 10 minutes" AFTER the assassination, as Lee was walking south on Houston Street. Wesley said he then lost Lee in the crowd after Oswald had crossed Houston Street. Frazier said he thought Lee was "going to get him a sandwich or something, so I really didn't think anything about it".

But when we look at Frazier's 11/22/63 affidavit (which was written by Wesley within hours of the assassination), we find this:

"I did not see Lee anymore after about 11:00 AM today [11/22/63], and at that time, we were both working, and we were on the first floor."
-- Buell Wesley Frazier

Frazier also completely changed his mind in 2002 about the source of the three gunshots he heard on November 22nd. He told Mack in 2002 that the shots came from "above" him. But in 1964, he told the Warren Commission that the shots came from the railroad tracks on top of the Triple Underpass. Wesley even drew a circle on a Commission exhibit (CE347) to indicate the area where he said he heard the shots coming from:

"These railroad tracks there is a series of them that come up over this, up over this overpass there, and from where I was standing, I say, it is my true opinion, that is what I thought, it sounded like it came from over there, in the railroad tracks." -- Buell Wesley Frazier; 1964 Warren Commission Testimony

So much for 39-year-old recollections, huh?

Maybe it would be better to simply not interview witnesses thirty-nine years after an event has taken place. You just never know what a witness is going to "remember" after so many intervening years.

Such "newer" interviews are interesting to see and listen to, but many of the recollections being recounted by the witness become garbled, semi-incoherent, and inconsistent with things the same witness has said in previous interviews and depositions. And such inconsistency only tends to muddy the waters even more when it comes to investigating the JFK murder case.

I'm guessing that Gary Mack was in a mild state of shock when Wesley Frazier told him on 6/21/02 that he had seen Lee Oswald walking along Houston Street "5 to 10 minutes" after the assassination.

If that were true, of course, it would mean that Oswald did not leave the Texas School Book Depository Building by way of the front entrance, but instead he left via the back door of the building.

I, however, place more faith in what Wes Frazier said on the day of the assassination itself, when he said he did not see Lee Harvey Oswald at all "after about 11:00 AM today".

David Von Pein
January 25, 2010