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>>> "They weren't trying to frame a lone patsy." <<<


Do conspiracy theorists like Oliver Stone and Jim Fetzer (et al) know about this "THEY WEREN'T TRYING TO FRAME A LONE PATSY" discovery? I'll bet they'd be quite interested in it.

I'd hate to think that Oliver took the time and effort to make a huge blockbuster, multimillion-dollar motion picture and then discover that he's got it all wrong.

(Do you have any idea how much money it's going to cost Oliver and Warner Brothers to RE-FILM all of those "LONE PATSY FRAME-UP" scenes?? Months! You've just created a huge headache for WB and Ollie S.!)

>>> "They were trying to frame Castro." <<<

Did Fidel tell you that on your last trip to Havana?

>>> "The assassination was DESIGNED to look like a conspiracy." <<<

Great! Still more work for Oliver, as he re-adjusts his thinking on film...and re-adjusts history to meet the kooky demands of one Cliff Varnell (Not that Oliver's current theories aren't kooky enough, mind you.) ;)

>>> "There was no way he was going to get out of Dealey Plaza alive." <<<

Yeah, that's why "they" took the EXTRA risk of firing weak-sister projectiles at him ON PURPOSE (to "paralyze" him), instead of blowing him away with shot #1. Right?

>>> "That's why they paralyzed him first." <<<

Totally inconsistent with your previous "They MUST Have Him Dead By The Time He Exits The Plaza" mindset.

An extra non-lethal shot only INCREASES the likelihood the President will escape death. (Especially the FIRST shot!)

>>> "They didn't care if it was obvious that more than one shooter was involved." <<<

It appears "they" didn't care about a lot of things.

BTW, via your "THEY DIDN'T CARE" scenario, you must, therefore, NOT believe in the widely-accepted pro-conspiracy theories of:

1.) CE399 was planted in Parkland to frame ONLY Oswald.
2.) The Backyard Photos are fakes to frame ONLY Oswald.
3.) There were imposter "Oswalds" running all over Creation (including Mexico City) to frame ONLY Oswald.


>>> "The guys who covered up the crime by framing Oswald as the lone patsy weren't the same guys who engineered the assassination." <<<

Does Oliver know about THIS bombshell either?!

>>> "Edward Lansdale, David Atlee Phillips, and David Morales of the CIA engineered the assassination of JFK for the express purpose of framing Fidel Castro, to justify a U.S. military invasion of Cuba." <<<

I guess that little "Missiles" matter, which scared the living shit out of the entire population of the United States of America in mid-October of 1962, wasn't enough "justification" to invade Castro's territory, huh?

Were any alternate "invasion" plans considered?

IOW -- You say those three CIA guys hatched a scheme to kill the U.S. Chief Executive, instead of finding some "softer", less-desperate excuse to invade Cuba -- like, say, some kind of invented scenario (that nobody could possibly prove was "faked", given the CIA's power, right?) that has the CIA and the President thinking that the U.S. might be in further danger from Castro's Cuba due to the Missile Crisis aftermath from only a year before....and, therefore, we'd better invade Cuba now.

Was killing their own President the first, second, or third choice for Lansdale, Phillips, and Morales? Did any other possible "Cuba Invasion" plots cross their minds before making the following extraordinary decision in 1963?:

President John F. Kennedy MUST die in order to "justify" invading a country every American hated with a passion, circa 1962-1963.

>>> "That plan had to work perfectly -- or else it meant the gallows." <<<

Yeah, just ATTEMPTING to kill the President isn't nearly enough to get the plotters hanged, huh?

>>> "The big glitch in their plot -- Oswald was captured alive." <<<

And yet Oswald clams up and never says a word about any "CIA plot" that he's involved in. Right? He was just willing to take the rap alone, huh?

Plus: If it was so important to have Oswald dead right away, why didn't one of the "inside plotters" simply pump Oswald full of lead immediately? Why wait until he even has a CHANCE of being picked up by the cops? Where's Jack Ruby when they needed him on Nov. 22nd to bump off Oswald?!

>>> "FBI SA James Sibert's affidavit (quote on): Consideration was also given to a type of bullet which fragments completely. .... I asked if he could furnish any information regarding a type of bullet that would almost completely fragmentize. (quote off) ===== FBI SA Francis O'Neill's affidavit (quote on): Some discussion did occur concerning the disintegration of the bullet. A general feeling existed that a soft-nosed bullet struck JFK. There was discussion concerning the back wound that the bullet could have been a "plastic" type or an "ice" bullet, one which dissolves after contact. (quote off)" <<<

And you somehow think that the above comments represent a "conclusion" reached by the autopsists?

You earlier said this to me:

"The real irony here, David, is that this scenario, which you call 'foolish and idiotic', was the preliminary conclusion of the very autopsists upon whose testimony you base your case." -- Cliff V.; 03/19/2007

What Sibert and O'Neill said above were IN-PROGRESS POSSIBILITIES TO BE CONSIDERED regarding other ways that the autopsy doctors could possibly account for what they were seeing in that autopsy room on 11/22/63 (i.e., a dead President with bullet holes in him in various places but NOT A BULLET TO BE FOUND).

Why WOULDN'T the doctors have originally considered possibilities like Sibert and O'Neill discussed above? Sure they discussed those possibilities. And they dismissed them once the full facts concerning the throat wound were known the next day. Just like Humes dismissed the idea that a bullet had fallen out of JFK's back:

Mr. SPECTER - And in that posture of your examination, having just learned of the presence of a bullet on a stretcher, did that call to your mind any tentative explanatory theory of the point of entry or exit of the bullet which you have described as entering at Point "C" on Exhibit 385?

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir. We were able to ascertain with absolute certainty that the bullet had passed by the apical portion of the right lung producing the injury which we mentioned. I did not at that point have the information from Doctor Perry about the wound in the anterior neck, and while that was a possible explanation for the point of exit, we also had to consider the possibility that the missile in some rather inexplicable fashion had been stopped in its path through the President's body and, in fact, then had fallen from the body onto the stretcher.

Mr. SPECTER - And what theory did you think possible, at that juncture, to explain the passing of the bullet back out the point of entry; or had you been provided with the fact that external heart massage had been performed on the President?

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir; we had, and we considered the possibility that some of the physical maneuvering performed by the doctors might have in some way caused this event to take place.

Mr. SPECTER - Now, have you since discounted that possibility, Doctor Humes?

Commander HUMES - Yes; in essence we have.

>>> "That's why Sibert called the FBI Lab: to inquire about blood-soluble rounds. This scenario fits the extant evidence like a glove. It is the only scenario to do so." <<<

Except for that scenario all CTers vehemently despise (but which fits the evidence even MORE "like a glove") -- the "Single-Bullet Theory", which is a scenario that needs no "soluble" type bullet at all.

The SBT fits the known evidence to a tee:

>>> "So Humes and Boswell were idiots?" <<<

Who said that? They CONSIDERED other possibilities to conceivably explain why President Kennedy had ZERO bullets and/or fragments inside his body (where those doctors KNEW there ought to be bullets present if a single bullet hadn't gone clear through the man).

They weren't "idiots"; they were smart to scratch their heads and look for other reasons why they were seeing what they were seeing. Once they got the information from Dr. Perry on November 23, everything made sense (which the autopsy report states, clear as day).....

"The other missile entered the right superior posterior thorax above the scapula and traversed the soft tissues of the supra-scapular and the supra-clavicular portions of the base of the right side of the neck. This missile produced contusions of the right apical parietal pleura and of the apical portion of the right upper lobe of the lung. The missile contused the strap muscles of the right side of the neck, damaged the trachea and made its exit through the anterior surface of the neck. As far as can be ascertained this missile struck no bony structures in its path through the body." -- VIA JFK'S AUTOPSY REPORT; NOV. 1963

>>> "You have observed JFK's obvious paralysis yourself, David." <<<

News to me. I always thought I was observing the Single-Bullet Theory in action....which is a theory that matches the Zapruder Film, again, to a "tee":

David Von Pein
March 19, 2007