(PART 561)


DVP, in my 10 years posting, I don't recall anyone who is more unethical, as far as debating goes, as you. But I'm sure you enjoy being number one at something, though--congratulations.


David Von Pein is not unethical. He is generally polite. More polite than me. And while I disagree with him on a few things, he makes good arguments.

[You're] just frustrated that he does not agree with you. You two are just at an impasse. There is no more point in arguing.

I would guess you are right on the EOP versus cowlick issue, although the photograph of the back of the scalp is fairly compelling. But no one has decisive evidence.


He [DVP] has added new dimensions to the cut and paste debating technique--that was my main gripe. IOW, most often, he'd cut all the points that he had difficulty responding to and paste in the one or two that he thought he could handle.

That is what frustrated me--I've dealt with excellent debaters before like Mitch Todd and Joe Durnavich and I wasn't frustrated....you're condoning a pathetic debating style.


Another reason that I'm frustrated is that when McAdams, DVP, and Fiorentino were acting like some sort of a tag team arguing with me on the entry, I had no support--nada--zilcho--none--from others, like you [Joe E.], Barb, and even Dr. Rahn, who I know agree with me that the entry where I argued it was.

Thanks for chiming in on DVP's side, though...he needs encouragement like that--it'll give him motivation to cut and paste more.


Every time John Canal posts something about me performing a "cut and paste" act, I think I'll re-post the message below (and I know darn well that pretty much EVERYTHING in John Canal's "BOH" arsenal is contained within the 39 questions alluded to below). Or would John C. now like to add 39 additional flight-of-fancy BOH inquiries to his quiz?:

"Oh, you mean like when you insisted I hadn't responded to any of the "Canal 29" and then, later, the 10 questions you asked? All of which I did respond to, here and here." -- DVP; May 29, 2009

David Von Pein
May 29, 2009