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>>> "Good to see you laughing while you are making a total ass out of yourself." <<<


The above words were spoken by a person (John Canal) who thinks that the autopsy doctors decided to deliberately underplay (or under-represent) the wounds to JFK's head for no good reason whatsoever.

I guess they all decided it would be wise to start misrepresenting the wounds of the dead U.S. Chief Executive, just for the hell of it. ALL THREE of them!

Crazy, huh?

Now let's tackle John Canal's list of silliness. This should be fun (yet again):

>>> "1. The trail of opacities that Dr. Joe Davis told [Dr. Michael] Baden, on the record, was evidence of a low hit." <<<

And yet we have Dr. Davis agreeing to just go along with Dr. Baden and the remaining members of the HSCA's Forensic Pathology Panel with respect to the "cowlick" determination....right John?

Or is this another one of Baden's lies?:

DR. MICHAEL BADEN -- "This is a drawing [JFK Exhibit F-48] made from photographs taken at the time of the autopsy showing the back of the President's head and showing a ruler adjacent to an area of discoloration in the cowlick area of the back of the head of the scalp, which the panel determined was an entrance perforation, an entrance bullet perforation."


MR. KLEIN -- "Doctor, does this drawing fairly and accurately represent the location of the wound in the back of the President's head?"

DR. BADEN -- "Yes, it does, in the unanimous opinion of all of the panel members."

>>> "2. The lack of any such trail (which represents the pieces of bone that were beveled out from the inner skull table around the entry) at the proposed high sight." <<<

The ONLY "trail" that can be positively said to be a "trail" in the X-ray is the "bullet fragment trail" that is HIGH in the head of JFK...not "low" in the head.

John Canal admits he's never even seen the original X-ray at the National Archives that shows this supposed "bone trail", and yet he's convinced that there's a "trail of [bone] opacities"
low in the head on the lateral X-ray.

And, of course, any such "trail of opacities" (i.e., bone fragments), even if they do exist, couldn't POSSIBLY have been as a result of something OTHER than an EOP entry wound. Right, John?

BTW, John C. is living in a fantasy world all his own when it comes to the topic of JFK's head wounds.

>>> "3. The fact that [Dale] Myers' computer analysis revealed the cowlick entry trajectory pointed back 124 feet above the roofline of the Dal-Tex building." <<<

Why you're dragging this nonsense out of your stale closet is anyone's guess. I've discussed this with you previously, and I even included citations from Dale Myers himself and links to his website where he talks about this issue (and Myers' explanation is an entirely reasonable one, and is one that still supports the "cowlick" entry location for JFK's head wound).

Here's what I said on this matter on April 1, 2009:

"You [John Canal] should have quoted the remainder of what Dale Myers concluded with respect to the trajectory of the shot that struck JFK in the head:

[Quoting Dale K. Myers:]

"Since the position of JFK's head used in the computer recreation closely matches Zapruder frame 312...and a trajectory line based on the HSCA's outshoot wound tracks to an impossible firing source located 124 feet above the roofline of the Dal-Tex Building, it is concluded that the outshoot wound used by the HSCA to calculate a trajectory path was not the result of a straight line trajectory (i.e., the bullet was deflected after making contact with the skull). .... In conclusion, a headshot trajectory cannot be calculated from the available evidence, due to the possibility that the bullet fragmented, creating more than one exit wound, and the likelihood that the course of the bullet changed after striking the skull."

[/End Myers' Quotes.]

I'll also add the following observation here -- Dale Myers fully supports the HIGH ON THE HEAD (cowlick) entry location. And the animated photo on the webpage linked above verifies that fact (the second picture from the bottom).

So Dale is saying, in essence, that the House Select Committee GOT IT RIGHT when it comes to the high location of the entry wound in JFK's head. He further states (via his computer animation study of the trajectories involved) that a definitive declaration regarding the exact trajectory the head-shot bullet took "cannot be calculated".

But based on Myers' website and his sample computer images, he certainly does NOT believe the entry wound in Kennedy's head was located "low" on the head near the EOP. He thinks it was very HIGH on the head, as his sample images illustrate fully."
-- DVP; 04/01/09

>>> "4. The fact that a channel-like laceration began at the tip of the occipital lobe far from the parietal lobe where a bullet entering in the cowlick would have been." <<<

I have no idea what you're babbling about here. Are you talking about JFK's brain here?

>>> "5. The fact that a bullet entering in the cowlick and exiting at the official exit site cannot be reconciled with the windshield damage." <<<

This one's really silly, John.

As Dale Myers stated (and I completely agree), the bullet could have easily changed course after striking JFK's head. And it probably did change course. Common sense would tell a reasonable person that Oswald's bullet, after striking the hard skull of JFK at full muzzle velocity [2,100+ fps], would likely have changed direction somewhat before exiting the head.

>>> "6. The fact that F8, the Clark Panel's report, F8, the autopsy report, and the autopsy descriptive sheet all prove that the area of skull where the high entry was supposed to be was fragmented....while the HSCA claimed part of the entry was in intact bone." <<<

That must be why the Clark Panel said this in 1968, huh John?:

"On one of the lateral films [X-rays] of the skull (#2), a hole measuring approximately 8 mm. in diameter on the outer surface of the skull and as much as 20 mm. on the internal surface can be seen in profile approximately 100 mm. above the external occipital protuberance. The bone of the lower edge of the hole is depressed."

Is the above paragraph another "lie", John?

And you're placing way too much faith in F8, IMO. F8 is essentially useless for determining anything.

Do you deny that many very SMART people have major disagreements about what F8 depicts?

>>> "7. The fact that one of the HSCA's own radiologists reported that evidence for a high entry on the x-rays was inconclusive." <<<

Big deal.

All NINE of the HSCA's FPP members, including Dr. Joseph Davis (unless you want to call Dr. Baden a liar yet again), were unanimous in their conclusions about the entry hole in Jack Kennedy's head being HIGH on his head near the cowlick.

Quoting Dr. Baden:

"We, as the panel members, do feel after close examination of the negatives and photographs under magnification of that higher perforation, that it is unquestionably a perforation of entrance; and we feel very strongly, and this is unanimous, all nine members, that X-rays clearly show the entrance perforation in the skull to be immediately beneath this perforation in the upper scalp skin.

And further, although the original examination of the brain was not complete, photographs of the brain were examined by the panel members, and do show the injury to the brain itself is on the top portion of the brain. The bottom portion or undersurface of the brain, which would have had to have been injured if the bullet perforated in the lower area as indicated in the autopsy report, was intact.

If a bullet entered in this lower area, the cerebellum portion of the brain would have had to be injured and it was not injured. So that is the basis for what remains a disagreement between our panel
and the original autopsy doctors.


It is the firm conclusion of the panel members...that beyond all reasonable medical certainty, there is no bullet perforation of entrance any place on the skull other than the single one in the cowlick.


It is the firm conclusion of the panel that there is no bullet perforation of entrance beneath that brain tissue [near JFK's hairline]...and we find no evidence to support anything but a single gunshot wound of entrance in the back of the President's head."
-- Dr. Michael Baden


John Canal's explanation for why Dr. Michael Baden wanted to go in front of the HSCA (on the official record) and tell one lie after another regarding the entry wound to JFK's head is just downright laughable.

For anyone who is unaware of John Canal's insane theory about Dr. Baden, I'll summarize it --

John thinks that Baden would have lied his ass off ("several times", per Canal) in order to have the HSCA's conclusions match those of the Clark Panel from ten years earlier, particularly the observations of Dr. Russell S. Fisher of the Clark Panel, with respect to the cowlick location for the entry wound in JFK's head (which is a wound that the Clark Panel said was "100 millimeters [4 inches] above the EOP").

Canal thinks that Baden would be willing to lie about the true entry location of JFK's head wound in order to avoid having yet another contradiction in the official records relating to President Kennedy's wounds.

And, evidently, Dr. Baden was (according to Mr. Canal) such an intimidating fellow that he was able to convince his other eight comrades on the HSCA's Forensic Pathology Panel to jettison their moral fiber and go along with Baden's "cowlick" lies for the sake of the HSCA's investigation. Apparently ALL EIGHT of the other FPP members were willing to do this at the evil Dr. Baden's request.

The "Baden Lied Because He Didn't Want To Rock The Boat Again" theory of John Canal's is nearly as stupid and inane as John's other "Cover-Up" theory regarding JFK's three autopsy surgeons. Those three guys (all of them) decided to not tell the whole truth about the condition of President Kennedy's head wounds because (per John C.) those doctors feared World War 3, or they feared that if they revealed information about ANY "back of the head" damage to JFK's cranium, some people might think that a bullet hit JFK's head from the front. And that, according to John, would never do.

That theory, too, is insane, because the irrevocable and immutable FACT (based on the President's inshoot and outshoot head wounds discovered at the autopsy on 11/22/63) is that John F. Kennedy was shot in the head only ONE time, and the bullet came FROM BEHIND the President....which is a conclusion that apparently John A. Canal thinks the three autopsists would have been incapable of reasonably conveying to the world if there had been ANY type of secondary or collateral damage at all to the rear portions of JFK's head as a result of only Lee Harvey Oswald's bullet striking Kennedy's head.


>>> "8. The fact that another one of the HSCA's own radiologists stated that the entry was in the right occipital bone." <<<

I guess Baden was lying (yet again) when he said this in 1978, right John?:

"We were in agreement, as were all of the radiologists that we consulted with--Dr. Davis, Dr. Seaman, Dr. Chase--that that is the point of entrance in the right upper back skull with radiating fractures." -- Dr. Baden

>>> "9. The fact that the HSCA's own witness, NASA's Dr. Thomas Canning, had to fudge JFK's forward lean by more than half, just to
get the cowlick entry trajectory pointed back even close to the SN [Sniper's Nest]." <<<

Again, the answer to this is pretty simple -- The bullet probably changed direction after entering Kennedy's head.

And allow me to repeat the following common-sense observation by Mr. Myers yet again:

"A headshot trajectory cannot be calculated from the available evidence, due to the possibility that the bullet fragmented, creating more than one exit wound, and the likelihood that the course of the bullet changed after striking the skull." -- Dale K. Myers

>>> "10. The fact that four researchers and/or JFK authors have independently replicated the photo of the wound in the SKULL and have all concluded, scientifically, that Humes' entry was near the EOP." <<<

Oh, good, that crappy, miserable, indistinct F8 picture again. Wonderful.

BTW, John Canal needs all four members of the 1968 Clark Panel to be total boobs (or liars) too, if we're to believe that the entry hole in JFK's head was 4 inches below the cowlick, because the four Clark Panel doctors said this back in '68:

"There is an elliptical penetrating wound of the scalp situated near the midline and high above the hairline. The position of this wound corresponds to the hole in the skull seen in the lateral X-ray film #2.


On one of the lateral films [X-rays] of the skull (#2), a hole...can be seen in profile approximately 100 mm. above the external occipital protuberance.


The decedent's head was struck from behind a single projectile. It entered the occipital region 25 mm to the right of the midline and 100 mm. above the external occipital protuberance.


One bullet struck the back of the decedent's head well above the external occipital protuberance."

David Von Pein
May 17, 2009