(PART 578)


>>> "I noticed you take some jabs at Jim Garrison. This is not surprising..." <<<


No, it isn't. Why would that be surprising to anybody? You actually think that the late Mr. Garrison DOESN'T deserve some verbal salvos being slung at him? If you think Garrison should be glorified or praised in some manner, you're a fool. Simple as that.

>>> "Your loyal support of the "official" investigation has never wavered even when real investigators like Jim DiEugenio put you to shame every time you try to debate him." <<<

LOL. Yeah, even when Mr. DiEugenio lies and says stupid things like: "JFK's head is in the exact position [in Z313 as it was in Z312]", and "The Connallys should have been covered in blood" (as if they weren't).

You should examine more closely some of the really stupid things uttered by Mr. DiEugenio. 22 of those stupid things can be found here.

>>> "At least Garrison actually tried to find out what really happened, which is way more than the WC did." <<<

Nonsense. The Warren Commission did an excellent job at determining "what really happened", including a detailed reconstruction of the crime in Dealey Plaza on May 24, 1964.

On the other hand, Jim Garrison lied like a dog on many key issues connected to the case. He never could "identify" any snipers behind BOTH the picket fence and the retaining wall, even though he maintained he could identify the "assassins" located there. But that was nothing but a great-big lie and everybody knows it.

Another example of Garrison playing fast and loose with the facts is the topic of "Doorway Man". Garrison knew damn well that it was Billy Lovelady (and not Oswald) standing in the doorway of the Book Depository when the assassination occurred. But in 1967, three years after the matter was settled for good, Garrison was still spreading the false story that it just might have been Oswald in the doorway after all. That's pathetic. Pathetic lies from a pathetic prosecutor.

>>> "The mountain of evidence proving a conspiracy is so voluminous that even a devoted government apologist such as yourself must have some questions." <<<

The "mountain of evidence" you refer to is more like an anthill. And that anthill can be blown away too (usually via common sense alone). Conspiracy promoters don't have ONE solid piece of PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to support their continual claims of a multi-gun plot in the JFK assassination. Not a single piece. All we ever get from the Warren Commission critics are smoke and mirrors (and shadows), and nothing more.

In reality, the "mountain" of conspiracy has been MANUFACTURED by conspiracy theorists. Just read Vincent Bugliosi's landmark book on the case, "Reclaiming History", for ample proof of this. A good place to start is the 36-page "RH" Introduction, which can be found HERE,

>>> "You and that McAdams fraud have been totally discredited and are the joke of all serious JFK assassination discussion." <<<

Yeah, imagine somebody actually following the evidence where it leads them and drawing conclusions from that evidence...vs. pulling a Garrison and pretending that all of the evidence is faked and planted -- like the four bullet shells on 10th Street. Garrison thought those shells were planted by somebody to frame Oswald, with Garrison even going so far as to say that he didn't believe Tippit's killer (who was Lee Oswald, of course) dumped ANY shells on the ground at all. That's how big a "fraud" (and a kook) Mr. Garrison was.

Happy shadow-chasing to you (whoever you are).

David Von Pein
June 10, 2009