(PART 546)


After the x-rays is when they reflected the scalp and those pieces came out...all the way down to near the EOP....and they were never replaced in their original positions....that's why F8 shows the rear skull missing all the way down to the EOP and that's why Boswell testified that behind the scalp in the BOH photos the skull is missing down to the base of the ear. Got it now?


Then, John, try explaining why Boswell answered "Yes" to the following question in 1996:

QUESTION -- "Was there a fragment that had fallen out at any point that you then put back into its place before a photograph or X-ray was taken?"

BOSWELL -- "Yes."

Translation -- In order for John Canal's crazy theory to be correct with respect to the above testimony, JFK's scalp must have already been reflected in order for pieces of bone to have "fallen out" of the VERY BACK PART of JFK's head (which is exactly what John Canal thinks J. Thornton Boswell meant [i.e., the BACK PART of JFK's head] when Boswell said "Yes" to that question).

Got it now?

John, you'd be better off theorizing that the lateral X-ray was taken AFTER the scalp was reflected and after the brain was removed. Because your current stance regarding Boswell's replacing bone fragments into the BACK PARTS of JFK's head BEFORE the lateral X-ray was taken is a stance that is definitely situated on very thin ice (as Boswell's own 1996 ARRB testimony easily demonstrates).

In fact, it's a stance that is just flat-out illogical and pretty much impossible.

David Von Pein
May 20, 2009