(PART 538)


This shows how little you've paid attention to my arguments that you call crazy. The frickin bullet hit near the EOP and deflected up appx. 20 degrees as it penetrated the rear skull and deformed. After it traveled about 3" intact, it came apart with the two largest fragments staying on course exiting the official exit.


My main point on that particular "deflection" issue was this (yet again):

If the bullet entered at the EOP (on the downward trajectory it was on from Oswald's sixth-floor window), it would have entered fairly LOW on JFK's head, and exited HIGH on JFK's head.

But if the bullet entered where all reasonable people know it did enter (and where every pathologist since 1963 says it entered) -- near the cowlick -- then we have a situation that would appear to make a lot more (common) sense -- i.e., the bullet entered HIGH on the head of JFK and it exited HIGH on his head.

Yes, I too think the bullet definitely did change direction (somewhat) after entering JFK's cowlick area. But the amount of deflection for the bullet would have been substantially LESS via a "cowlick" entry, whereas the amount of deflection certainly appears to be a lot more substantial if the bullet had entered near the EOP and exited where every reasonable person knows it did exit (in the right/front/top portion of JFK's cranium), which is, of course, an exit location that is considerably HIGHER on the head than the make-believe EOP entry point.

David Von Pein
May 18, 2009