(PART 558)

The video player above contains audio only from a rare JFK-related episode of a British television program called "Panorama", which originally aired on BBC-TV in England on September 28, 1964, just after the Warren Commission Report was made available to the public.

The 12-minute black-and-white BBC-TV news program features an interview with NBC-TV newsman David Brinkley. Some of Brinkley's comments are quite interesting and thought-provoking. However, his erroneous remark about a bullet fragment being "found lying in the back of the car in such a way as to indicate it had been fired from another direction" is rather perplexing. ~big shrug~

But I was intrigued by these words spoken by Mr. Brinkley:

"The murder of John Kennedy was a totally meaningless act, on the part of--this may sound cruel, but I think it's fair--on the part of a meaningless person [Lee Harvey Oswald]. It was not a political act. .... Oswald had no reason for killing John Kennedy. .... It was the senseless act of a senseless man."

There are people, however, who would vehemently disagree with Brinkley's belief about President Kennedy's assassination not falling under the heading of a "political act" on Lee Oswald's part.

David Von Pein
May 26, 2009