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Here's an interesting interview with assassination eyewitness James T. Tague, via Black Op Radio, on April 21, 2005:


I found out an interesting tidbit of personal information about James Tague today that I don't recall having known previously -- Tague was born in the small town of Plainfield, Indiana, in October 1936.

The coincidence is: I have lived just outside Plainfield for the last 27 years. Maybe it really is a small world after all.


In his 2005 Black Op interview, Tague speculates about possible shooting locations for the bullet that struck the curb on Main Street and slightly wounded him on his right cheek during the assassination of President Kennedy on 11/22/63, with Tague mentioning three specific locations as potential sources for that gunshot:

1.) The Texas School Book Depository Building.
2.) The Dal-Tex Building.
3.) The Grassy Knoll area.

Tague seems to give an equal amount of credence to each of the three above-named possible shooting locations, which is quite strange indeed, considering the fact that Tague knows full well that his #3 choice above (the Grassy Knoll) could not possibly have been the source of the shot that struck the curb near his location down by the Triple Underpass.

The reason that the Grassy Knoll is automatically eliminated as being a source for that gunshot should be quite obvious to everyone (unless some people, including Mr. Tague himself, want to believe that a gunman on the Grassy Knoll was either as blind as a bat or was really aiming at Jim Tague by the Underpass) -- because the target (JFK) was located to the LEFT of any Knoll gunman during the entire time when bullets were being fired at the President's limousine, whereas Tague was located to the RIGHT of the Knoll during the time in question.

And I doubt very much that Mr. Tague (or anybody else) truly believes that any gunman who might have been situated on the Grassy Knoll was aiming his weapon in the OPPOSITE direction from where the target of the assassination was located during the point in time when Kennedy was being shot in Dealey Plaza.

But neither of the Black Op Radio hosts bothered to mention this problem with Tague's speculation about the Grassy Knoll being a possible source for the shot which struck the Main St. curbing.

In the final analysis, James T. Tague is a fairly decent "Lone Assassin" type of a witness, and he demonstrates that fact once again during his 4/21/05 radio interview presented above.

Tague heard exactly THREE shots (with the first one sounding like a "firecracker" to Tague's ears), with all of the shots coming from one general direction. There's also this testimony from Tague's 1964 Warren Commission session [at 7 H 557]:

WESLEY LIEBELER -- "Do you think that it is consistent with what you heard and saw that day, that the shots could have come from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository?"


David Von Pein
May 6, 2009