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Facebook friend Kyle Gizas asked me some questions today [January 18, 2014] about Lee Oswald and his alleged visit to a rifle range in Dallas in 1963. I'll answer him here in this post.

Kyle, the links below include some of my thoughts about the "Sports Drome Rifle Range" topic. And the second link also has a video interview with Garland Slack, in which he talks to CBS-TV about how he saw Oswald at the rifle range:

LINK 1 --- LINK 2


Good post, very helpful. I definitely agree with you. I too wish it could be proven further that Oswald practiced with the MC [Mannlicher-Carcano rifle], then finally all the "Oswald never owned a rifle" and "Oswald could never have made those shots" nonsense theories could be out to bed. Though I'm sure CTers will just tuck that piece of evidence away too.


I think the rifle range cases are just some of the many false Oswald sightings that were reported after 11/22. A story in Gus Russo's book got my hopes up that they had some validity after all, but that turned out to be a bust.



Actually, LHO was the most accomplished marksman ever to have walked this Earth. I know of no other person able to shoot someone from behind AND make the bullet enter at the front of the throat.

And, if that is not impressive enough for these "doubters out there", LHO was also able to shoot President Kennedy (RIP) from behind and make the head snap backwards.

Now, that's what I call a Marksman.


Why walk in ignorance, Michael? Those things you mentioned have all been explained in non-sinister, non-conspiratorial ways. IOW, why embrace myth when the truth (coupled with common sense) is also available for the taking?

JFK's head snapped FORWARD first before it went backward. (Surely you know this, don't you?)

And if the throat wound was an entry, then where did the TWO bullets go (the one that entered the throat AND the one that entered the upper back)? TWO vanishing missiles?? Come now.

Again, common sense should be embraced. And when that's done, the Single-Bullet Theory is a Godsend, especially since we know that the man sitting right in front of President Kennedy during the assassination was ALSO shot in the upper back. That one's an easy one. But for CTers, it's impossible. Go figure.


You do surprise me David. I would not argue with you at all. I always knew your stance on who you believe the assassin to be. No problem; we are all entitled to our views, so long as they are not harmful to the human race.

But, surprised I am. I do not "walk in ignorance", I have always walked like this. No, I put one foot in front of the other like most people; those blessed with having two feet that is. I wonder what your Hidden Agenda really is.


You think I have a "hidden agenda", eh? Well, you're wrong. Nothing "hidden" here. I put all my thoughts right on the table (and on my websites constantly) for all to read.

Why do some conspiracists insist upon believing that just because a person thinks Lee Oswald murdered two men in Dallas fifty years ago, that automatically means that that person must be working for the CIA or must have a "hidden agenda" of some kind? (Hilarious.)

I like to occasionally remind the CTers that a belief in Oswald's lone guilt is not an opinion that just a few people hold. There are MILLIONS of individuals who hold that view. And the number is rising too, per the 2013 polls that I've seen.

As an addendum to the humorous notion that only a scant few people in the whole universe think Lee Oswald killed John F. Kennedy, let's look at what noted conspiracy clown James DiEugenio wrote in 2010 when he was talking about the number of people he says have endorsed Vincent Bugliosi's JFK book:

"The only person who believed it ["Reclaiming History"] was Tom Hanks." -- Jim DiEugenio; April 15, 2010

Jimmy should go to Amazon.com sometime and read the 153 "Five Star" reviews (to date) for Mr. Bugliosi's book. But, maybe Jimbo thinks all of those 5-star reviews were really written by Tom Hanks (or by me).


Mr. Murphy, what physical evidence are you privy to with regard to a shot or shots from the front? You have no evidence, sir, on which to hang your claims.


Oh, we have the evidence alright. I have taken the opportunity of re-writing your comment, to reflect reality, to the following: "Mr. Orr, what physical evidence are you privy to with regard to a shot or shots from the BACK? You have no evidence, sir, on which to hang your claims."

Ball's in your court!


Michael Murphy has GOT to be joking.

You, Michael, think there's "no evidence" of ANY shots coming from behind?

What about the witnesses who SAW a gunman in the 6th-floor window (Mal Couch, Howard Brennan, Amos Euins, and Bob Jackson)? Was the rifle they saw merely a prop?

What about Harold Norman's testimony about hearing shots coming from over his head in the TSBD?

What about the bullet holes in the victims -- i.e., the entry wounds located in the upper backs of both John F. Kennedy and John B. Connally?

And what about the bullet fragments from Oswald's gun that were found in the limousine? Are those supposedly fake too?

Can anyone truly believe that ALL of the stuff I just mentioned is fake?

Get real, Mr. Murphy. Somebody shot JFK & Connally from the TSBD....and with OSWALD'S rifle. The evidence that proves those facts is too plentiful to brush aside.

David Von Pein
January 18-19-20, 2014