(PART 977)

Veteran conspiracy nut Robert J. Groden was a guest on Len Osanic's Black Op Radio show on June 17, 2010 [which can be heard above].

Groden says he was arrested in Dealey Plaza for the 81st time. So he wanted to go on Osanic's radio program and try to win the sympathy of the three Black Op listeners.

Anyway, while continuing to peddle his "Oswald Was Just A Patsy" line of garbage, Groden proved to me (twice) during his June 17th interview that he has no interest in "the truth" concerning the JFK assassination whatsoever.

How can I know this for a fact?

Because on two separate occasions on June 17th he propped up the HSCA's declaration of conspiracy as if that conclusion was still completely valid and worthy of consideration.

But Groden has got to know that the National Academy of Sciences totally demolished the only evidence of the HSCA's conspiracy conclusion--the bogus Dictabelt evidence--but he still harps on the House Select Committee's conspiracy scenario as if he wasn't even aware that it has been torn to shreds since 1979.

And that's a man who says he's in Dealey Plaza fighting for "the truth" every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (weather permitting).

And Mr. Groden is a man who also said during his 6/17/10 Black Op interview that he doesn't deal with "theories" or his "personal opinions" when it comes to his research surrounding the JFK case.

My funny bone was tickled pink by that statement by Robert "Up To 10 Shots Were Fired At JFK" Groden.

I wonder what Groden's SEVEN EXTRA GUNSHOTS would be considered--if not "theory" and "personal opinion"? Because those seven extra shots sure as heck aren't based on something called THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE in the case.

But, I guess when you've been an "Anybody But Oswald" type of conspiracy kook for more than 30 years (as Groden has), it becomes easier and easier to ignore all of the evidence in the whole case.

Old habits, as they say, die hard.

David Von Pein
June 18, 2010