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David Von Pein aka Dave Reitzes: Herbert is asking a tough question based upon what we see in various Z-film sources floating around the net, and of course the **ALTERED** Z-film version delivered to us by MPI 10 years ago.

16 million dollars we paid for that piece of history and no one can see it, let alone lace it up on a projector and run it.... a joke!

What you 'need' to do hon is this: produce the Z-film in-camera original currently house[d] at NARA for forensic film testing. Until that happens you're blowing smoke up everyone's rear ends.


When you get the nads then we'll discuss "The HOAX of the Century: Decoding the Forgery of the Zapruder Film" by Harrison E. Livingstone. His personal interview and discussions with Roland Zavada are quite enlightening. (Roland Zavada being KODAK'S man on the scene when it comes to the Zapruder Film [the Zavada Report of ARRB fame].)

Any time you'd like to discuss the attributes of the Z-film and its current issues, ON-CAMERA, let us know.


So, per the "alterationist" kooks, somebody went to the trouble of faking/altering the Zapruder Film (presumably to REMOVE ALL EVIDENCE OF "CONSPIRACY") -- but the goofball film-fakers decided it was wise to LEAVE IN the rear head snap which begins at Z315.

Is that what you kooks want to peddle?

Anyway, one thing's for certain -- whoever "faked" that film ought to be fired from the "Film-Fakers" payroll asap! Because their fakery not only did no good whatsoever in making people think there was only one shooter from behind -- but their idiotic way of faking the Zapruder Film did exactly the opposite, with the current version of the film (which contains a bunch of "fakery" according to kooks like James H. Fetzer and David G. Healy) being one of THE MAIN THINGS that led to the creation of the HSCA in the 1970s.

Those film-forgers were sure a crackerjack bunch, huh?

(And to think -- there are conspiracy theorists like Healy who actually BELIEVE such Z-Film fakery nonsense.)

David Von Pein
June 1, 2009
January 16, 2014