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Oswald rode to and from his job at the TSBD with Wesley Frazier on Fridays and Mondays, to spend weekends in Irving. How did he get to work on the other days of the week?


I believe he took a bus, Ron.

There was a bus stop right outside his front door at the Beckley roominghouse. And I think there was also a bus stop on the corner of Elm & Houston outside the TSBD front door too. So Lee wouldn't have even needed to walk more than a few steps to get to a bus stop at either location.

And the "bus stop" thing is something I've brought up in the past too. Because if there was a bus stop right there at Elm & Houston Streets, then why (if he wasn't "on the run") would he have walked several blocks east of the TSBD on Nov. 22 just to catch his bus? Why not just wait at the Elm & Houston corner?

That was just one of the unusual things that LHO did on both Nov. 21 and Nov. 22, 1963.


Ron, this is a question I have raised a number of times.

The official story - as DVP was quick to point to - is that he took the bus.

Now maybe DVP can point to the interviews with all the fellow commuters and bus drivers that the authorities no doubt easily tracked down. After all, who knows what info that would yield? Maybe he was in the habit of reading Das Kapital on the bus? Maybe he sat up the back murmuring vague threats against authority figures?

While he is at it, maybe DVP can also show where those daily fares are accounted for in all the work done on Oz's finances?

Or maybe the story is a crock because he never lived at that address. Ever.


I think it's logical to conclude that the whopping total of approximately $1.60 per week for LHO's bus fares would be included in the monthly category the Warren Commission reserved for "Estimated cost of food, clothing, and incidental expenses".

Yes, the WC did include a separate entry for the $1.23 that Oswald spent on bus and taxi fares on 11/22/63, but the meager total that Lee spent on the bus for the rest of the month could easily have been covered by the $75.00 that the WC allowed in the "Food & Incidental Expenses" category.

And maybe Greg can tell me why the housekeeper at 1026 North Beckley Avenue in Oak Cliff, Earlene Roberts, said all of these things about Lee Oswald (aka "O.H. Lee") in the 1964 CBS-TV interview below? Among other things, you don't think she actually saw the real Lee H. Oswald hurriedly enter his room on Nov. 22nd at all?

And then there's an interview on 11/23/63 with the landlady of the Beckley roominghouse, Gladys Johnson. Was she a liar too, Greg? Or was she also fooled by some "Oswald double" posing as "O.H. Lee"?....


The total amount has no bearing. There are a number of definitions of "incidental expenses" - none of which include REGULAR expenses. What would fit such a definition is the ALLEGED bus and cab fare of Nov 22, since he did not use the bus REGULARLY on Friday and taxis, rarely, if ever.

If your case that he lived at that address rests on Earlene Roberts and Gladys Johnson, you have no case.

There was no "O.H. Lee" at that address. There was a "H Lee" who was in room "O" or "0".

Now kindly explain the absence of any attempt to track down those potentially important witnesses who commuted 4 days a week with Oswald. If you cannot explain it, admit you can't.


Everyone please note that Greg Parker just called Earlene Roberts and Gladys Johnson bald-faced liars when he said this...

"There was no "O.H. Lee" at that address."

Why did Roberts and Johnson lie through their teeth about their roomer, "O.H. Lee", Greg?

(Just make up some half-baked excuse if you can't explain it logically.)


Wasn't the dump recently put on the market for $500,000?

Hasn't [it] been used as a museum for a long while as part of some grand Oswald tour?

Didn't Gladys ask to keep the scrap of paper she brought in to the WC so she could sell it?

There is your motive.

Now about those commuters who would have been great witnesses?


So, I guess we can assume that Gladys and Earlene got rich (quarter of a million each perhaps?) by lying about "O.H. Lee". Right, Greg?

And what about the cops who searched Oswald's room and gathered up OSWALD'S personal belongings?

Did Earlene and Gladys "plant" Oswald's belongings in a room he never actually rented?

You're a riot, Greg.

(And I'd bet my next Langley check that you don't believe Oswald rented a room from Bledsoe either. Do you?)

And, Greg, what about the phone number WH 3-8993 that was in Ruth Paine's address book (CE402), which was the number of the Beckley roominghouse? That was a number given to Ruth by Lee Oswald himself. And yet he never was there at all? ....

RUTH PAINE -- "I said, "Is Lee Oswald there?" He said, "There is no Lee Oswald living here." As best as I can recall. This is the substance of what he said. I said, "Is this a rooming house?" He said "Yes." I said, "Is this WH 3-8993?" And he said "Yes." I thanked him and hung up."


Ah, David.

So phone numbers can't be inserted any time? Or maybe she knew someone else living there?

What sort of idiot gives his wife a contact phone number for when she goes into labor and then neglects to tell her, but when you ring, you need to ask for OH Lee?

Why does he live at Bledsoe's under his real name but then immediately start using an alias at his next address and then he doesn't even give it to his pregnant wife, making it impossible to contact him?

You are not stupid. You can see the multitude of issues. If you gave a rat's patootie about the facts, you'd admit it. The whole thing about that address stinks. That you won't admit it, but will persist in avoiding the issues raised while deflecting with polemical questions, shows you live by an agenda, not any need to establish facts.


Why were those commuters not tracked down?


No idea. Nor do I care in the slightest. It's irrelevant. This type of peripheral crap only matters to rabid CTers like Greg Parker.


Why was the question of transport from N. Beckley avoided like the plague?


No idea what you're talking about. But, again, it's chaff. Meaningless.

Plus: WHY would anybody want to pretend Oswald lived in a roominghouse if he didn't? (Oh, yes, to get rich after the assassination. Sorry. I forgot.)


Why were the costs not accounted for?


They were. In "Incidentals". The paltry fare would only be about $1.60 or so per week (8 individual bus trips to and from work). Oswald might have been able to find that much in the seat cushions in the Beckley living room while watching television.


Why do you avoid the issue of H Lee living there?


Who's avoiding it? Big deal. An "H. Lee" lived there. Okay. But so did an "O.H. Lee" and that Mr. Lee was Lee H. Oswald.

Now all you have to do, Greg, is answer this question:




I see you've moved to ploy number 2. When your deflecting questions get called what they are, you move on to pretending the questions you have been assiduously avoiding answering are pointless, irrelevant etc.

Only you would call potential witnesses who might give investigators vital information pertaining to Oswald's motive, mental state etc as being so unimportant you can dismiss them with "who cares?"

No need to take this any further. You deal yourself out as having any ethics, let alone regard for facts.


It's been an established fact for more than 50 years now that Lee Harvey Oswald lived for a few weeks at 1026 N. Beckley Avenue in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff. You, Greg Parker, just refuse to accept that fact (for some reason).


I'd suggest those interested, review the thread and note the issues each of us has addressed and make up your own minds who is avoiding what.


Yeah. I presented actual interviews with two people who knew that Oswald had rented a room at 1026 Beckley (and who actually SAW Oswald at that roominghouse), plus CE402 (Ruth Paine's address book featuring the Beckley phone number).

Greg has produced silliness like this....

"Maybe the story is a crock because he never lived at that address. Ever."

Not even a close call on this one.

DVP wins. And Greg Parker looks like a desperate CTer who can't possibly explain the logic of anyone wanting to pretend Lee Oswald lived at a particular address in October and November of 1963. But it somehow makes sense in Greg's CT world. I guess the "Beckley ruse" somehow was supposed to make Oswald look GUILTIER of murdering the President. ~shrug~


Yes, witnesses who had motive to lie, as I showed.


Incredibly, folks, Greg Parker is seriously wanting people to believe that Gladys Johnson AND Earlene Roberts AND Ruth Paine AND (apparently) the Dallas Police all got together to make it look (falsely) as though Oswald rented a cubbyhole room at 1026 Beckley in the fall of '63.

The DPD gets in on the act by (apparently) only PRETENDING to seize Lee Oswald's possessions from the roominghouse.

Whose items WERE seized by the DPD then, Greg? Or did the DPD just make it all up about seizing ANY items from that location?

And let's just have a look at a few of the items that the Dallas Police took possession of while searching Oswald's room at 1026 Beckley after the assassination....

Letter to Lee Oswald, dated August 2, 1963.

Letter to L.H. Oswald, dated July 31, 1963, from Communist Party U.S.A.

Letter to Lee H. Oswald dated December 13, 1962.

Letter to Oswald dated December 19, 1962.

And more HERE.

And yet Greg Parker doesn't think Lee H. Oswald set foot inside the 1026 North Beckley roominghouse--ever.


This is what happens when a foolhardy, crackpot theory gets put on the table. An LNer like me will come along and thoroughly debunk it with hard evidence (like CE402 and the Johnson/Roberts interviews, not to mention the WC testimony of those women to boot), while the CTer pushing the fairy tale does nothing but flop around on the deck like a fish out of water.

Greg, you're flopping around, in case you hadn't noticed. And you've got nowhere to go, because every single solid FACT is against you.

You need one liar on top of another --- Roberts, Johnson, Paine, the DPD, and probably Marina too.

Everybody's lying. And for WHAT purpose again, Greg? You never did tell us? The "Let's Get Rich By Pretending Lee Harvey Oswald Lived Here" excuse is laughable, of course. So try something else that won't make you blush so much.


Roberts, like Wes Frazier, was a godsend to the cops. All they needed from her was that he lived there, and he came back there. She gave them both of those things. They could disregard everything else she said. It worked, didn't it? The lie that Oswald lived at that dump and came back on Nov 22nd to pick up a pistol has lasted 50 years.


Yeah, it was such a good lie that Mrs. Roberts even got the patsy to believe it....

"I [Dallas Police Captain J. Will Fritz] asked him [Lee Harvey Oswald] where he went to when he left work, and he told me that he had a room on 1026 North Beckley, that he went over there and changed his trousers and got his pistol and went to the picture show." -- Warren Report; Page 601

Amazing woman, that Earlene Roberts.

The stupid things some CTers believe continue to boggle the mind 50 years on.


And the register was not taken as evidence, but was destroyed by Gladys (according to her grand-daughter). You have some fantastic witnesses!


Good, job, Greg. Right on cue. More liars.


And you have nothing to say about the willful destruction of evidence in the biggest case in US history which would have either verified that they were not lying - or proved that they were.



But you just said that it was Gladys Johnson who "destroyed" the Beckley Avenue register with O.H. Lee's name on it.

But she's not a law enforcement official. She's a private citizen. So it wouldn't have been a case of the police deliberately destroying evidence. Or do you think Gladys was working in cooperation with the DPD and/or FBI?

Other private citizens who destroyed evidence were Marina and Marguerite, when they burned a backyard photo of LHO in their hotel room on 11/23/63, which is a backyard photo that most CTers think never existed in the first place. (I wonder what picture they burned?)

And btw, I got a kick out of Greg Parker talking about how the Beckley register was destroyed by Gladys Johnson, who is the very same Gladys Johnson that Greg thinks had a motive to lie because she wanted to make a bundle off of the (fake) fact that LHO had lived at 1026 Beckley.

I realize that from Greg's oddball POV of LHO never setting foot inside 1026 Beckley in his life, Mrs. Johnson would have had no choice BUT to lie about the "O.H. Lee" registration because nobody EVER signed the register with that name. So, per Parker, Gladys had to make up yet another lie and say she had destroyed the register page that never existed in the first place.

But I just think it's humorous and ironic. Because I'm sure Greg thinks that Gladys would have just loved to have been able to sell that "O.H. Lee" signature on E-Bay for $56,575. Wouldn't she, Greg?


I see you've moved on to ploy 3 - putting words in the mouth of the other person, and reinterpreting their position in a manner that allows it to be rebutted. Talk about irony! That's exactly what Fritz did with Oswald's alibi.

What's that called in your case again?

Oh that's right - being a total fucking xxxxx who knows he can do this because he is protected by fucking rules designed to fucking protect utter arseholes like you.


Sweet talk will get you nowhere. And I reinterpreted nothing.

You, Gregory Parker, just refuse to admit that your "Oswald Never Stepped Inside The "Dump" At 1026 North Beckley" theory is a lame-ass and stupid theory.

And I doubt you can find more than one or two conspiracy clowns on the Internet who agree with your idiotic theory. Can you?

But at least you can make yourself feel better by slamming ol' DVP around and calling him a xxxx xxxx xxxx [fill in the expletive of your choice].

Ain't the First Amendment grand? (I think so too. So keep it up, you filthy piece of slime.)


Another thing that's kind of ironic about the ridiculous "OSWALD NEVER LIVED AT 1026 BECKLEY" theory is that anyone who endorses that theory can no longer ever utter the following words....

Lee Harvey Oswald couldn't have possibly killed J.D. Tippit because he didn't have enough time to get to the Tippit murder site on Tenth Street after leaving his roominghouse on Beckley.

But if Greg Parker is to be believed, Oswald never went to the Beckley roominghouse at all on 11/22/63. And, therefore, the popular "He Couldn't Get To Tenth Street In Time To Shoot Tippit" theory goes flying out the window, because there would be no "starting point" for Oswald's trip to Tenth and Patton at all.

So Greg Parker is discarding one false theory for another one.

The same type of ironic twist exists when discussing Oswald's paper bag (CE142) too. For years, the most popular "paper bag" conspiracy theory was this one....

Oswald didn't take the Carcano rifle into the TSBD on November 22 because the paper bag he carried into the building that morning was too short to hold the disassembled rifle.

But that theory has to be taken off the table if a conspiracy theorist now believes that Oswald never carried ANY large-ish paper bag to work with him at all.

Ironic, isn't it?

But it just goes to prove one thing --- Regardless of which theory they embrace, conspiracy theorists never get anything right.

David Von Pein
July 17-21, 2015