(PART 594)


John [Canal] believes...that 13 different pathologists (not counting Dr. [Russell S.] Fisher himself) and various other people connected with THREE different U.S. Government investigations [Clark, Rockefeller, HSCA]...would have been willing to toss the truth aside regarding JFK's head wounds just in order to keep from contradicting Dr. Fisher.


Nobody cares about those panels, Von Pein.


Of course you don't. And that's because "those panels" paint your prized patsy as the guilty double-murderer he so obviously was.

So, naturally, all CTers hate "those panels", such as the Warren Commission, the Clark Panel, the HSCA, and the Rockefeller panel.

Conspiracists are quick to totally dismiss everything "those panels" concluded (except, of course, for the HSCA's 11th-hour declaration of "conspiracy", despite the fact that even THAT declaration is completely contradictory to the scenario that nearly all conspiracy theorists hold so dear -- i.e., the scenario which has JFK hit in the head by a bullet from the FRONT, which is a conclusion that the HSCA did not come to at all).

You conspiracy kooks don't know what to believe. But those conspiracy kooks (somehow) know for a FACT that EVERY Government panel in charge of investigating the case got their conclusions all screwed up when they each said that Lee Oswald was positively guilty of TWO murders.

To the "Anybody But Oswald" idiots of the world, it's MORE REASONABLE to totally ignore the conclusions of BOTH the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations....and, instead, place our individual and collective faith in a bunch of amateur "researchers" who have decided that all of the evidence against Oswald is not to be trusted.

A lovely policy, isn't it? (If you're an idiot, that is.)

In the post-HSCA world, I'd put about as much faith in the "Anybody But Oswald" loons as I would in the notion that an alien spaceship from Neptune will be crashing through my front door tomorrow.

David Von Pein
June 19, 2009