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DVP, the use of a FULLY-loaded soft point bullet [in the 2008 program, "JFK: Inside The Target Car"] was a strawman. Anyone who's read anything about wound ballistics would know that a fully-loaded soft-point bullet fired from anywhere in Dealey, and striking Kennedy in the skull, would have left far more metal in the brain, and exited from the opposite side. As a result, it seems pretty clear they took that shot to mislead their viewers, and convince them such a shot--a shot no one really proposes--did not occur.


So, you think that most conspiracy theorists believe that the phantom "Knoll Shooter" shot JFK with a very LOW-powered gun and/or only a PARTIALLY-loaded bullet (vs. a "FULLY-loaded" one)?

IOW -- The stupid conspirators decided they'd give JFK a fightin' chance to survive by NOT USING THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF FIREPOWER THAT THEY COULD GET THEIR HANDS ON.


The stupid conspirators were apparently as miserly and/or short of funds as Lee Harvey Oswald was on 11/22/63, so the "plotters" decided to use a crappy or semi-crappy weapon that fired bullets that weren't "FULLY-loaded" and that wouldn't even result in ANY metal fragments being found in the left half of JFK's head at all after the assassination, eh?

As can easily be seen via my comments above, it's very easy to defeat the conspiracists who reside in the "JFK Was Shot In The Head From The Grassy Knoll" club by utilizing common sense alone.

And when the actual EVIDENCE is thrown into the mix (along with the common sense that CTers lack), defeating these conspiracy advocates becomes a considerably easier task.


BTW, I also find it unlikely the head shot came from the front.


But, being very similar to a conspiracist named Thomas H. Purvis, you can manage to get to within shouting distance of the official lone-assassin truth of JFK's assassination, but you can't quite travel that extra few feet to reach the "LHO Did It All" endzone.

A very curious thing indeed. Not many CTers suffer from that odd affliction, but Mr. Speer and Mr. Purvis are certainly two that do.


My problem with the ["Inside The Target Car"] program has NOTHING to do with whether or not I disagree with their conclusion, and has EVERYTHING to do with its being a dishonest presentation.


It wasn't a dishonest presentation at all (at least as far as the meat-&-potatoes of the program are concerned; i.e., the three head-shot tests that were done and that ended up on the TV screen).

The program fired three bullets into test dummies and filmed the results. Simple as that.

You, Pat, I guess are upset at The Discovery Channel people for not using a much lower-powered weapon (or bullet) for the non-Carcano "Grassy Knoll" simulation.

But, like I said in an earlier post, since the Knoll shot is one that never occurred in the first place, the people doing the simulation of this non-existent gunshot had to make a choice of what type of rifle and ammunition to use.

And they chose a Winchester that fired a soft-nosed bullet (and why on Earth anyone would think that a group of conspirators would have chosen some type of weak-sister, half-assed, low-powered type of ammunition to achieve their goal of KILLING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in Dealey Plaza, is a CTer mindset that I cannot understand in the slightest).

BTW, Pat, your earlier post didn't even mention the non-Carcano (Winchester) test shot. You wrote that post as if the Carcano "Knoll" shot was the only one done during the "Target Car" program.

Why did you write your post as if you were totally unaware of the Winchester rifle test shot?

David Von Pein
June 23, 2009