On January 23, 2014, James DiEugenio and film director Oliver Stone were interviewed on Len Osanic's Black Op Radio program. And during that interview, which can be heard above, Mr. Stone said that slain Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit "was shot by an automatic", instead of Tippit being shot four times by Lee Harvey Oswald's Smith & Wesson revolver (which is a gun that would not have automatically ejected the bullet shells after the bullets were fired from it).

As I usually do whenever I hear Oliver Stone speak about the alleged Government-sponsored conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, I had to simply shake my head in disbelief after hearing Stone's comment about the "automatic", and I also was asking myself this question -- Can Oliver Stone really be that naive when it comes to the Tippit murder?

Now, I know that most conspiracy theorists believe that it's people like myself--the lone-assassin advocates--who are the truly "naive" ones when it comes to examining and evaluating the evidence connected with JFK's and Officer Tippit's 1963 murders, but for Oliver Stone to actually believe what he said about Tippit really being shot with an automatic gun, it means that Stone also must believe one of the following two nutty things:

1.) The gunman who shot Officer Tippit four times with an automatic pistol fired those bullets while standing near the corner of Tenth Street and Patton Avenue in Oak Cliff on 11/22/63. And therefore, the four empty bullet cartridge cases would have been automatically ejected from the killer's gun right there near the corner (which is where they were found after the shooting by three different civilian witnesses).

However, this first option has an additional problem for Stone, in that two of the four bullet shells recovered at the murder scene were picked up in the side yard of the apartment house on the corner of Tenth and Patton. Which would mean, if the gunman was using an automatic gun, that the killer needed to somehow shoot right through the side of the apartment building on the corner. But problems like this don't seem to bother conspiracy theorists like Oliver Stone.


2.) The killer who shot Tippit with an automatic gun fired the shots from the location where ALL of the various witnesses said the shooter was located -- right beside Tippit's police car, which was parked in the street many yards away from the corner of Tenth & Patton. And then, after killing Tippit, the gunman picked up the four bullet shells that would have been automatically and immediately ejected from his automatic pistol onto the ground near Tippit's patrol car. The gunman would have then needed to carry those four expended bullet shells to the corner of Tenth and Patton, where he then proceeded to dump them on the ground near the front and side yard of the apartment building occupied by witnesses Barbara Davis and Virginia Davis (who were two of the witnesses who later positively identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the one and only gunman who was dumping bullet shells out of his gun as he fled the scene of the Tippit murder).

So, I ask Oliver Stone, or any other conspiracy theorist who doubts the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald in the Tippit murder:

Are either of the above options truly reasonable things to believe, in light of the evidence which positively indicates that the ONE and only person with a gun on Tenth Street that day was seen emptying bullet shells--by hand--out of a revolver near the corner of Tenth and Patton on November 22nd?

And not only did witnesses Barbara and Virginia Davis positively identify Lee Harvey Oswald as the man they saw cutting across their yard carrying a gun [see 3 H 346 and 6 H 456, plus the affidavits linked below], but both of the Davis girls also filled out sworn affidavits on the day of the shooting (November 22, 1963), stating that the man they saw that day was "unloading" the gun he was carrying:

"Today, November 22, 1963, shortly after 1:00 pm, my sister-in-law, Virginia Davis, and I were lying on the bed with the kids. I heard a shot and jumped up and heard another shot. I put on my shoes and went to the door and I saw this man walking across my front yard unloading a gun."
-- Barbara Davis; 11/22/63 Affidavit

"I saw the boy cutting across our yard and he was unloading his gun."
-- Virginia Davis; 11/22/63 Affidavit

So, it seems to me that a conspiracist like "JFK" movie director Oliver Stone has no choice but to believe that BOTH of the young Davis girls were either severely mistaken when they each said the gunman was "unloading" a weapon as he crossed their yard....or that BOTH of the Davises were just flat-out lying in their 11/22/63 affidavits.

Plus, there would be the additional huge mistake (or lie) on the part of BOTH Barbara Davis and Virginia Davis when they each identified Lee Oswald as the gun-toting, shell-dumping individual who cut across their lawn right after Officer Tippit was slain just up the street.

The type of crap that Oliver Stone was spouting about J.D. Tippit makes me very angry, because it's so clearly B.S. coming from a person who (for whatever reason) refuses to evaluate the totality of the evidence and the witness statements in the light of reason and common sense. (And for some additional reason and common sense that explains the initial reports of an automatic pistol being involved in J.D. Tippit's slaying, go here.)

Because when Stone exclaims boldly--as if it were the undeniable truth--that Officer Tippit "was shot by an automatic" (a direct quote from Oliver Stone's 1/23/14 Black Op Radio interview), he is displaying a far greater ignorance of the evidence and the facts in the Tippit case than has ever been exhibited by any of the Warren Commission supporters that Mr. Stone so vehemently opposes.

Shot by an automatic, Mr. Stone? In my estimation, such a statement automatically disqualifies you as any kind of an authority on the events of November 22, 1963.

David Von Pein
January 26, 2014