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Obviously the 1.75 axial ratio of the 7 mm by 4 mm bullet hole reported by Commander Humes and the 1.43 axial ratio of the 10 mm by 7 mm abrasion shown on the autopsy are in irreconcilable conflict with the minuscule ratio of 1.06 as required by the locations of the two wounds.


What a bunch of highbrow, meaningless bullshit.

Herbert's supply of meaningless crap like the above never runs out, does it?

I wonder if conspiracists like Herbert Blenner ever wonder why it is that TWO major U.S. Governmental investigative bodies (the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee), fifteen years apart, BOTH came to the conclusion that a single bullet (CE399 to be precise) DID, indeed, slice through both JFK and John Connally on November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza?

I guess it's just too bad that Herb Blenner wasn't called upon to provide the WC and/or the HSCA with his expert analysis regarding the "1.75 axial ratio" and "1.43 axial ratio" and the "irreconcilable conflict" that exists with respect to the Single-Bullet Theory.

Somehow or another it would seem that BOTH of the official U.S. Government's investigative organizations that were assembled specifically to try and find out the truth about what happened in Dallas on 11/22/63 totally blew it when they both signed-off on a single-bullet conclusion that nearly every conspiracy believer in the world seems to think is nothing but a crock of smelly shit!

It's just too damn bad that brilliant scientists like Herb Blenner weren't on the WC or HSCA panels in order to make those guys see the light regarding those ever-important "axial ratios", huh?

But, maybe Herbert will be lucky and will be asked to solve the whole "SBT" mystery when the Government re-examines the case in the future due to the outraged fist-pounding efforts of all the many armchair anti-SBT crackpots in this world who think they know MUCH more than the (apparently) stupid SBT-backing retards who served on those previous two U.S. Government commissions.

But back here in the real world of sanity and common sense, Dale Myers said it quite nicely on May 26th, 2009, when he said this:

"Few understand that the single bullet theory was and is the obvious solution to a perplexing question: What happened to the bullet that entered Kennedy’s upper-right back and exited his throat? Instead of dealing with the firearms, medical, and trajectory evidence surrounding this question, detractors and spin doctors have been conjuring up ridiculous zigzagging bullet diagrams that supposedly reveal the stupidity of the Warren Commission’s theory for the better part of a half century. Believe me it’s taken its toll. Today, the vast majority of otherwise clear thinking Americans have chucked common sense and embraced a zigzagging bullet theory that is far more magical than the straight-line bullet trajectory proposed by the Commission. It’s a weird world, isn’t it?" -- Dale K. Myers; 05/26/09

And Vincent T. Bugliosi weighs in with a hefty dose of good old-fashioned common sense regarding the Single-Bullet Theory too (which is common sense that is always ignored by the conspiracy-seeking crowd, naturally):

"The single-bullet theory [is] so obvious that a child could author it. .... We can have all the confidence in the world, by an examination of the physical evidence and the utilization of common sense, that [a single bullet wounded both Kennedy and Connally]. When you can establish the single-bullet theory by reference to evidence other than the [Zapruder] film, you necessarily know that the film itself cannot, by definition, show something else. .... Since we KNOW Kennedy and Connally were not hit by separate bullets, we know, before we even look at the film, that it CANNOT show otherwise. .... The result of [Dale] Myers's efforts is a remarkably compelling view of the assassination of President Kennedy that is consistent with the Warren Commission's and HSCA's conclusion that Kennedy and Connally were, indeed, struck by the same bullet. .... With respect to the second shot fired in Dealey Plaza, the "single-bullet THEORY" is an obvious misnomer. Though in its incipient stages it was but a theory, the indisputable evidence is that it is now a proven FACT, a wholly supported conclusion. .... And no sensible mind that is also informed can plausibly make the case that the bullet that struck President Kennedy in the upper right part of his back did not go on to hit Governor Connally." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Via the pages of "Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (c.2007)

And David Von Pein (yes, that's me) said it pretty well too (if you don't mind my saying so) when he said this in May 2005:

"Lacking a shot that transits JFK, we're left to accept a three-shot scenario to explain these wounds to the two victims -- fired by THREE separate gunmen as well (two from the rear and one from the front). Given the very tight timeline (even per CTers, who have JFK hit in the throat with Shot #1 at Z195 to Z200 approx.), I'd like to know how there could have possibly been LESS than three gunmen utilized to inflict all these wounds in the allowable timeframe?

[And] all three of these (supposedly) entry wounds on JFK and JBC line themselves up in such a fashion on the bodies to give the APPEARANCE that they could have ALL been "in line" so as to have been caused by just a single missile passing through both men simultaneously.

I have yet to hear any reasonable and believable CT explanation that logically rationalizes and defends this amazing "wound placement" occurrence on TWO different victims.


If the only way to explain away the SBT to fit a conspiracy scenario is to come up with a plot that includes three different shooters, firing three bullets into two different victims, from three different locations, and incredibly have all three of these missiles pepper the victims in just such a pattern so that it looks like it COULD (even remotely so) be reconciled into a "SBT", and then (on top of this miracle bit of shooting by three different gunmen) to get ALL THREE of these separate bullets to vanish and to never enter the official record -- then, from where I sit, plain ol' common sense is telling me that something's just a bit screwy about this "CT" plot which perfectly worked out to appease the WC and its loyal followers.


Many CTers don't think it's necessary at all to come up with any kind of logical "alternative" scenario to explain all the wounds to JFK and JBC -- let alone a full, complete version of the pre-Head Shot event which would tie up all or most of the "loose ends" with regard to this event. They just seem to KNOW that the SBT is dead wrong based on the angles being slightly off or the reactions of the two victims being far enough apart to make the SBT an impossibility.

But any CT substitute answers to reconcile all these wounds in two victims (when such answers occasionally are provided, always in the form of pure out-and-out guesses by the CT community) are far less credible and less substantive and far less believable than is the official version of the event -- the SBT.


The critics have done little to disprove the SBT. But, on the flip-side of that coin, there have been true-to-life and animated tests performed over the years that have backed up (concretely) the validity of the Single-Bullet Theory. But these tests, too, have been ridiculed as being "inaccurate", with "manufactured" angles and results, and incorrect measurements utilized. I, naturally, completely and fervently disagree."
-- DVP; May 2005

David Von Pein
May 27, 2009