(PART 527)


Publicity hound [Lee Oswald] who went around telling everyone that he shot at Walker?


No, of course Oswald wouldn't want to do that, Tony.

But you can bet that LHO was enjoying every news tidbit he could find in the papers regarding the Walker shooting (a shooting that he himself was responsible for). He probably savored every word that was written about it, even though his own name wasn't in print, of course.

And as an addendum to this topic:

I believe there was something written by Priscilla McMillan (probably in her 1977 book "Marina And Lee") with respect to this subject -- to the effect that Oswald was enjoying watching the cops spinning their collective wheels in the aftermath of the Walker shooting.

And according to an on-camera interview with Priscilla McMillan for one of the many JFK documentaries she has appeared in, Oswald particularly enjoyed the fact that he was able to get away from the scene of the Walker shooting on his own two feet, vs. needing a car to escape the scene of the crime, with McMillan paraphrasing a comment that Lee Oswald supposedly made to Marina, with LHO saying something like this in the wake of the Walker assassination attempt:

"Those silly cops. They think you always need a car to escape. But I escaped using my own two feet."

David Von Pein
May 12, 2009