(PART 586)


The WC simply lied again, when trying to disguise the fact that the many policemen that swamped the sixth floor (See Mooney's statement) couldn't find a clipboard that [Frankie] Kaiser clearly states was in plain sight, and not hidden at all. The clipboard was *NOT* hidden - and an entire working week went by before it was "discovered". The Warren Commission is caught in an obvious lie here.


Ben "King Of Chaff" Holmes does it again! Is there no end to his silliness? At this point, I'd wager there is not.

Anyway, Lee Harvey Oswald's clipboard, discovered by Frankie Kaiser on the sixth floor of the Book Depository on or around 12/2/63, was certainly "hidden" well enough from everyone's view (including the police) so that nobody noticed it (or cared about picking it up) for about ten days after Oswald left it where he left it on November 22nd.

But Kook Holmes wants to (once again) paint the Warren Commission as a band of evil "liars" when the Commission used the word "hidden" on page #143 of the Warren Report.

Bottom Line -- What difference does it really make if the clipboard had actually been "hidden" from view or not?

The main point is: Oswald's clipboard (with unfilled book orders on it, dated November 22, 1963) was discovered on the same floor from which President Kennedy was killed by an assassin, and the same floor where Lee Oswald was seen (with his clipboard in hand) by Charles Givens approximately a half-hour before JFK was murdered from that very same sixth floor.

And that clipboard was found just a few feet from where Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was found on 11/22/63 (with Oswald's prints being found on the weapon).

So, whether Oswald actually attempted to "hide" the clipboard or not on November 22nd is relatively an insignificant matter.

At the rate he's digging up these meaningless items to place in his subjective list of "Warren Commission Lies", I'm fairly confident that Ben Holmes will be adding any and all of the Warren Commission's spelling and grammar errors to his "lies" list in the near future.


David Von Pein
June 14, 2009