(PART 545)


And, BTW, you don't have to say that I "admitted" the x-ray was taken before the scalp was reflected and brain removed, because I've been saying that for the past 10 years, because it's obvious it was.


But in our discussions you seemingly have contradicted yourself on this issue regarding the lateral X-ray (the X-ray which shows not a hint of BOH fragmentation), because in the past, you have told me that you believe that a major reason why that particular X-ray is showing an INTACT right-rear of JFK's head is because Dr. Boswell said he put pieces of skull back into JFK's head BEFORE THE X-RAY WAS TAKEN -- which would have to also mean that the X-ray was taken AFTER the scalp was peeled back from JFK's head.

You said this last year:

"You [DVP] are 100% certain that Boswell (or Humes) did not push any previously out-of-place BOH skull pieces (still adhered to the scalp) back into place before the X-rays were taken….even though Boswell testified he did replace pieces of skull prior to some X-rays or photos being taken?" -- John A. Canal; August 15, 2008

But you now readily admit that the X-ray in question was certainly taken PRIOR to Boswell's having any such opportunity to put pieces of skull back into JFK's head -- i.e., the X-ray was certainly taken BEFORE the scalp was reflected and BEFORE the brain was removed and BEFORE Boswell saw any loose bone fall from JFK's head as a result of the scalp-reflection activity.

So, which way do you want to go with this one, John? Do you want to stick with your previous argument where you insist that the X-ray shows what it shows (i.e., a completely intact BOH) because Boswell put bones back into the head BEFORE the X-ray was taken?

Or do you now want to go with your revised version (at least as far as I have interpreted our discussions on this matter, which are discussions that date back to late 2006 and early 2007), which has the X-ray positively being taken prior to any scalp-reflection being done and definitely BEFORE Dr. Boswell could have possibly replaced any loose bone into the head of President Kennedy?

Or will you, John C., now contend that when you said this in August 2008....

"...push any previously out-of-place BOH skull pieces (still adhered to the scalp) back into place before the X-rays were taken."

....What you really meant is that Dr. Boswell (or Dr. Humes) replaced loose bone fragments back into place on JFK's head BEFORE THE SCALP WAS EVER EVEN PEELED BACK?

In other words, via that scenario, Boswell and Humes could tell that some loose chunks of JFK's skull were out of place on the back of his head, even though the scalp had not yet been peeled back to expose the BACK of JFK's head at all at that point in time and the President's scalp was still COVERING those loose bone fragments?

So, the doctors (per that scenario of bone-replacing activity) would have been pushing on the SCALP of JFK in order to put some loose skull back into its proper place on JFK's head.

But if that's the case, then how would a person like John Canal explain the 1996 ARRB testimony of Dr. Boswell shown below, wherein he, in effect, states that the bone he replaced into the skull of JFK had "fallen out" of Kennedy's head PRIOR to some X-rays or photos being taken (and the "or" in there could be a key too, since Boswell could be talking about ONLY "PHOTOGRAPHS" in this testimony)? ....

QUESTION -- "Were any skull fragments put back into place before photographs or before X-rays?"

DR. J. THORNTON BOSWELL -- "I think before we took the--the ones that came from Dallas were never put back in except to try and approximate them to the ones that were present. But I think all the others were left intact."

QUESTION -- "So, for example, was there a fragment that had fallen out at any point that you then put back into its place before a photograph or X-ray was taken?"

DR. BOSWELL -- "Yes."

QUESTION -- "What size fragments and where did you place them at the--?"

DR. BOSWELL -- "Well, the one that's in the diagram on Exhibit 1, that 10-centimeter piece I'm sure was out at one time or another. And I think maybe some of these smaller fragments down at the base of that diagram also were out at one time or another. But those were all put back."

But if Boswell really meant that he replaced the bone before the lateral (right side) X-ray was taken, it logically would also have to mean that Boswell was replacing that bone PRIOR to the scalp being reflected, which would mean, if common sense is to be our guide here, that it would have been impossible for Boswell to have handled a piece of loose bone from the VERY BACK of JFK's head at that particular time, since the scalp needed to be peeled back off JFK's head in order for Boswell to have had access to any pieces of bone that could have "fallen out" of the BACK of his head.

David Von Pein
May 20, 2009